Cannabis tea?

(Before i get in to this subject any further this is in no way supporting or opposing the use of the substance and the topic itself is out of shear curiosity and reflections during travels).
Cannabis. The word conjures up images of the 70s, the counter culture and current users aiming to find “spirituality” or merely to get high. Those who have been adventurous enough to see the cannibis culture have found the plant Cannabis to be as versitile as it is “useful” for everyday living. Products such as hemp fibers, cloths, ropes and oils, from strains of indica and sativa enjoyed by conneiseurs of “bud” have certainly enjoiyed this plant in more ways than inhaling THC!
As the topic points out, Cannabis tea and the like have been concocted in order to “capture the essence of the herb without any undue guilt” by inhaling. Users have been found to use the regular brewing methods of tea with but an added twist: Butter! The cannabis plant main chemical: Tetra-hydro-cannabinol is fat soluable and therefore more likely to released in vast quantities at levels higher than when smoked. The resulting brew when orally taken induces a “bodily high” and a relaxed sensations to users with “limited effects” of the mental state. This allows a cannabis users to experience the" full beauty of heaven" and “meditation” without the numbing the conscience state normally associated with smoking the cannibis.
This method has also been used as a form of religious induction to "meet "or “experience the gods”. My travels into India has users drinking Bhang Lassi and no its not the yogurt drink with mangoes but a yogurt drink with hemp! Its specially made by government regulated and controlled Bhang shops and available only in the months where Holi is celebrated as a part of the customs with Hinduism. Holi a holiday which celebrates the sons of greater god Vishnu upon killing the demon holika. The celebration follows lighting of bonfires, devotees throwing colored water and powders at each other and some drinking Bhang Lassi!

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wow that sounds interesting. Too bad it isn’t available in Canada, especially for those who have terminal illnesses :)

the world is an interesting place…..

That does sound interesting, I wont lie i have used cannabis and i have made cannabis butter for recipes and i must say it is awesome, i have also made plenty of teas that use butter and they were also awesome, i have never made tea with cannabis butter however i could only image that it would be double awesome. Too bad its illegal here

weird how certain substances are illegal and other are not huh? But that sound of butter tea sure sounds like it tastes good! A savory sweet concoction kinda like Lapsang.

Butter Teas are wonderfull and you can make them sweet or savory. i’ll have to try one with Lapsang now lol

hmm Smokey? makes sense lol!

I once made cannabis tea using Rishi’s masala chai and olive oil. I just brewed the tea like I normally would, mixed the brewed tea, finely ground cannabis, and a tablespoon of olive oil in a thermos and let it sit for an hour and a half and shook it every now and then. The final product was delicious and produced extremely calming and peaceful effects that lasted the whole day. It was a simple way to enjoy my two favorite plants. (I am not endorsing or condoning the use of cannabis, what is good for me may not be good for others. I do however believe in the individual’s right to choose what they do in the privacy of their own home so long as it is responsible and not harmful to others in any way).

greatly put kwinter! Moderation and responsibility is the best policy!

… legally … (no problem;)

Edit 23/01/2012

are you for real? it is illegal to have a plant in all 3 places :)

Yes, indeed! Any idea..?

I guess if there are any “medical shops”or dispensaries around you can buy at your leisure…

… liberal … (no problem;)

Edit 23/01/2012

i think you are on your own there, this is a tea site not a cannabis site, sorry guy

Ranan said

I live in the Netherlands in a city called Groningen to be precise, of course i have used Cannabis or ’’wiet’’ like we call it in the Netherlands :), i must say here in the Netherlands its not that big of a deal. I have never made Cannabistea though, does it taste good, and do you mix it with other herbs or tea’s i am?

like tea, its practically up to the user’s preference.

Would you send me an email, please. You will find the address in my profile (website link).
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Uniquity said

If you and Ranan are “following” each other, you can send each other PMs.

Thanks Uniquity!
(I understood it this way too, but…)

I think it will be much better if it would be possible to send an initial PM to make the contact. (Because how should the other know…?)

Jason admin said

I’ll allow the discussion of general cannabis tea for now. But I need to draw the line at asking where you can get find some and will have to remove the thread if that continues, sorry.

remember posters and posters to be: General discussion not concerning how to receive the stuff! otherwise the party is over!

I do not partake, however, it seems like an effective way to deliver medical marijuana.

Brian said

nice. i like mushroom tea too

AllanK said

This discussion really belongs somewhere other than Steepster as cannabis tea would only be legal in two or three states and none at all if you ask the federal government.

People outside of the USA are reading this forum… such as Ranan above from the Netherlands, or myself from Canada. I think it belongs wherever the OP says it does :)

Either way, it’s still controversial. Whether the topic belongs here or not is up to the mods.

Brian said


AJ said

It was already approved by Jason. Six years ago.

AllanK said

Cannabis doesn’t belong in a tea forum because it is a drug and a dangerous one. No more than cocaine tea, heroin tea. or hemlock tea would belong in this forum.

TeaLife.HK said

Cannabis tea would be far safer than any of those teas and perhaps safer than coffee!

AllanK said

Just how can it be safer than coffee? You can drive after drinking coffee. Not so after taking cannabis. Coffee doesn’t get you high unlike cannabis. Your judgement is not impaired with coffee.

Jason admin said

As long as the conversation can stay friendly and legal, I’m fine keeping this open. But if that’s not the case I’ll go ahead and lock this for now.

Brian said

Allan. sorry dude. cannabis is not a drug. it is a natural plant. the US govt made it illegal bc big oil pushed laws bc hemp was a threat to severtal big businesses. saying cannabis is as bad as cocaine and heroin is a VERY misinformed statement. now…back to tea.

Allan, I’m curious as to why you think it is so dangerous. As far as I know, there has never been an overdose from cannabis. Yes, there have been related deaths from people doing stupid things that get them killed, much like alcohol impairs decision making, but you cannot overdose directly from consuming too much of it(and yes, both do induce bad decisions). That said, I don’t partake anymore, but I think it is more safe than alcohol, which you CAN consume too much of… and die, yet that is legal. And you are right, one should not drive after having cannabis.
(errr unless it is the type they have designed and created specifically to not have any side effects that impair cognition, for people and even children with various illnesses, with zero side effects I have read it is truly safe for anyone to use. I love science!)
I’ve also read studies that indicate the unaltered versions can affect memory and sleep. Still, I wouldn’t say it is on the same level as other drugs.
Allan… Do you have any credible information/links that say it is just as dangerous as heroin or other drugs? I am genuinely curious, and not trying to be argumentative.

Brian – yes it is a natural plant. But so are a lot of other drugs. Aspirin is derived from Willow bark for instance. Found in nature does not equal “not drugs”. Mushrooms are still drugs…

TeaLife.HK said

Allan, I’ve actually hurt my heart from caffeine three times; the last time it involved strong coffee. I had PVCs for a year after that. They’ve stopped, which I believe means my heart has recovered. Cannabis has never done that to me.

The jury is still out on cannabis and car accidents:

AllanK said

The jury is not still out on Cannabis and car accidents. When you are high on pot you cannot safely operate a motor vehicle. That is why every state in the US has a law against it. The problem is that there is no breathalyzer to test for pot like there is for alcohol.

TeaLife.HK said

Law often lags behind current knowledge, so that doesn’t prove anything. Complying with the law is a good idea, though, as the consequences for violating it can be harsh.

There is still a lot of research being done on cannabis and driving. I personally believe both impair driving, but cannabis affects certain individuals more because regular users are likely to be less affected by the same dosage than infrequent users. Cannabis also makes you more careful behind the wheel, while alcohol makes you uncaring.

There are oral swab tests in some jurisdictions, and now Michigan is doing blood tests! Here in HK you can be drug tested (by blood test) at a hospital after a crash.

AllanK said

How exactly does cannabis make you more careful behind the wheel? I have never heard that claim before, that impaired driving is better.

AllanK said

@Indigobloom I know cannabis is dangerous from personal experience. It is a dangerous drug that ruins peoples lives before they know it. It may not kill you quickly like Heroin but it is still a drug that can have very dangerous effects. It also often leads people to even more dangerous drugs. @Brian, just because it is a natural plant doesn’t mean it isn’t a drug. Most drugs come from natural plants these days.

TeaLife.HK said

Allan, the link I posted from the NIH above describes how cannabis makes people more careful drivers, if you’re interested in reading about it

AllanK said

You can post all the links you want, no link will get me to believe that a driver high on pot is safer than someone sober. I know this from experience and from common sense. Don’t believe any link saying it is safe to drive high.

TeaLife.HK said

Did you smoke pot in the past?

AllanK said

If you would follow me I would answer your question in a pm.

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