Selling my tea stash and Teaware!! Take a look. (updated 02/02/14)

Hey everyone! I have way too much tea on my hands that I will never get to again so I decided I will sell them! I really need the money right now. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff that’s stessful and I have way too much stress in my my life. So I hope these teas are some you will enjoy! And hopefully like to purchase.

-Jade Oolong Chai (DavidsTea)
-Bamboozled (DavidsTea)
-Buddha’s Blend (DavidsTea)
-Honeybee (DavidsTea)
-Bollywood Chai (DavidsTea)

-Breakfast Blend (Fortnum & Mason)

-Mint Chocolate Chip (Whispering Pines)

-Chocolate Chai (Zhena’s Gypsy Tea)

-Soba (Harney & Sons)

-Black Carnival (Steep City)

-Kenyan Black (JusTea)
-African Chai Blend (JusTea)
-Kathryne Earl Grey (JusTea)

-Blue Lady (Culinary Tea)

-Banana Zing (Masterspice)

-Cider Guayusa (Butiki)
-Champagne Cider (Butiki)
-Caramel Vanilla Assam (Butiki)
-With Open Eyes (Butiki)

-Wonders of Kashmir (Della Terra)
-S’mores (Della Terra)
-Chocolate Covered Strawberry (Della Terra)
-Chocolate Dipped Apple (Della Terra)
-Chocoberry Blue (Della Terra)

-Chai (Tazo)

-Ti Kuan Yin Goddess (Adagio)
-Apple (Adagio)
-Lounge Chair Lapsang (Adagio)
-Clown Fish (Adagio)
-Sue Sue (Adagio)

-Roobios Vanilla Chai (The Persimmon Tree)
-White Guava (The Persimmon Tree)
-Rooibos Chai (The Persimmon Tree)

-Kukicha (Arbor Teas)
-Dragonwell Lung Ching Green (Arbor Teas)

-To Life (Teavana)

-Tamayo Kucha (Two Leaves Tea)
-Assam (Two Leaves Tea)
-Better Rest Blend (Two Leaves Tea)

-Elderberry Herbal (Verdant)
-Peppermint Bark Herbal (Verdant)
-Campfire Blend (Verdant)
-Qilan Wuyi Oolong (verdant)
-10 Year Aged Tieguanyin (Verdant)

-Chili Chai (Teapigs)

-Orange & Spice (Bigelow)

-English Breakfast (Whittard of Chelsea)

-Vanilla Coconut Black Tea (Tea District)

-White Peach (Dori’s Tea Cottage)

-Pure Peppermint (Twinnings)
-Irish Breakfast (Twinnings)

-Get Happy (The Republic of Tea)
-Get Gorgeous (The Republic of Tea)

Aladdin mason jar travel mug with straw $5

Winter Snowflake Cup $3[email protected]/10986748114/

Girly Burgendy Tea Cup $5[email protected]/10986692716/

White with Light Blue Inside Cup $3ea.[email protected]/10986773074/

Redand White Ceramic Travel Cup $5[email protected]/10986788894/[email protected]/10986847023/

also am willing to send samples of other things in my cupboard.

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Dexter said

Sent you a PM….. have a couple of questions, but really interested in a few of these.

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Sil select said

I might really love the crap out of that giraffe cup. The only thing that would make it more awesome would be if it was an elephant.

I almost bought that one!!! :)

Sil select said

oh god. you mean an elephant exists….

Pier 1!

CelebriTEA said

I love Pier 1,but already lost a fortune there…lol…

im afraid to go to pier 1 again since the recent commercials. . .cute tea-wares might start singing at me to take them to the cashier! yikes.

Angrboda said

I once had a similar cup, only with a cow.

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moraiwe said

Where in the world did you get that giraffe cup?! It makes me all sorts of happy.

moraiwe said

Of course you answered this above me the minute I asked :p

It’s brand new. I got it a few days ago

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CelebriTEA said

I would love the Pineapple Cilantro Cream if not spoken for…
Please PM me… :-)

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infused1 said

If you’re willing to ship to Canada I’d be interested in some – the Banana Oolong, Coconut Grove (Steep City), S’mores Genmaicha, and Tiramisu.

I just followed you. Please PM me.

Followed you back will get back to you tomorrow. I have to get to bed for work at 4 tomorrow morning :) thank you for the interest :)

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PM sent. I’m interested in:
Provence Rooibos (
No.55 Lord Bergamot (Steven Smith Teamaker)
Black Carnival (Steep City)
Blushing Geisha (Steep City)
S’mores Chai (52teas)
Vicky’s Spongecake (Bluebird Tea Co.)

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I am going to follow you and send you a PM, if that is okay!

There is one tea that I am really eyeing (Graveyard Mist) and another that I know a friend of mine would like (Coconut Oolong)!

I followed you back

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I sent you a PM as well … I hope you got it!

I did not receive your PM:(

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wow that is a really impressive tea collection, and if those are just the ones you are selling you must have a lot!

Ha ha yes there are many more in my collection. This is just what I’m trying to sell :)

Color me impressed too.

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Weston said

I am interested in the -Ti Kuan Yin Goddess (Adagio)

I am fairly new to loose leaf tea and I love Teavana’s Monkey Picked and am hoping Adagio’s TKY will be similar.

PM pending request approval :)

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