How to use text formatting symbols. Formatting can be fun!

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K S said

It took me the last two months to figure out how you were doing this. So simply after I figured it out.

Just saw this today – thanks for sharing! :)

Tea Trade said

This called a markup language. It took me a few minutes of searching, but it appears the one they use here is called Textile.

Here’s the Wikipedia page with a table of instructions

Geoffrey said

Yes. Good to post the link to that. I recognized that it was Textile a week ago. Did some formatting experimentation, and found out that most of the formatting rules work, but text link and image embedding have been disabled, FYI. In any case, it’s cool that you can do great stuff like this sometimes:

For Emphasis!

Dorothy said

Very cool, thanks for the info.

Very very very coo1!

I have edited the original post to include at least some of these.

Awesome. Thank you @Tea Trade!

Just discovered this thread. Many thanks to SimpliciTEA and Tea Trade!

Awesome! I am so glad you did this post will help a lot. I was wondering how you were making your reviews have that format. Thanks again for sharing very kind of you.

I am glad you both find some usefulness in the formatting information. I know I really enjoy using some of those magical little pairs of characters to make my posts a little more lively.

ah, I was trying to do it in html and wondering why it always failed. :)

Just thought I would give this a bump. I came across it while I was trying to figure out why the less than sign was hiding my text.

Dang, I wish there was a Like button for this topic!

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