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A name that lives up to the taste dominance. Woof. That’s licorice! But the spices do a good job in the background and the orange peel — it’s almost juicy under that strange licorice root sweetness.

I’ve not yet visited Petaluma Coffee & Tea Co. Maybe one day. I hesitate because COFFEE but hey, they might make some good tea blends. Thanks to my coworker Sean for the birthday gift! This bag will be gone by the end of winter.

Glob, that’s sweet.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Clove, Licorice, Orange, Orange Zest, Sweet

Martin Bednář

I wouldn’t go there for straight teas, but I have clicked on a few blends and some sounds good in theory. Praxis can be totally different though.

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So far this is my favorite white tea I have purchased from
Petaluma Coffee & Tea _

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