Jillian said

Tea Ratings not calculated properly in JS

A tea was rated 90/100 by 10 people. After rating it about 95, the rating went down to 87. When I refreshed the page, however, it went up to 91 (as it should have). Probably just a JavaScript calculation error.

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Dustin said

I have been wondering how the top rated teas are figured. It seems odd that a tea with only 9 ratings would come in right behind one with 94. The other day I looked at it and the top were all shifted around from where they had been and later were back, similar to the error you saw.

david said

The tea rating systems are confusing…

Steepster uses a Bayesian Algorithm to determine aggregate ratings.


Jason is one of the Admins here and he explains it a little in the link above.

Jillian said

That makes sense, but the rating still shouldn’t change after a person rates it vs when they refresh the page.

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