T-Sac Filters on Amazon?

Does anybody know if I can purchase T-Sac Filters on Amazon that qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping?

All I can find is bulk (I don’t need 1,000 for $50!) or items being sold by other retailers (so shipping charges from THAT retailer apply).

I just need to add like $1 more on my order to get free shipping and since I’ve been needing T-Sac Filters I figured I’d add them on- but now I can’t find them!

Maybe there is another keyword I could try?


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Em said

Oh my gosh thank you! I tried like every key-word/sort possible! But I’m also EXHAUSTED so I might have overlooked them!

Thank you!!! Now I can make my purchase (I only REALLY needed to buy Cast Away- yes the one with Tom Hanks- to show my class in 2 weeks haha)

Em said

It was my pleasure :) I love doing searches! Why are you showing Cast Away?

First we read London’s “To Build a Fire” and discuss if it was his personality traits that led to his death, or if it was an unfortunate accident. Then, we watch Cast Away and compare Chuck to the protagonist of TBaF. They were both in similar situations, but one lived and one died. Students must isolate why. Usually, we conclude the traits they both share are imagination vs knowledge, companionship, motivation and hubris vs humility. IN their essay comparing both characters, they must include why the traits that helped Chuck survive are still relevant in their every day lives OUTSIDE of dangerous disasters. IT’s a fun unit; they really enjoyed and connected with it last year! And we all cry together when Wilson floats off to sea!

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