I haven’t had many Moonlight Whites but I think it’s a style I really like. I think this is the youngest one I’ve tried so far. It’s perhaps not as smooth and creamy as older ones I’ve had but it’s still pretty tasty and might improve with age. The waffle shape of the cake makes it super easy to “measure” out a chunk without picks and scales, a definite plus for travel, lazy days or people who don’t yet have an arsenal of tea tools.

I put a couple of squares in my gongfu bottle and enjoyed this tea all day while I cooked and cleaned. I didn’t really keep track of how many steeps or precisely time them. It took several steeps for the squares to come apart. There are nice fruity white tea flavors and some steeps had a hint of that sort of creamy vanilla flavor I’ve gotten from other Moonlights and absolutely love. More careful brewing might be able to bring out that flavor a bit more. I seem to get a zillion steeps out of Moonlights and this one isn’t any different. Although I did take some breaks between steeps, this tea lasted me literally all day. It’ll be a good one for times when there’s not a convenient place to dump dead tea leaves because it never dies. It’s the energizer bunny of teas. This tea, a gongfu bottle and a big thermos of hot water is all you need for hours and hours of delicious tea.

I think I’m going to need at least one more cake of Moon Waffles because I want to keep drinking it now but I also want to see how it ages. The struggle of wanting to re-order EVERYTHING but also be able to afford to try new teas…

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I may have a mild to moderate tea addiction. Black, white, green, pu-erh, it doesn’t matter. I’m a little on the fence about oolongs but I’m starting to think I’m just particular about how they’re brewed. I haven’t tried any yellows yet but they’re on my wishlist so I can have a complete rainbow of tea. My tea problem is bad enough that I don’t necessarily even need tea in my tea, most herbals are welcome in my house too.

Favorites: jasmine, moonlight white, shou mei, chenpi/tangerine peel, violet, rose, Mengku sheng (especially autumn), anji bai cha, taiping houkui, blooming tea balls, tulsi/holy basil, chamomile

Dislikes: red rooibos, eucalyptus, allspice, flavorings of unknown origin, pumpkin, apple, banana, annoying flower petals that don’t add any flavor but are thrown in to look pretty (they tend to float and get in my way if I brew tea grandpa style)


Montana, USA

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