David's Tea....why don't Steepster folks review their teas??

I’ve been using David’s tea mugs for a few years now and love them….they always send 3 samples of their tea with purchases….I’m not one for flavored tea in general but their stuff is fun, certainly flavorful and is geared to the happy side of tea. Through time I’ve actually found a few teas that I really like including the first pu’ehr I’ve ever liked! Are there any other fans out there???

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Sil select said

there are a ton of reviews on david’s teas – so steepsterites ARE reviewing them. Most can be found using http://steepster.com/companies/davidstea though there’s a second http://steepster.com/companies/davids-tea

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Lynxiebrat said

I am a David’s Tea fan still, with alot of my reviews from last winter’s crazy tea buy on here. (Unable to buy again this year due to lack of funds and space.)

I do have 2 complaints:

1.) Their pricing is a bit outrageous.
2.) I wish that they would offer individual samples for every tea they got…I’ve gotten way to many teas and end up not liking them and either have to try and force myself to drink them or give them away.

But…other then those issues, I am more then happy to remain a customer and hopefully sometime in this year I’ll be able to order from them again.

Do you have a local(ish) store? I see you’re in the states, so probably not but if you do…

There’s not really a minimum purchase amount when you buy in store, so you can get as little as 4g it’s the smallest number the scales will pick up. Generally speaking, that’s usually the perfect amount for one cup.

If not, one thing I’d suggest for future online orders would be to look out for the eight or twelve tea samplers that are usually released with each seasonal collection. That’s a good way to get small amounts (typically 6g, I believe) of several different teas and then you don’t have to blindly order 50g bags. I know several people have found that helpful with planning future orders.

Also, full discloser, I do work for DAVIDsTEA.

Arby said

I usually buy $2-$3 worth of a tea I want to try. That is enough for 3-5 cups. You can pretty much make your own samples.

Lynxiebrat said

Sadly, my closest (Geography wise.) David’s Tea store is in Windsor, (I’m about an hour west of Detroit, Michigan.) is an hour and a half drive, plus tolls and I don’t have a passport. (Nor could I afford to buy one right now.)Here in the states my closest ones are either Chicago (3 hours.) and Indianapolis (4 hours.)Can’t justify driving to either of those locations at this point.

I do sometimes get the samplers, but almost inevitably the one I really like, they discontinue.

It’s ok though :)

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