drank Green Tea with Coconut by T Salon
675 tasting notes

This is one of only three teas I actually purchased from the Coffee & Tea Festival. I enjoyed the sample because it was delicately sweet and the coconut flavor wasn’t overwhelming.

Dry, the tea smells sweet, like apple Jolly Ranchers, with a hint of coconut. The package didn’t include steeping directions, so I used nearly boiling water and tasted it at three steeping intervals – 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 8 minutes. At 3 minutes, it was sweet but very weak. At 5 minutes, it was stronger but still very sweet. It basically smells and tastes like a Jolly Rancher. At 8 minutes, the green tea flavor came out more. At that point I gave up timing and just drank the tea, leaving the teabag in. It gets better the longer it steeps, but there’s never really any complexity to this tea. It might be good as an iced tea (no sweetener needed) or instead of dessert. Overall, I am not impressed. I don’t know why I liked it more at the tea festival than I do now, but I wouldn’t buy it again at this price point ($10 for 18 sachets, though the content of the sachets is the same quality as loose leaf).

This doesn’t resteep well. The flavor is better – much less sweet – but it is very weak.

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