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I am really enjoying this tonight. The flavor is pretty spot on. A little cakey a little egg nog like and yet since it is a white tea it is no in your face with the base tea it is light and nice and still very comforting.

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Sipdown 17 of 2016. Sample. Purchased 2/2015 – Finished 1/2016

This was a sample packet that I bought a while back. This is a really nice tea. It was sweet, not overwhelming with the chamomile and rose. It was a really calming cup. It also gave me an alertness that I really enjoyed. This would be a tea I wouldn’t mind adding to my TeaVivre cart at some point.

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drank SoHo Blend by Harney & Sons
636 tasting notes

Drinking this along side a brownie this morning. I am really digging this one. The brownie makes the coconut and cocoa flavors jump out.

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The shared A&D order arrived last week. I am so thankful for JustJohn and RosebudMelissa who split a 3 pack with me. I get to own 3 A&D teas without completely swimming in tea.

I had this tea when I first started drinking tea. It was a sample and at the time I didn’t know how to pick out different aspects of tea. This is good! I have been drinking Nahorhabi for a while now and this is delightful in a different way. Today I am getting cocao and cinnamon in my cup. This has much more of the dark notes compared to Nahorhabi. I am really liking this.

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Sipdown 16 of 2016. 1oz. Purchased 2/2014 – Finished 1/2016.

This is just what I need this afternoon. I am really enjoying this one today. It is slightly roasty with a lot of the fruitiness shining through.

4g: 15, 15, 30, 30, 60, 60……

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This is the sample that came with my recent order. Thank you!

Sipdown 15 of 2016. Sample. Purchased 1/2016 – Finished 1/2016.

Count me in as a new 52teas fan girl. Everything I have has been pretty awesome, and damn can they do a mean chai! This rooibos blend is one of the best rooibos chai’s I have had. It has enough umph to go well with milk, it is sweet but not too sweet, and there is something mixed in with the base that rounds it out really nicely. If you are looking for a caffeine free chai, this is the one!


Could you taste pecan?


Not really. If anything it was the natural nuttyish taste of the rooibos.

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drank Van Dyke by Soleil Tea
636 tasting notes

I went ahead and ordered the sample of this that Soreli tea was offering. I was a little taken aback by the amount of packaging for the small sample, but the tea did arrive unbroken.

The base of this tea is my absolute favorite blend of flavors. I suspect there is at least a little bit of unsmoked lapsong souchong in here. It is deep dark and full of that awesome cocoa flavor I LOVE. As for the addition of bitters and juniper? I am not sure I am picking out these notes. I mostly just get the base tea. I will keep experimenting with this one. I brewed this at home today and sometimes when I brew tea at work I get an entirely different animal.

just john

I am drinking my sample of this right now..

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Sipdown 14 of 2016. Sample. Received 10/2014 – Finished 1/2016

I enjoyed the last of this sample yesterday. It wasn’t nearly as sweet as I had remembered it. It was still a decent session, but it was missing the wonder I had first uncovered with it.


I find oriental beauties lose their flavour – I think fresher is better. Not sure how old this one is?


This is old! So yes, I think that was the issue with this one.

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drank Eggnog Chai by 52teas
636 tasting notes

Sipdown 13 of 2016. Taster Size. Purchased 1/2016 – Finished 1/2016.

This one didn’t last long. It was a really good version of chai. Something very eggnog like about this one. I loved it. If it is ever reblended, count me in!

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There are only 2 of us that own this tea? Really? This is AWESOME! Creamy, tart cranberry, slightly sweet, a base that supports the tea, and no astringency. I am not usually a black tea fruit fan, but something about this one made me pick it up and I am really glad I did. If you need another taster to add to your cart throw this one in. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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I started drinking tea while on a 4 month long cycling trip through South America. It seemed to always be a great way to warm up when I was cold and it was always available everywhere. Mate was the big tea of choice down there and it was also a great way to get to know people. When I returned home, my sister introduced me to Teavana and this launched me into the realm of loose leaf tea.

Earl Grey Cream – Zen Tea
North Winds – WP
Zho Ru -Verdant
Golden Monkey – H&S
Milk Oolong – Gong Fu Tea
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