52Teas said

We have a Limited Number of Mystery Grab Bags Available Now!

Hello Everyone!

In my quest to try to reduce inventory, I’ve put together a few (very limited number!) of grab bags – five taster pouches in each bag for just $11. This offers you a 45% discount off the individual pouch price.


No duplicates in these grab bags – and if you purchase two, I will make sure you don’t get any duplicates in the 10 pouches. However, I can’t make any guarantees for more than two pouches.

Please help me clear my shelves!!!

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Is it possible to do special requests (exclusions)? For example I really don’t want anything honeybush or rooibos, could you accommodate that?

Oh! I would be in for a couple bags if I could avoid any red rooibos blends.

52Teas said

I don’t have any rooibos blends – so that’s no worry at all. I can accomodate 1 bag as no honeybush but if you order more than 1 bag, I can’t guarantee that there’d be no honeybush in both bags – because I do have quite a few honeybush blends.

haha, how about if I don’t mind a repeat or two? =D
I’m going to put in an order soon, as soon as I track down my wallet…
I’ll leave a special note with the order I guess.

52Teas said

In that case, if you don’t mind a repeat or two with it, then I can tell you that I can make sure that there is no honeybush in either bag. But, I couldn’t make both guarantees. If you’d rather have a duplicate or two rather than no honeybush, I can accommodate that, absolutely.

Order’s in! Thank you for accommodating me. =)

Sweet! I’m ordering now as well!

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52Teas said

Thanks, guys, for your orders! I appreciate your support so much! Your teas will ship tomorrow.

I only have TWO more grab bags available!

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TeaNTees said

Well darn, I couldn’t pass this one up. That’s it though, The spending freeze has officially begun!

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