Valerie said

I'm drowning in tea...

Well, after over a week (a week! 8 days!) of being stuck in bed drinking nothing but orange pekoe with honey, Neo Citron, and without energy to make anything fancy, today I finally managed to make it out the door to civilization — and to pick up the mail!

Happily, I had both a David’s Tea order (Boxing Day!) and my January Amoda Tea box waiting for me, so now I’m literally drowning in tea…

David’s Tea:
- Cocktails Collection
- The Perfect Mug
- Samples were all FAIL: coffee puerh, a chai one, and jumpy monkey. I hate coffee and chai so these will be going to someone who can appreciate them more!

Amoda Tea Box
- Pistachio Ice Cream green tea
- Oolong Creme
- Chiran Sencha
Bit intrigued by this… I’ve never favoured green teas but these actually sound interesting! I’m probably going to drink them iced/chilled instead of hot. I find it easier to drink unflavoured teas cold. idk. I’m weird.

Right now I’m drinking DT Goji Pop — one of the drinks in the cocktails collection — and I really quite like it! :D This coming from the girl who said she hated herbal tea, so far both the DT herbals I’ve tried I have loved!

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I made a status update with those exact words days ago O.O

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Raritea said

Funny… I got those same exact samples! I also had a fairly similar reaction to yours :P

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What flavours of chai does David’s tea have? I love chais.

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Tina S. said

Man I wouldn’t’ve been happy with those samples either. My Boxing Day ones were Forever Nuts, Green Seduction and Chai Guarana. Two out of three isn’t bad I guess!

Valerie said

Yeah my last samples were awesome! Forever Nuts, Cream of Earl Grey, and Chocolate Rocket. These ones are just blechhhhhh. akljfhakdljf

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What is this Amoda box? I just looked at their site.. it sounds awesome! How much of each tea do you get?

Valerie said

20g of each :)

Nice! They have some good ones too… like Butiki!

TeaLady441 said

I’d never heard of Amoda, but $15/month is a pretty awesome price for a subscription! (And free shipping in Canada too? :O )

Sil select said

The Amoda Tea boxes are pretty decent value, esp for those of us in canada. I signed up when i first heard about it, since there really isn’t much out there for us Canucks. If you’re looking for a decent value for money and a way to try teas from different companies, and perhaps teas you wouldn’t normally pick up they’re a good choice! Also, their customer service excellent!

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I didn’t say I was drowning in tea, but I did tell my boyfriend the other day “I could make it rain tea if I didn’t think that weren’t such a waste of good tea.” The look on his face was priceless.

For those that don’t know what that means, its erm…well you know- when you’re in a gentleman’s club and make money fall from the sky on top of the entertainer. Not that I know anything about that of course. :)

LOL I had to explain to my mom last weekend what “make it rain” meant Haha

Babble said

I would do it just so I could say, “I make it rain on tea hoes!”

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I’d be happy to swap you for the the coffee Pu-Erh and Jumpy Monkey. I love the Coffee Pu and have never tried the Jumpy Monkey.

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Lynxiebrat said

lol Jumpy Monkey was one of the samples with my order, I’ve yet to try it yet. Saving it for the next time I get up early.

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