8 Tasting Notes

drank Peppermint by TeaSource
8 tasting notes

This a backlog from a few days ago, when my stomach was immensely upset with me after working three 12-hour overnights in a row. SORRY TUMMY.

I am not one to reach into the cupboard and pull out TUMS or Pepto Bismal. So, my normal go-to is sleep (if available) and peppermint or chamomile tea.

Teasource’s peppermint tea is pure and piercing with flavor. I steeped this for one minute, due to tea’s intensity. I enjoy the refreshing nature of this tea, but would never choose to leisurely drink it. On that note – it is a mainstay in my cupboard because of it’s wonderful workings on upset stomachs and insomnia. Try it :) You may be surprised.

Thank you tea! Once again you beat out the competition. I am continually amazed at the impact tea has on my life and my health.

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Last night my husband left me to go camping by himself in a nearby state park. So, obviously, my night was consumed with cupcakes and a chick flick marathon. My morning, however, was filled with this COURAGEOUS, gorgeous tea.

I steeped this according to Verdant’s instructions for the initial steep. Mmm… was this magical. I may be bias, because I am definitely a black tea girl. BUT – this was absolutely fabulous. Hints of fruit that are infiltrated by a deep grittiness. I know what you are thinking, but – yes- it’s remarkable. So much so I’m contemplating naming my first born after it… whenever that may be.

Ok – I went too far.

Back to the tea- the first steep was much grittier than the second. The second steep startled me with a liberal splurge of caramel with a lessened fruity aftertaste.

When my husband pulled in the drive-way in the morning, I was sitting on the front stoop savoring this scrumptious cup of tea. I handed it over for him (the COFFEE drinker) to partake. His first words were, “Can I use these leaves to steep it again?” :) :)

Thank you Steepster for ultimately being a source of marriage counseling. My spouse and I are enjoying commencing about our cherished hot beverages.

Happy Steeping.

Terri HarpLady

Fun review, Lesli! I also enjoyed this tea :)
I’m glad to hear you & your hubby have similar tastes in tea. Tony dislikes almost everything I drink, & I’m not real fond of the teas he likes either, but, in the famous words of Kahlil Gibran, “Let there be spaces in your togetherness” or something like that…

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
8 tasting notes

This is a back-log from yesterday morning before work. As a nurse, I have limited time throughout the day to enjoy tea. Therefore, when I got my order from Verdant tea after work on Friday – I almost wanted to cry.


Well – my sadness quickly subsided after opening the bag and experiencing the delightful aroma of this Laoshan. Without a second sniff, I hurried to my husband for him to join in the surprise. I decided I would cold brew some overnight as well as make a cup in the morning.

When my alarm clock went off Saturday morning, I surpassed the snooze button and hobbled into the kitchen. Before I could even let my dogs outside, I strained the cold brew and took a sip. It was pleasurable, but somewhat lighter than I expected. Notes of chocolate and perhaps a bit fruity.

Next- the hot brew. I impatiently waiting for four minutes while the steeping process was in motion. At this moment, I wish that everyone at steepster could have seen me. It was much like my high-school prom night, except I was in scrubs, had my hair in a pony-tail, and was simultaneously making my lunch. Lunch preparation had to be put on hold to take the initial slurp. Ahhhhh.

This tea was remarkable, so much better hot than cold. The texture was fabulously smooth and creamy. Unlike the iced version, the notes of chocolate were subdue. Unfortunately, I was unable to even pinpoint separate tastes. It was just ASTOUNDING!

A++! Great first experience with Verdant. Muchos Gracias.

Happy Steeping!


You looked so spunky with your cup of Laoshan Black ready to sprint out the door! Very nice review!


Thanks for the Verdant referral, Bonnie!

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This tea, I believe, can not be rated accurately due to the fact that I use it for a sleep -aide. If I was rating it for taste, it would probably be around a 50%. However, the overall experience is much better. The aroma promotes relaxation and almost reminds me of eucalyptus or mint.

I have not yet been able to master a great sleepy time tea with loose leaf; therefore, this is the best bet.

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I don’t steep it as long as it suggests (10-15 minutes), because I like to drink at least two cups. Also, I enjoy adding eleutherococcus herbal supplement to assist in the ‘sedation’ effects. :)

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drank Rhubarb Oolong by TeaSource
8 tasting notes

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drank Ti Kwan Yin (cubed) by TeaSource
8 tasting notes

This is one of the loose leaf options available at our local coffee shop. When I go on a coffee “date,” this is regularly my choice. Normally, floral teas are not my favorite. However, this tea has a light aroma and smooth taste. I like to let it steep for at least four minutes, because of its’ light nature. The second steep is even lighter, which can be a turn off for many. My suggestion is to make this in a pot so that the taste remains as potent as possible.

Great afternoon tea!!

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

When I say “TeaSource” and “local shop” I thought.. wait a minute, are you in my neighborhood? Ah, well. (TeaSource is based across the river in St. Paul) I remember seeing these little cubes before, but I can’t recall if I ever tried them. Your big-pot/afternoon-tea suggestion sounds like a good one.


well, I live in south dakota. They just get tea from tea source.

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drank Black Bud by TeaSource
8 tasting notes

This was one of the first teas that I have drank an entire pot of before the tea became cool. It is one of my favorite black teas. The hints of smooth caramel are apparent but not over-powering. Black Bud would be an excellent alternative to a morning breakfast blend or everyday black tea, due to its’ drinkability.

Tea source never ceases to amaze me – wonderful company and so easy to work with too. When my husband and I travel to Minneapolis, MN area (where Teasource is located), we love to stop by local coffee shops that sell tea source teas. I am yet to be disappointed.

Very pleased with this tea. I would like some right now too!


If you travel to Minneapolis, my favorite tea company is located there…Verdant Tea. (I believe Mandela Tea is there also). I think Verdant is sold or served at some local places but they are an online company of the highest quality. Most of what I know about tea comes from them.


Oh, wonderful information! I am putting those names in my phone now so that I do not forget. Hopefully I can get up there soon. thanks bonnie.


Hey- I’m ditto’ing Bonnie. (I live in the Twin Cities) Verdant has tea at several local spots, plus the Farmers’ markets in Linden Hills and Northeast. Verdant often has tastings in the warehouse district, so it’s worth checking out the mailing list or keeping an eye on facebook for future visits.

Mandala is currently located in Winona, MN (just two or three hours South along the river.. depending on how fast you drive), so it’s worth a stop if you’re ever visiting that region. Mandala is actually a whole wellness center, and the only downside is that they’re not normally open on the weekends.

They’re both busy guys, but also very welcoming, so it might be worth dropping them an e-mail if you’re ever in town, even if only to get recommendations of things to do, places to eat, etc.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had TeaSource tea. Is this one Chinese or Indian? I know the owner is really passionate about Indian teas (which I’ve unfortunately yet to fall in love with). If I find myself in the shop, I’ll keep this one in mind. Thanks for the recommendation!


Keep the tips coming! I am so excited for my next trip to the cities. And Mandala sounds incredible.

As far as whether or not this is Chinese or Indian – I am not quite sure. I’m a sucker for simple, tasty black teas and this one does the trick for me!


That sounds nice to me!

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drank Monkey-Picked Oolong by Teavana
8 tasting notes

I am new to steepster, so my note may not sway many tea drinkers. This oolong is definitely one of my “go to” teas, due to its’ refreshing nature. I enjoy this tea in the mornings and afternoons due to its’ ability to pick up my mood.

This remains one of my favorite “monkey-picked” teas; however, the taste is altered on the second steep.

Happy steeping!

3 min, 15 sec
Daisy Chubb


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Hi! I’m a midwest girl with an immense appetite for tea. As a nurse, I am well aware of the hundreds of pharmaceuticals available to cure diseases and resolve symptoms. Even after all this knowledge, I believe that tea remains the ultimate medication.

Even better than the health benefits tea withholds, I love the taste and the feeling that I endure while sipping on this irreplaceable warm beverage.

Tea holds a great place in my heart as well, because it is the reason my husband and I met. He was working at a local coffee shop as a barista. If my craving for loose leaf had been replaced by another vice on that day – who knows where I would be now. He even pretended to enjoy tea for the first two months we were dating in order to impress me. Oh, how amazing.


South Dakota

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