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Rachel J said

Sorting/Searching my tasting notes?

Hi all…

So I’ve logged enough teas on Steepster that I often want to take a look at past notes to remember how I brewed a particular tea in the past, etc. Is there a way to pull up all your own tasting notes of a particular tea? The only way I’ve managed it is to use Google site search, but that isn’t ideal.

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Sil select said

no easy way that i’ve managed to figure out :(

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Rachel J said

Well, that feature seems like a no-brainer! In the meantime, my workaround is to search in Google for:

site:steepster.com/RachelJ intitle:“taiwanese wild mountain”

This will bring up posts in my profile about a particular tea.

There really should be a link on each tea’s page to “See my notes on this tea”.

Cavocorax said

That would be so good! A lot of the time I’ll pull up a tea and see everyone’s notes, and never find mine…

Rachel J said

Exactly the problem!

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looseTman said

One other method using Steepster & IE:
– From your dashboard, click Tasting Notes
– At the top right corner of the IE browser click on the gear icon (= tools)
– Next click on file on the drop down menu
– Then click on Find on this page on the adjacent dropdown menu
At the top left corner of IE you’ll now see the Find search function box. You can then search for any tea or any word within your tasting notes – very handy.

Hope this helps

Rachel J said

Thanks for that tip, but I already have 4 pages of tasting notes, so that wouldn’t bring up anything off the first page, right?

looseTman said

Once you’ve turned on the Find on this page IE function, it can be used to search each of your 4 pages of tasting notes.

For example, let’s say you start on page 1 of your notes and you want to search for “Bailin Gongfu” & you’ve entered it into the Find function. It will show all “Bailin Gongfu” highlighted on page 1 – (two matches).

Then you go to next page of your tasting notes, and position your muse pad cursor on the Find box & left click. It will now show all the “Bailin Gongfu” highlighted on page 2 – (3 matches).

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SimplyJenW said

The quickest way to find your tasting notes on a tea is to go to that tea page. (I think you can even click on the tea name from your cupboard.) It is super easy for teas that have not been reviewed much, but for teas that have 10+ pages or so, you have to flip through them until you find yours. Steepster does keep all of your notes on a tea together under the heading.

It would be cool to be able to go to the tea page and your notes were shifted to the top of the list, though.

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Anyanka said

You can look at them all on one page as an rss feed (hopefully this works for those of you with LOTS more notes) but you do lose your numeric ratings:
http://steepster.com/anyanka/feed.rss <—replace my username with yours

This is also nice if you want to download it all and store it easily as a backup- you can save it however you want.

looseTman said

That’s great! The Find on this page IE function also works on the rss feed and since it is one continuous page, only a single Find is necessary. :-)

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