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Does anyone want to go in on a Steep city order with me??!!!

I have had a few teas in my cart for steepcity for quite a while and they are having a summer sale! 20% off!!! I am a college student on my own but have been waiting for this day for soooooo long! any one want to go halfsies on a few 2oz packs??? let me know ASAP! :)

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MelissaTea said

Sorry, I don’t think I can split with you, but the tea looks great. I wish they had sample sizes.

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The teas seem incredibly cheap. Silver needle for $10/ 2 oz and TKY for $12/2 oz! I was wondering if they were any good. If you were getting either of those I would go halfsies with you.

any others youd b interested in?

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moraiwe said

Which teas are you looking at, because I would be completely down for this :)

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Sorry for the wait on the reply, there was a family emergency and I had work at 4am today and got off at 1. Anyways the teas I was really interested in were:
-Blushing Geisha
-Bursting Lychee
-Sexy Chai
-Yunnan King
-Vanilla Sky
-Black Carnival
-Coconut grove

If interested in any of the above let me know:) and ever if there are any you would want to go halfsies on or even add and just pay me for that so we get it in in one order :)

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moraiwe said

I’d love to go halfsies with you on the Blushing Geisha, Bursting Lychee, Black Carnival and Coconut Grove.

Miami Mango and Nutty Love were the others I was looking at. I don’t know if you have any interest in those. :)

okay! and as for the other two…I am allergic to walnuts and have way too many fruity teas in my collection. I can add them to the cart and include them in the order but you send me the money for those as well?

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moraiwe said

I really probably don’t need 2 (or even one, honestly) of the Mango, so I’ll hold off. but if you want to add the Nutty Love, I’ll pay for that! I’m actually up at our cottage until Sunday night now so if you want to PM me the total I can PayPal you then? Or if you want to hold off ordering until then so I can get you the money ahead of time, that’s fine too :) Thanks so much!

On an unrelated note, are you still looking for Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish? I can toss a little in the travelling tea box I have right now for you :)

Ill wait until sunday:) and ill add the Nutty Love. It looks soooooo pretty! and yes I am! I am in LOVEEEEE with that tea! that would be awesome!!!!! Thank You soooo much!

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I’d half the yunnan king

perfect!!!! any others your interested in? ill be placing the order most likely sunday or monday:)

Not really I’m mostly into non flavored tea. How do you do the payment PayPal or cash?

Thats fine with me. I meant are there any others you would like me to add to the order for you? And PAYPAL if that is alright?

No the yunnan king is fine. Paypal works for me just let me know the details when you order.

I can’t PM you because you are not following me so I am ordering tonight and your total is $6.
$4 for your half of the tea:)
$2 for your third of the shipping (total shipping that steepcity charges is $6)
And then PM your address and I will ship yours to you When I get it in the mail:)
the email address my paypal account is under is : [email protected]
Thank you!

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