AJRimmer said

2023 Homemade Advent Calendar Swap

It’s that time again! I’ve enjoyed hosting the advent swap the last few years, so I figured I’d get it started again.

Anyone who wants to participate, please list your tea preferences and whether you’re comfortable shipping abroad in the comments. On October 31st, I’ll assign partners and we can get rolling!

Each person will send their recipient 25 opaque, labeled packets of tea. (Each day should contain enough for at least 1-2 cups of tea) Feel free to get as creative as you like with the packaging! I’d suggest shipping no later than November 20th to make sure it arrives in time, though earlier is better, especially if you’re shipping outside the US.

Partners have been assigned, but it’s possible we could fit more people in if someone else is interested. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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AJRimmer said

I’ll start:

I enjoy flavored tea – primarily herbals and black tea, though I’ll drink the occasional green tea. Also preferably loose leaf.
Favorite flavors: dessert flavors, melon, lavender, almond, strawberry, nutty, anything rooibos-related.
Don’t prefer: smoky, savory flavors, floral (other than lavender or chamomile), plain tea. Also nothing with gelatin.
I would prefer to ship within the US this year.

Inkling said

Thanks for running this again, AJRimmer! I’m in! :)

Likes: straight black tea (especially Chinese) and flavored blends…particularly dessert-type blends and anything with banana, caramel, or coconut. I prefer loose leaf to tea bags.

Dislikes: stevia, hibiscus, chamomile, and most rooibos.

I’m located in Wisconsin and would prefer to ship within the USA.

Probably not taking part this year, shipping the TTB back to states will be expensive and not sure if I want to pay two expensive parcels in such a short time this year.

Kelmishka said

Ah, I’d love to participate! I had fun last year. Thanks for organizing!

My preferences are listed in my profile, but in a nutshell, I like just about everything except for stevia and (strong) hibiscus. I’m not a huge fan of Earl Greys but I will occasionally drink them. I prefer loose-leaf to bagged, but again, not a strong preference. I’m vegan, so I don’t drink teas with honey, gelatin, dairy, etc. :)

I could probably ship internationally if needed!

Arby said

I’m interested! More detailed info on preferences is on my page https://steepster.com/arbutus
I can ship to the USA or Canada

Preferences: caffeine free, interesting flavours, desserty flavours, interesting or unique blends, regional ingredients (e.g. spruce tips and pine in PNW, Hawaiian macadamia or papaya, or native berries in the south USA), I love honeybush and rooibos but also enjoy yellow and black teas a lot

Dislikes: sour teas with hibiscus, stevia, grapefruit and yerba mate not preferred but not a deal breaker, strong smoke or savoury teas are not preferred but teas with a bit of smoke or savoury herbs are ok, sickly sweet from licorice root or cinnamon not my favourite but not a deal breaker

No: St. John’s wart/cleanse teas, non-vegan ingredients (honey, confectioner’s glaze/shallac, Carminic/Cochineal colouring, gelatin, dairy – I’m not worried about cross contamination though, so don’t worry about making sure things are certified vegan)

Kelmishka said

Hey there! Looks like we’re paired, but I’m not able to message you yet!

I’d love to do this again this year, I’m glad it’s going on! I’m in the us and like black, floral, oolongs fruity, vanilla, honey, chocolate and dessert teas.
I don’t like stevia, licorice/anise, smoky, mango, lychee it peach teas. I like flavored rooibos, green and black teas. No preference on caffeine or decaf.

AJRimmer said

Hi! Partners have already been assigned, but if another person wants to join, you can be paired with them! Hopefully someone does!

Hey AJ
Bummer I didn’t see the thread til today, I should have paid more attention earlier :) Crossing my fingers!

Skysamurai said

Is it too late to join? I’ve been so busy T_T

Skysamurai said

I’ll just put this in now too. I don’t mind shipping abroad and I prefer pure tea. I have a dairy and almond allergies

Hey! I am the oddball out and am looking to partner up with someone!

AJRimmer said

Yay! I think that’s a great idea!

Skysamurai said

HUZZAH! I will follow you! Can you send me a message when you follow me?

AJRimmer said

My package is on its way to Inkling!

Inkling said

Mailed AJRimmer’s calendar today!

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