30 Tasting Notes

drank Banana Nut Bread by DAVIDsTEA
30 tasting notes

Its been a while! wow! I am still trying to use up all of my teas so i can stock up on some Christmas/winter teas! This one is a very nice light tea. I love it! Banana, nut, and currents! A great fall treat! Highly recommended! I have lots of reviews coming this week! Good night

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Had this one to go while i was downtown yesterday! The lady asked if i wanted milk and i said yes. She put about half a cup of milk in it. Next time I will say no…
Anyway, it was a cold cloudy day, so this was just what i needed.
Fabulously delicious and creamy. I may have to get some of this later on this year! Awesome!

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drank Green and Fruity by DAVIDsTEA
30 tasting notes

blended with bamboozled. Still trying to use up all of my teas before teavana opens in a couple weeks. SO i used up my green and fruity and i have a little bit of bambooled left.
These two teas actually taste really nice together. Nice and smooth! Aewsome! Happy Thanksgiving (to those in Canada) and good night!

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Got this when I bought samples of the fall collection. It has been sitting in my cupboard since then but i finally decided to try it. And i was pleasantly surprised. Tastes very apply and green tea-y. I can also taste some floral notes which is nice. I probably wont buy this one again but i will enjoy it while i have it! :)

EDIT- as i drink this tea more, the less i like it. It tastes to rosey and not good. I have changed my mind. Its also quite sour, reminding me of that HORRIBLE perfect pear tea.

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Got this as a sample from an online order I placed this summer.
I am slowly trying to use up all of my fruity/iced teas that I have left from the summer. I also have pledged NOT to buy anymore tea until I have used up all of the ones I have. So, this tea is really nice.

Dry leaf nose: Pineapple, blueberry, rooibos.

Taste: Mostly blueberry, a little bit of pineapple.

I really do like the taste of this tea (iced). I haven’t tried it hot yet, and since my sample is gone I probably wont.

I may pick up a bit of this one when the TEAVANA store opens near me this fall. But, I am more excited to try their new GLOBAL TREASURES COLLECTION first. Maybe I will wait until next summer to pick it up.

But, nonetheless, this is still a great tea and I really enjoyed it. Have a great day ;)
EDIT- added a rating

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drank Mudslide by Teaopia
30 tasting notes

hmmmm…. Im not too sure about this one.

Tastes very similar to Banana Nut Bread from DT. But the thing Im having trouble with is that I cant taste the chocolate. All i can taste is the banana and the walnut. Anyway, I was hoping for more of a rich chocolate banana flavor. Regardless, it still tastes good. Not great. Its a nice fall tea but I don’t think I would re-purchase this.
Oh well its still a nice tea.
EDIT- Im not going to rate some of my teas. Mostly because I cant decide on where the rating will stand. And especially with this one I am really not sure how much I like it.

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drank Indian Summer by DAVIDsTEA
30 tasting notes

I am quite confused as to why this tea is in the FALL collection.
First of all, it is title Indian SUMMER, not Indian FALL. Also, the taste of this tea reminds in no way, of fall.
I’m not saying I don’t like this tea, because do, but to me it doesn’t fit with this collection.

Taste- very fruity, watermelon, apples.

Dry leaf nose- ^

I don’t really taste any white tea. I mostly just taste apple.
I am not super impressed with this tea, nor will I be buying again. I am just a bit confused as to why this tea made it into the fall collection. I would have much preferred maybe Mom’s Apple Pie to be apart of the collection rather than this one.

Please excuse my rambling.
So, in conclusion, this tea tastes fine, but not outstanding. Also it tastes very fruit punchy and this tea does make a great iced tea. But is just a bit out of season. I would have liked it better if it were in the SUMMER collection :)

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I was wondering this as well, why indian summer is in the fall collection.. hm. I’ll probably be trying it first because of that since I live in perpetual summer anyway and there’s no such thing as Fall here :(

Mac A.

yeah its quite weird


It’s because the definition of ‘Indian summer’ is a period of dry, warm summer-like weather occurring in late autumn.

Mac A.

ah.. okay thanks. Now i get it :)


me too lol makes sense now, thanks Angrboda!

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
30 tasting notes

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
30 tasting notes

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Okay, so, here is number 2 for the fall collection.
First of all- I steeped this tea for 4.5 minutes and it is quite weak. So would suggest maybe 5-5.5 minutes.
Dry Leaf Smell- cinnamon, and marshmallow pieces
Taste: Mostly cinnamon, with the sweetness from the marshmallows- no sweetener needed here!
Colour- Foggy brown.

This tea tastes almost tastes exact same as it smells- which to me is great because it will give you a good idea whether you will like the tea or not.

In conclusion, this tea is great for the fall time and it almost resembles a cinnamon chai. I really like this one and will most likely re-purchase it before the fall comes to an end. However, I don’t think this really tastes like toasted marshmallows, but it is tasty none the less. Have a great night.

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I’m just a guy, who loves tea!
I am no expert whatsoever. I just enjoy making,drinking,buying, and reviewing tea!

Heres my rating scale:

0-10: oh my gosh, I cant stand this tea and I must immediately get rid of it. I usually end up giving these teas away.

10-20: Not so great, I will also give these teas away and just forget about them.

20-30: Eh, I’ve had better. Not a huge fan and wont drink again.

30-40: Okay, the taste is alright but nothing memorable.

40-50: This tea is good, but again not memorable enough to stay stocked up.

50-60: I enjoyed this tea and will drink a few cups of it.

60-70: This tea is great and will I drink lots of it.

70-80: Wow this tea is good. I will most likely re-purchase.

80-90: A new favourite.

90-100: AMAZING! WILL STOCK UP ON! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!Memorable taste, yummy, and just plain good!


B.C, Canada

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