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A share from VariaTEA – and yet another in my big push towards sipdowns.

This taste kind of chalky and strongly of peppermint; it reminds me pretty intensely of the off brand ‘Tums’ tablets that my mom used to force my siblings and I to have when we felt sick/had the flu. That probably sounds unpleasant, and I mean it’s definitely not good but at the same time… I can’t stop drinking this tea.

It’s sort of that “car accident” effect where it really is horrible seeing a giant car wreck, but at the same time you simply can’t look away from the wreckage. Does that mean I like this? Maybe.

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At first sip, I adored this tea. Then, I started getting a bit bored as I made my way through the cup. Smokey and maple—what’s not to love? But the base didn’t seem to hold my attention. I have enough leaf to give it another whirl to see if I really do adore it and desperately need more or whether I can live without it.

Thanks for the sample, VariaTEA.

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Sipdown (291)

So 2/4 of my incisions were sore today which is weird because I had the surgery last Friday and though one incision has been uncomfortable from the start, all the rest were fine until the other started bothering me today. Add to that a low grade fever. So I thought maybe I needed to remove the plastic covers/gauze that was on the 2 incisions that were sore and after we consulted one of my mom’s friends who has been a nurse for almost 40 years, we learned that plastic and gauze should have been taken off last weekend and therefore none of my incisions were really breathing.

Anyways, the bandages are off and though none really look infected, two are still uncomfortable so the plan is to watch the fever and let them breathe and see how things are in the morning. If there is no improvement, I will call the surgeon and see what she says. I’m sure all is fine. It just sucks that I might have set back the healing process.

On the plus side, my throat seems to be healing for the most part so I can actually sorta taste teas again. This one is very pungent with the smoke scent which helps with the taste aspect tbh. More than that though, this tea, now that it has cooled, has a distinct leather flavor to it. Sweet leather, but leather nonetheless. There is not a whole lot of maple this time around but that could be my still-slightly messed up throat and tastebuds. I am still enjoying this last cup but I am also okay that this is the last.

Evol Ving Ness

Hope that that was just a temporary blip and that you are on the mend again.

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Nope. Nopity nope. Nope. Mixed 1 tsp in 16 oz cold water and it’s like someone blended minty grass. It’s bad. Very bad. Better stick to having this in milk…and underleafing.

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Earlier in March, my mailbox exploded with tea packages. Seriously. FOUR tea packages arrived on one day. One was my birthday 52 Teas order, one was my TeaTaxi envelope for my monthly subscription, one was a box of samples from Sororitea Sisters and then the last tea package was a monthly subscription box to My Tea Box. Now I did not sign up for this monthly subscription so it was quite the surprise. I asked my sister for an AQTT subscription for my birthday and thought maybe she went off book but it wasn’t her. Turns out the wonderful CuppaGeek over at Sororitea Sisters signed me up for what was one of the most adorably packaged tea subscriptions I have received yet. Check out my review of the March box here:

As for this tea…well it is one of the very few flavored matchas I have tried that does not contain sugar or added sweeteners. Just peppermint and matcha and it was awesome. I mixed it up as a tea latte and it was creamy and minty and just great.

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drank Strawberry Sunshine by My Tea Box
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Finished this off today in my iced tea press. It’s good, fruity with a flavor that leans towards strawberry but ultimately forgettable.

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