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My motto: Drink the good tea!
 Tea enthusiast, trying to keep up my...

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Hello fellow tea fans!
 I’ve been a tea enthusiast for years but ju...

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Retired engineer/physicist.
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I like tea. 
 I started with Lipton’s black tea, then tried grocery...

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I love tea. And I don’t mean like "I like to drink tea in the morn...



Although young I have been working in the tea industry for some time and had much opportunity to explore the darjeeling tea gardens and learn from the mountain gurus.

I also have background in biology with a focus on edible plants and take tea more serious than I should. I’m terribly disturbed by the faux-science floating around the American tea industry and work to address this in my daily tea workings.

If you have a science, botany, or culinary background do give me a shout out, I’m sure we will get along.

My tea schedule
Morning cup: milk brewed assam or any orange pekoe
Lunch: Green
- GABA oolong to sip throughout the day-
Tea time: more milk tea please!, rooibos welcome!
Evening: Mint or maybe a floral infusion.

Sometimes I make a mate shot or high caffeine 2nd flush darjeeling shot before hitting the gym.


Detroit MI


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