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So I decided to start the Blizzard of 2011 with this sample I purchased not to long ago. Unfortunately, this is not for me. The blueberry itself was good but there was a weird flavor I just couldn’t get past. It ruined the whole experience. I hope I have better luck with the next tea I sample.

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I absolutely love this one. Slightly sweet, creamy coconut in flavor, a touch silky. Just divine. I am running low and drinking is sparingly but I will be keeping this one on my permanent list.

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I was not very impressed with this sencha. Nothing stood out. It was lacking in flavor.

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If there were ever pure heaven in a cup this would be it. It was made even better after I gave the leaves a quick rinse.

Just pure happy!

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Unfortunately this did not taste as advertised, at least not to me. I didn’t get a toasted marshmallow flavor, nor did I taste any kind of chocolate dispute seeing the shavings of white chocolate in the tin. So the lower points were given based on accuracy. However, the Hojicha itself was very good and overall flavor though not accurate still tasted alright.

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After careful thought and consideration I decided to dedicate my new Monkey Yixing Pot to this Monkey Picked Oolong. I am so glad I did. This is a wonderfully vibrant, fresh, and slightly vegetal. After all of that the first thing I noticed was just how sweet the flavor was on my first sip. Simply exquisite!

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I can best describe this as sweet, creamy lemon. It is amazingly delicious. Thank you Joys Teaspoon for sending me a sample. I may have to make this a permanent addition to my extensive collection.

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Not bad. A solid tea. Only thing I didn’t like is the mad hoards of people in the store. All I wanted was to use my gift card and wow how annoying. I hate that they only have two people showing teas to people and taking forever to do it and 3 others roaming. You can tell them you kow exactly what you want but they still tell you to wait instead of getting it and ringing you up. Also, kept getting pushed into buying more expensive teas when I knew what I wanted. They don’t like it when you shoot them down. For me it was funny. So I got this tea and my very first Yixing Pot which was cool. Yay! For gift cards.

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Aunty Proton

Heh, you remind me — during the summer I found that Teavana had opened a store at the mall in my home town. I was going home to see my parents for my birthday anyway, and the mall is 10 minutes away, so one day my mother and I went there. There was one guy there, and as it was mid-day on a weekday Mom and I were the only people in the store. The guy kept trying to upsell this that and the other thing. I kept saying no, I just need 2 pounds of the rock sugar and 3 ounces of Golden Monkey. This repeated 2 or 3 times, with my Mom hanging back and just watching with a real “WTF? My daughter refusing to spend money?” look on her face. I knew what I came in for, and that’s what I left with.

They probably work on commission.

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I was craving this one today and I know why…it is DELICIOUS! I am almost out and need to reorder soon.

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First I just want to say “Thank You” to Naomi of Joy’s Teaspoon for sending me this sample. I truly appreciate the opportunity.
I found this to be interesting. It definately tastes creamy with a slight hint of coffee. It does give you a sense of Italian Latte. I will also say there are a lot of ingredients in this but I can’t tell them apart except for maybe the yogurt and coffee. I didn’t really taste chocolate, brittle, or caramel, it may be that the combination created another flavor making it hard to tell the different flavors apart. Nevertheless,it is good but maybe just a bit to complex for me.

Boiling 8 min or more

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