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Chasen (Matcha whisk) and Whisk holder, where to buy...

I am looking to buy a chasen and holder soon and wanted to know where i can find them for a decent price.
I am looking to buy them from the same store so that i can save on shipping, and would prefer the (more expensive i know, but i am concerned about the chemicals the other ones are exposed it)japanese usucha variety. whats the cheapest i can find these two items while still getting one that was made in japan and not china?

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Donna A said

I recently purchased my chasen from Arbor Teas. I called them and they said it was made in Japan, but that their supplier will not have the Japanese ones in the future. It has 100 fronds and has worked well for me. I thought the price was very good at 16.95. I got some tea also, and the shipping for me was 5.35. I have used the container (clear hard plastic) it came in as a holder, which has worked well for me. Finding Japanese made whisks at good prices is not easy. I looked around a lot. Upton also sells a similarly priced Japanese made matcha whisk.

darby select said

I use the plastic container too … No problems. I air dry it on end first.

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thank you donna a! i will look into that…

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I recommend trying Amazon.com (I do love Arbor Teas though) Amazon has some really good prices for chasen and ceramic stands for the whisk.

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sherubtse said

Have a look at this one, from O-Cha:


They don’t sell whisk holders, though. But you don’t really need one – just stand it on its handle to dry.

Best wishes,

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o-cha does sell the whisk holders. i purchased one and it makes a great place to store the chasen.

sherubtse said

Right you are, SenchaMatcha! And here it is:


I apologise for the wrong info I provided earlier.

Best wishes,

thats ok sherubtse they may not have carried it before or run out of stock at some point.

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Azzrian said

I love my whisk holder. Helps the prongs stay in shape better around a hubby that kept wanting to move it when drying!

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Annie said

Anyone have any tips for washing their chasen? I was surprised that mine lost the curl to its ends after one use, but now that I have it drying on a stand its curling a bit at the ends…. and I just washed it with a quick rinse of water.

chasen were traditionally only used a single time, so losing the curl makes sense (might be part of why they were single use)

yeah i they tend to come in two types: initially straight tines and initially curled. the curled ones uncurl after you hydrate them (good luck getting it back in the clear cylinder it came in!) and typically stay that way. they still work even after they straighten, promise!

Ah. I knew of the two kinds of chawan, but not about the types of chasen.

i think jcrafts has 7 or 8 different types of chasen…i can find very little info on chasen styles

thank you.

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ashmanra said

I love the black bamboo chasen at Zen Tea! They have the holder and that amazing matcha sifter/storage tin as well. Their matcha spoon is pretty and different from what I usually see.

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