I got a shard of glass in my thumb today at work… It hurt. All day I have been fretting and worrying that a tiny piece of glass may still be stuck in my thumb. Also, I still can’t figure out why there were shards of glass on my desk… I work a desk job, how does glass break on your desk over the weekend and surprise you on Monday as you reach for your mouse!?!? Anyway, this ordeal made me get home in less than a great mood. To cheer up I decided to make some tea and eat some butter cookies!

Jasmine and butter cookies turned out to be a better combination than I ever could have imagined! So good I even forgot about my sore thumb for a bit!

The dry tea leaves smelled of fresh jasmine and hints of honeysuckle (I read KeenTeaThyme’s note and smiled to find someone else found honeysuckle as well! I’m not crazy yet!). I love honeysuckle! It was a happy smell to be greeted with as I opened my tin. I used 2 teaspoons for 12oz of water (wanted it strong).

The resulting liquor was a light yellow color which made me think of yellow roses. An appropriate association considering how floral this tea is! The smell was amazing. I felt that it became much more delicate once brewed (2’00"). The jasmine came upfront and left a lingering sweetness behind.

The first sip was a little more bitter than I expected, but with each sip the bitterness was slowly overcome with the sweet jasmine finally to be followed by a sweet honeysuckle after taste. The tea leaves own flavor was in background adding to the ecperience. Each sip was a journey through each of these flavors. I was sad when it was gone… Thankfully I have a tin full of this tea, so another fresh cup followed the first! This time I brewed for only 1’30", resulting in much less bitter and a lot more sweet. Which to me was a good thing, a very very good thing.

I am very happy with this tea. I generally enjoy jasmine and floral teas, and this one is a lot better than most. The flavor is stronger and sweeter than in most jasmines, so if you aren’t expecting the full blown jasmine aroma it may take you by surprise. I can only say that the extra sweet jasmine kick made me like this tea even more. It will be reordered the next opportunity I have to order from Adagio for sure!

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I love tea and have since I was a little girl. Once I could buy my own tea, I began to explore and learn about the extensive and delicious world of tea!

Also, love my French Bulldog (named Sencha…) and my tea oblivious boyfriend. I enjoy ice skating (I am a part time coach), reading, writing, baking, running, and lots of sweets!

My favorite teas tend to be on the sweeter side. Both flavored and plain teas are great to me. Currently going through a flavored tea phase. Enjoying it greatly! : )


Quito, Ecuador

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