349 Tasting Notes

drank Grasshopper by Do You Tea
349 tasting notes

Work sipdown. I had a hard time getting the ratio right on this tea. Sometimes it was a lovely mint chocolate and sometimes it was very out of balance. Decent, probably pretty easy to replicate if I wanted. I still think I’d rather a good Yunnan black though.

Flavors: Chocolate, Mint

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drank Indian Nimbu by Harney & Sons
349 tasting notes

I found this in the back of my tea cabinet. Pretty sure I moved with this tea to my current house, so that makes it at least 6 years old, probably older than that. I tried it and surprisingly it doesn’t taste off after so long as it is a flavored tea.

Unintentionally aged flavored darjeeling tea is not that good. It’s drinkable, but pretty flat. There’s also kind of an mouth coating affect that appears after finishing it. I’m sure that’s due to the age of this tea and flavoring. Not a sip down yet, but I should finish this sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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drank Tikuanyin by Lupicia
349 tasting notes

I finished this awhile ago at work. Decent work tea. It’s of the newer style – very green. Fine for what it was, but not a repurchase.

Flavors: Floral

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drank 2017 Grandpa's by White 2 Tea
349 tasting notes

Tea Club – been sitting out since I got it.
Gaiwan 100ml, boiling water
10s – earthy and a little sweet, light orange color
After this steep I picked the ball apart, I probably should have waited or let it work itself apart, but I was impatient. Liquor went super shou dark on the next steep.
10s-earth, bit of dark, sweetness
10s – solid earth, hella dark
10s, 10s, sweetness getting longer
More steeps after this but I stopped recording notes. Nice accessible shou

Flavors: Earth, Sweet


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gong-fu 205F
10s- hay, sweet, thick, floral aftertaste
10s, 20s- floral, sweet like clover blossoms, thick; ball is still pretty together
30s- lost the sweet spot, more woody, drier
I went back to 20s – floral, but deeper, darker, honey
20,20,20, 6 steeps on and still some dry leaf?! I’ll need to break this up a little more next time.

Flavors: Floral, Hay, Honey, Sweet, Thick

205 °F / 96 °C

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drank Nostalgia by Liquid Proust Teas
349 tasting notes

10s- wood, vanilla, black tea underneath, soft, wood not oaky (softer) (here I couldn’t read my own handwriting – I wrote not oaky but it looks like not ooky) Just marveling at that.
20s- more woody as it goes longer
I don’t like this blend as well as some of the others. It’s for sure the wood in the blend – just not my thing in drinks – tea, beer, or wine.

Flavors: Oak wood, Vanilla, Wood

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Part of the White2Tea Club.
Smells good, very flowery.
5 g/100ml 212F
10s – pretty orange color, flowery
10s – really good, smooth
I drank these really fast. 20s, 20s, 20s, ?, ?, am I on steep 8?
starting to get sweeter. it got astringent on the last steep that may have gone for a while as I forgot it was steeping.

I had this westren style on Thursday morning last week when I was off from work. I got three steeping out of it but probably could have gotten more if I didn’t have to go to work. I was sad I had to leave the leaves though.

Flavors: Floral, Smooth, Sweet


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Sipdown from earlier this month. I enjoyed this tea – chocolate’s always a good choice ;)

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Another sipdown from this week. Vanilla and great black tea. I seem to be working LP teas pretty hard this week, but I want to drink these while the flavor is still good.

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drank Rummy Pu by Liquid Proust Teas
349 tasting notes

Sipdown. I finished off this awesome tea earlier this week. This tea worked well using both styles. Rummy and earthy and comforting and not overwhelming. It had also smoothed out since I tried it last. But now it’s gone.

Flavors: Earth, Rum, Smooth

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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I started my tea journey with Stash/Celestial Seasonings tea bags years ago. All loose leaf, unless I’m sick.

I like black, oolong, white, and herbals. Green tea is hit or miss.

I play video games, read, and do pottery. My current favorite tea mug is one I threw and glazed.

I generally review teas twice – initial and final steeps.

I try to keep my cupboard to what I have available. Though I haven’t updated in a while.

85-100 are teas that I loved and want to keep in stock.
71-84 are teas that are good. I may or may not get them again. Source for daily drinkers/work teas.
60-70 are teas that I didn’t like. I’ll finish what I bought.
Anything less than 60…nope.



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