Sil select said

2018: How much will you spend on tea this year?

It’s that time again, a new year and a new thread for us to track our purchases, or lack of purchases :) Because someone had to!

Either add to your comment throughout the year, or add a new one for each month. Any way you do it is fine!

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Sil select said

2014: 1320.42 USD 320.18 CAD
2015: 1075.10 USD 206.21 CAD (including paris trip)
2016: 170.69 USD 170.21 CAD
2017: 317.27 USD 268.58 CAD

Going to try and keep the “low” spending down so that I can keep working on drinking up my puerh. Aim for this year will be 25/month in both currencies – 300 CAD and 300 USD for the year.


January – 27.50 USD; 0 CAD
February – 0
March – 0
April – 16.50 USD; 8.04 CAD
May – 0
June – 52.00 USD
July – 20.50 USD
August – 0
September – 0
October – 26.85 CAD

Running Total: 117.18 USD; 34.89 CAD

Haha, you beat me to starting the thread this year ;)

Sil select said

Wheee…..nearly halfway through the year and i’m doing crazy good!

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I spent $9,924 on tea last year, so my goal is to only spend $5k this year.

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LuckyMe said

My tab was $660 last year. I’m aiming at keeping tea purchases below $600 in 2018. Where I got carried away was my teaware spending. Gonna try really hard to stay away from the minefield that is, Instagram, BLT, and the other usual suspects..

Those are fine, fine, fine places to spend money though, and if you are going to spend, make sure it zings.

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Dexter said

2016 Total = $776.08 – including San Fransisco trip
2017 Total = $265.26 – including Toronto trip

Obviously I did much better in 2017 than 2016 (and trust me when I say that 2016 was significantly lower than previous years). So I guess the good news is that I’m trending spending in the right direction. Bad news is that my cupboard is still right out of control and because I didn’t buy much last year most of it is getting older. How do I gain control? I don’t know…. I’m envisioning some sort of great purge of 2018 and starting over with just what I really love. I’m not doing well with logging teas and keeping track, but at some point in the near future I want to try everything in my cupboard – toss anything that’s older and not fresh – re home everything that’s good but not to my taste and keep everything I like. Then just replace the gaps and holes in my cupboard according to my current tastes. I’m not entirely sure how this is going to work, but that’s sort of the plan.

Spending goals…. maybe about the same as last year…. depends on how much I drink….. depends on where my cupboard ends up. Honestly for me this is more about how much I’m buying re keeping cupboard under control that financial budget.

Hoping to stay in the $ 400.00 CAD for the year range.

Sil select said

If you want to try new things, you can steal from me anytime! Also uh happy to help you drink things you don’t love if i love them…

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Ok; trying to set a reasonable goal for myself this year since I’ve failed to keep budget every year I’ve done this!

As always I’m including tea and teaware costs (including shipping if I’m ordering online), but NOT swaps. I think goal for this year is going to be $3000 CAD tops and no more than $300/month! Lets see if I can practice some restraint this year!

2017 – $3805.50
2016 – $2034.13
2015 – $1998.46
2014 – $1466.61

January: $249.40
Bitterleaf Tea (Teaware – using holiday money!): $154.00
DAVIDsTEA (Wellness Collection) $63.40
A Quarter To Tea $32.00

February: $221.00
Bluebird Tea Co. (Matcha) $153.00
A Quarter To Tea $32.00
DAVIDsTEA (Matcha Boosted Collection) $36.00

March: $151.53
DAVIDsTEA (Easter Collection) $27.00
UNYTea $50.03
Teawarehouse $74.50

April: $190.50
T by Daniel $50.00
DAVIDsTEA (Summer Collection) $27.50
Bitterleaf Tea (Tea Pets) $58.00
52Teas $55.00

May: $428.00
Amoda Tea $43.00
White2Tea $14.00
Bird & Blend/Bluebird Tea Co. $72.00
Bitterleaf (Teaware) $232.00
Monkey and Donkey $67.00

June: $385.60
Teavivre (Samples) $6.60
A Quarter To Tea $91.00
Pottery by Inge Nielson (Teaware) $288.00

July: $306.46
DAVIDsTEA (Thrive) $29.00
52Teas $16.00
Bitterleaf Tea $185.00
Chawang Shop $48.46
DAVIDsTEA (Semi Annual Sale) $28.00

August: $328.00
White2Tea $328.00

September: $0.00

October: $222.00
DAVIDsTEA (Apple Custard Restock)** $51.00
M&M World (Teapot + Cups)* $30.00
Moderna Tea* $54.00
DAVIDsTEA (Online Exclusives – Origin/Holiday)** $87.00

November: 589.00
DAVIDsTEA (Holiday Collection) $102.00
Bitterleaf Tea $487.00

GRAND TOTAL: $3144.49

From Las Vegas vacation*
No employee discount for online orders…**

Ken said

Restraint? Whats that?

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Well, this year’s, ie. 2017, was well and truly below what I spent in 2016 because 2016 was completely ridiculous. And nope, not saying.

2017 is still ridiculous at $1500.41 CAN

My 2018 ambition is to whittle my stash down considerably and reduce spending to half or less of this past year’s budget. Let’s see. The challenge is on.

edit—To clarify, my 2018 ambition is $500 CAN, but if I approach $750 CAN, I will be quite happy.

correction—After reviewing the abundant chaos that is my current tea cupboard, I am going to try to cap at $500 CAN.

Sil select said

I’m telling you…weigh that cupboard!

Sil, what kind of scale do you use for weighing your teas?

Sil select said

i just use an electric kitchen scale, since we have one for cooking etc..

k, thanks.

Dexter said

Thanks, Dexter!

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It will take me a bit of time to get over the sheer terror that that evokes…

Sil, perhaps I might first begin monitoring the weights of my sipdowns.

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Lisa said

I think $50 for the year for me. My budget on tea is usually at $20/year since 2012. I stopped drinking tea for a while because I just wasn’t into it anymore. I picked it up again after wanting a lot of sweets over the Christmas break. I ended up taking advantage of the deals at DavidsTEA and restocked on some of my refound favourites (Sleigh Ride, I’m looking at you)

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I doubt I spend more than $1000/year on tea ever, especially because a lot of tea is gifted to me.

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I am anticipating $0 spend because I have more than any human should have and I just restocked my herbals and fruit blends.

This could change if I blow through all my green tea or if I decide I absolutely can’t live without one or two things from American Tea
Room after sipping down samples I’ve hoarded.

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