123 Tasting Notes

drank organic kukicha by Mitoku
123 tasting notes

This is the twigs that have been separated from green tea production and then roasted. The first thing I noticed after pouring the water on the tea was a wonderful nutty aroma. The tea was a good brown colour.

I would drink this tea when you are looking for a black tea but don’t want the caffeine or an upset stomache.

It went well with my cup cakes.

5 g 7 OZ / 200 ML

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drank Peach Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
123 tasting notes

I had this one iced. There was enough peach flavour.

Try it made traditionally.

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So today’s tea was another bubble tea.

The base is passion fruit, which is one of my absolute
All time favourite fruit teas. They also added a bit of lime,
Although I could do without the acidity.

Overall a very tasty fruit / black tea mix. I believe it is Ceylon
They use and it holds up well to ice.

Along with that, I had bubbles and lychee candy (my fav)

I could just drink this with just the tea though. So refreshing!

Flavors: Passion Fruit

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A sign appeared before me like a brightly lit Christmas tree, only the presents were beautiful bubble teas.

If you know me, then you know I could not walk into a shop and resist the name
Hokkaido Milk Tea. A strong desire to visit Hokkaido, Japan, with all its famous seafood, exists in my heart. I had forgotten that they send cows up there to live and that their
Fresh milk is famous.

I ordered my Hokkaido milk tea with bubbles. It is one of the chains
Most popular sellars. Well, it did not disappoint. The cold taste of fresh milk
Along with a slight sweetness and the mildness of a green tea…

Read that last line a few times.. then you’ll understand :))

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drank Mango Island by Tealia
123 tasting notes

Well, I hunted high and low for a peach or mango tea. Imagine my joy when I found one with a Ceylon base. It tastes like mango and would work well hot or cold.

A decent tin is included and the tea itself is sealed in a bag inside the tin.

You might want to use a tea bag to brew. There’s a little left over in the bottom of the cup.

The brew itself was dark enough for a black tea.

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The second in a series of Kombucha, which is locally made. This one uses jasmine green tea and fresh ginger juice along with cane sugar.

The ginger definitely gives it a spicy taste. I don’t notice as much of the jasmine.

I like the very small bubbles. The low amount of sugar definitely lets you taste
The ginger. However, a bit of honey in the bottom of a glass along with small pours transform the beverage to something more ambrosial.

The cost of each bottle brings me back down to Earth, however.

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I picked this one up at Walmart. The first time I tried 2 small teaspoons to 450 mL of water. The result was undrinkable.

Second time, I tried one teaspoon. Still bitter.

I will try again. Sigh.


Did you try sitting the bag in cold water first and then steeping it hot?


Nope, interesting idea, though.

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Today’s random tea is not so random.

West Lake Long Jing (Dragon Well) from David’s Tea and China.

I can’t sat if it’s this years spring harvest.

The tea is a bit broken up. Small long leaves, otherwise.

The most striking this is th aroma. It reminds me of the spice they use for chicken restaurant gravy in Canada. A little spicy. Delicious.

Price up to 14 cdn per 50 g

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Today’s tea is Minty Assam. This tea shows how easy it is to make your own tasty teas.

I used loose leaf Assam tea and added 2 Stash mint tea bags. The ingredients are just peppermint and spearmint.

Sugar was added. It was very good.

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