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Another teabox find! I need to make a few selections and send it on soon :)

The tea itself here is pretty underwhelming – kind of a mild green strawberry – but it led me to look up the Moringa plant, which is pretty fabulous. So this will probably lead to some new smoothie mixes at least?

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I absolutely adore this tea! It’s super refreshing with the light taste of lemon. Perfect for when you’re under the weather or in the morning to really wake you up.

Flavors: Lemon

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It’s pretty late, but I’m still up because I basically slept the evening away. I had to hunt around my room for a caffeine free option and this is what I came up with. Everyone was talking about the big storm that was going to be coming over our area, and it was raining pretty hard, but it only lasted maybe two hours it feels like. Oh well, the little creek behind our house that’s been dry all year was bubbling earlier. California needs rain!

I got this in a Bulu Box, which is a subscription with supplements and stuff. It came with a coupon code, and no instructions. The website says it won the Healthy Food & Drink award for 2015 from some sort of Fitness magazine, but I don’t know what that would actually mean. From what I can gather from the website it’s made from the Moringa plant, and the version I have is blended with dried mint. I’m not always the biggest fan of mint teas, but the mint in the picture looks more like spearmint than peppermint, so that’s promising. I wonder if the moringa plant is related to the moringa flower (probably), I’m a fan of that scent at TBS. =)

It smelled kinda funny right out of the bag, just some weird sort of herbally smell that wasn’t really defined to me. The smell of the mint is stronger in the brewed tea, but not what I would call strong. The scent doesn’t carry around the room like some teas do. There weren’t any brewing instructions, so I boiled water, but by the time I got around to it, the water was 175ish and I didn’t feel like restarting the kettle. I’m just leaving the tea bag to brew in there because it’s an herbal, so why not?

The flavor is overall a mild grassy flavor with the slightest tinge of peppermint. It’s a round flavor that’s not drying, but it’s not really anything that would stand out for me, or anything that I think I would go out and purchase. It’s not offensive though, and if you’re presumably drinking this stuff for the health benefits, it’s quite easy going and I can imagine it being soothing for the stomach as well.

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