Lion select said

Tea Ratings "Sort" feature not working

I’m having some trouble sorting my tea ratings. On the Tea Ratings page for my account, When I click the little drop down panel to sort them by highest rated, the page starts to load again, then it stops and nothing has changed. It simply shows them from the most recent.

Anything that will fix this?

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This bug has been around for a while, and it applies to all of the filters in the Cupboard.

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Lion select said

Did it ever even work to begin with? From what others are saying, it’s hard to tell.

Uniquity said

It worked for years, it is just one of the features that went down with the attempted improvements much earlier this year. Steepster’s been around nearly 5 years, it’s just sort of outgrown its capacity lately.

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Dexter said

This has been happening for MONTHS and it is SOOOO FRUSTRATING. I’m trying to put together a swap package and I like to toss in a few extras. Really hard to see what they might like or what they’ve tried when you can’t sort their ratings/cupboard/wishlist. This used to be a fun part of swapping, now it’s just annoying – makes me feel like a bad swap buddy if I include something they’ve tried…. Wish they would fix it already!!!!! end of rant

Sil select said

i feel like it’s been closer to a year for how long it’s been broken…it’s the sad when i can’t find things to surprise ppl with in swaps because i can’t sort

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It has not worked for more than six months… nor cupboard “features” lol

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