Zoltar said

adding mint and ginger

That maybe a stupid question ( i assume most already know how to do it ) i have a stupid cold right now ( like 2 weeks of sinusitis was not enough..) and oh horror no more tea with ginger or mint in my stash and it’s too late to go buy some but i still can go buy some ginger and mint to add to one of the tea i have but how do i add them ? do i just put them in the water or have to do something special with it first ?

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DaisyChubb said

Are you using fresh ginger? The most delicious (and good for a cold) tea I have ever had was made by grating the fresh ginger right into a pot of boiling water then the ginger strained out before being poured over the tea leaves. At that point you could mix your mint and tea leaves and steep them as normal – that’s how I would do it! It’s a little messy, but the grated fresh ginger is potent! (and delish!)

Zoltar said

i don’t have ginger right now but i can get fresh one without problem how long do you steep the ginger ( approximately i know it’s a question of taste mostly but i like when it’s taste a lot ) do i just put the full mint leaves directly with the tea ?

DaisyChubb said

Not sure about the mint if they are fresh too! I only use dry mint leaves so someone else will have to chime in on that front. I “steep” the ginger for the amount of time it takes the water to boil, but if you’re starting with boiling water I would say about 10-15 mins – instead of grating you could just slice the ginger too! Still gets all those yummy juices out :D

Zoltar said

well i can add the ginger directly in my kettle as i don’t start with boiling water i could probably get dry mint leaves at my groceries store

my problem was mostly for the ginger so thanks a lot for the fast answer :) i assume the mint is probably like most herb i did see mint extract once that could probably work if i don’t find leave

If you grate the ginger fine enough, you don’t have to strain it at all. Just drink it all. It’s good for you. :) add honey too! Great for a sore throat. I hope you feel better.

I do that too, tea with lemon juice, honey and grated ginger.

Nik select said

I grate ginger into the infuser so that it steeps along with the tea. That said, Mercuryhime is spot-on: no need to strain the ginger if it doesn’t bother you to have it in the tea. In that case, you could grate/chop the ginger into your water, before adding the infuser to your mug. Then the ginger will steep along with the tea, and when you remove your infuser, the ginger will remain.

Hope you feel better soon.

Zoltar said

Thanks for your good words all ! i’d just come back from the store with fresh ginger and mint leaf. I don’t know if drinking the ginger directly will bother me though probably not, i will try it if i don’t like it next time i just put it in my strainer.

it’s mostly for the soar throat since i can’t really do anything other than wait for the cold to pass but i hate sore throat having hard time even drinking tea is bad

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