Really pricey tea :( What's the most you have ever paid?

I’ve never understood why some tea companies charge so much for certain teas. Which got me wondering what’s the most people have paid for tea.

I mean I love tea, and I’m willing to spend alot of money (on holiday my tea budget is often times bigger than my food budget).

I guess I’ll start with my confession.

I once paid around 20 dollars for little less than 2 ounces of tea (50 grams).

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^ for the record, it was an amazing tea, I actually ended up buying that same tea again and again and again. Sadly I can’t find it anymore or I’d still be buying it.

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moraiwe said

I know some puerh can get insanely expensive, but I don’t honestly drink a lot of it, so I don’t have any stories about that.

The most I’ve paid recently though was $39/2 oz for American Tea Room’s Milk Oolong. It’s worth it as a treat, but not something I buy regularly.

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Though I wouldn’t have thought it until I just now did the math, per ounce price the highest I’ve paid is $12.50 for Butiki’s Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black and Mi Xian. I guess I must just look at what I’m paying at the time I buy, not on a per ounce basis.

Before trying to figure it out for this topic, I would have thought it was Eros by T, but that ends up being less than $7 an ounce. Since I bought 3.5 ounces at once, it seemed more expensive than the $6.25 I spent on a 1/2 ounce of the Butiki teas. Panyang Golden Tips from Harney is $25 per ounce sold in 2 ounce size and while I love it madly, I just can’t make myself buy more than a sample size at a time. The sample is $4 but I’m not sure how much is in their samples.

But I would probably come close to selling a kidney to keep Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black on hand…

Courtney said

Hahaha yes I got hooked by accident. Now I keep Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black, Mi Xian, and Premium Taiwanese Assam.

OMGsrsly said

The Panyang Golden Tips are so good, but I feel the same as you!

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Dexter said

Verdant Qimen Anhui Black Tea $19.95 for 1oz.
Without going back and doing the math, I think this is the most expensive. I’ve paid $8 or $9 for samples, but not sure how much was in the samples.
Price doesn’t always guarantee amazing tea. I’ve got some favorites that I consider really inexpensive. :))

I forgot about Verdant. Can’t remember if Golden Fleece was expensive per ounce or not. But I totally agree – price does not always equate to tea that I love.

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I’m sure there are other more expensive teas I’ve ordered, but most recently it was Nonpareil Anxi Qing Xiang TieGuanYin Oolong Tea from TeaVivre which is $19.90 for 1.75oz which works out to $11.37 per oz.

This is without a doubt my favorite oolong and the quality is high so I don’t mind paying that much per ounce.

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ifjuly said

Mariage Freres, partly because of the shipping.

I’ve never felt like Verdant was “actually” that expensive in that I find almost everything I’ve had from them resteepable to a degree/quality I rarely do with black teas. One serving of many of their black teas can be the only tea I drink all day, without ever feeling like I’m missing out. So it lasts a lot longer. But that’s just me.

Dexter said

I agree with you about price not being the same as value. Lots of expensive straight teas will resteep very well and probably work out to less per cup than some of Davids heavy tisanes.
I bought some Mariage Freres yesterday at Holt Renfrew. 24.00/100g – that is probably the most expensive flavored tea I’ve bought.

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MissB said

I once spent $35 for two ounces of Silver Needle; I wish I could find more of it (or even the supplier) however it was gone long ago. Yes, expensive. I got hooked on a generous sample by the supplier (who goes to China to source their own teas every year), and then had to buy more. I’d often get 3-5 resteeps out of it, so it was well worth it to me.

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Sil select said

mmmm I didn’t pay for it, but my parents bought a white tea from marriage freres that was 20euro for 20g…so 26USD ish for 20 grams

it was divine!

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Kaylee said

I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s a close tie between Butiki’s Champagne & Rose Cream ($12/oz)and Den’s Tea Shincha Tasting Set (1oz of Shincha Kunpu and 1 oz of Houryoku for $19.58 – I’m not sure whether they were the same price individually).

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The most I spent (with holiday money) and likely ever will spend is 8 bucks on 2 ounces of tea… it came in a nice tin too.

Kaylee said

Which tea?

It was called Pirate Chai.

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