52Teas said

A New Question for You!

I send this question out to all tea drinkers – which is probably all of you because otherwise, why would you be on Steepster? Right?

Anyway, June is our anniversary month. We took over 52Teas as of June 1, 2015 and we want to celebrate our anniversary by offering a gift to our customers in June – but I’m kind of stuck on the gift.

First idea: A reblend. The reblend would be one that is voted on by customers – everyone can submit to me a ‘write in’ vote and the teas with the most votes will be on a poll and voted on for the tea that will be reblended for June.

Second idea: A new, unique, VIT blend.

Which ever idea we go with – all subscribers will receive a taster size pouch of the tea in their subscription box and all customers will receive a taster size pouch as a free gift/sample in their orders of $15 or more during the month of June while supplies last.

Which idea do you like better? Please help me decide which way we’re going to go with this project!

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I like both ideas. Unless I’m mistaken though, VITs are chosen by a person? How would you pick that? I’m sure either way it would be yummy. Thanks for sharing your anniversary with us!

52Teas said

VIT simply means Very Important Tea and it’s so called because either:

a) it utilized a special base. For example if I were to use an AliShan Oolong tea, that would definitely qualify as a VIT.

b) it’s one that was created by one of our customers that goes outside the realm of our usual weekly offerings. For example, if someone were to want to order a special tea, if they wanted to use one of our usual bases, that could be a tea of the week but if they wanted to use something like a DragonWell or something else that I don’t usually keep on the shelf or if they want to give the tea a special name, that qualifies as a VIT.

c) A VIT is also a tea that would be one that isn’t subject to being a reblend request and are of extremely limited quantity. Example: our Holiday teas are not ones that I’ll reblend throughout the year, those only get reblended around the holiday season. Another example was the Mulled Cider Green Tea that I blended around the holidays as a gift for the subscribers and also for our December customers. Because of the limited quantity of that tea and because it’s not one that will be reblended, that was a VIT.

I hope that makes sense! :)

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Jillian said

A special anniversary VIT would be cool, it would be a great opportunity for you guys to pull out all the creative stops

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Make a really amazing sparkle pony anniversary blend. Must contain glitter and fireworks and unicorns.

TeaNTees said

This! :)

Um … we are committed to keeping our blends vegan so no unicorns (sorry) glitter – is it organic glitter? Are fireworks gluten free?

As someone who has done a lot of research on sparkle ponies, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Unicorns can be made out of anything you want!

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Exidy said

I love the idea of a VIT on a unique base

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I love the idea of VIT with a special base. Sparkles! Marshmallows! Elephant sprinkles! I’d love to see a unique milk oolong blend or even a shou. Happy early anniversary!

A unique milk oolong blend—brilliant idea!

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Lynxiebrat said

What about unicorns on the cover and in the name? Just did a quick search for vegan edible glitter came across a site to make some. Its called urbanobsessions.blogspot.com. I’m on my kindle and upable to copy and paste…in reading an article about the difficulty in finding edible glitter that is truly vegan…looks like a ver difficult task.

Ok did just check Amazon they have alledgely vegan glitter, but have no idea if Amazon polices their site and never bought from that seller.

It would really depend upon the base before I choose a sprinkles and/or glitter addition. For something like the aforementioned Milk Oolong, I don’t think that glitter and sprinkles would be extraordinarily effective because of the shape of the dry tea leaf. The glitter and/or sprinkles would shift to the bottom of the pouch and wouldn’t stay suspended among the tea leaves.

This would definitely be a blend that I wanted to employ sprinkles or glitter or something just because it is a special blend (I don’t usually go for candy-ish type of additions because of the sugar content, I figure if people want to add sugar or other sweeteners to their tea, that should be their choice and option to gauge, not mine.) But I will have to see what base we ultimately decide to go with for the blend before I make any firm commitments to it.

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