Pumpkin Chai

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Black Chai Fruit Blend
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Candy, Caramel, Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Spices, Clove, Smoke, Cloves, Molasses, Burnt Sugar, Coconut, Cookie, Nutmeg, Sweet, Vanilla, Creamy, Pumpkin Spice, Brown Sugar, Vegetables, Spicy, Sugar, Pastries, Artificial, Butternut Squash, Smooth, Ginger, Bergamot, Carrot, Tea, Cardboard, Butter, Lemon Zest, Malt, Maple, Orange Zest, Apple, Honey, Citrus Zest, Citrus, Allspice
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Bulk, Loose Leaf, Sachet
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  • “I had a mug of this earlier this morning and as usual it was great. It kept me nice and cozy as I waited for the bus :D” Read full tasting note
  • “OMG ITS SOOOO GOOD New favorite tea omnomnomnommn I get the box with 25g of each tea in it. eep excite! This one is thick, in such a good way. Edit: Okay folks, this tea tastes like pumpkin. No...” Read full tasting note
  • “Backlog from when I was at the mall today: Woo! Good. I still like it! I wasn’t sure because some of the ultra-crazy-sugary blends no longer appeal to me as much now that I’ve discovered the beauty...” Read full tasting note
  • “Mmm, so silky today. Gotta love those almond milk and brown sugar additions! I even got my mom hooked! So far the weekend is looking pretty nice. Saw the new Dracula last night and we’re planning...” Read full tasting note


Rich, spice-filled and comforting, with a hint of caramel – like a slice of pumpkin pie!

The forever fall must-have. This rich premium black tea is the perfect way to kick off the season. It’s got all the warmth of cinnamon and cloves, plus the sweetness of caramel and pumpkin candy. For a truly unforgettable pumpkin chai latte experience, top it up with steamed milk and stir in a spoonful of brown sugar.

What makes it great
• This is the only spiced black tea that’s come back every season since debuting in our very first fall collection.
• Makes the perfect fall chai latte – especially topped with frothed milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
• Try steeping it into custard for an autumnal crème brulée.

Ingredients: Black tea, Cinnamon, Cloves, Caramel (condensed skimmed milk, sugar, glucose syrup, butter, sorbitol, mono and diglycerides), Carrot, Lemon peel, Pumpkin candies (sugar, rice flour, palm and palm kernel oil, corn starch, gum Arabic, cellulose gum, FD&C Yellow 6, confectioner’s glaze, carrageenan, soy lecithin, artificial flavouring), Pumpkin flakes, Natural and artificial pumpkin spice flavouring.

About DAVIDsTEA View company

DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

661 Tasting Notes

806 tasting notes

I had a mug of this earlier this morning and as usual it was great. It kept me nice and cozy as I waited for the bus :D


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516 tasting notes

New favorite tea omnomnomnommn
I get the box with 25g of each tea in it. eep excite!

This one is thick, in such a good way. Edit: Okay folks, this tea tastes like pumpkin. No fakes, no extract, it tastes like pure real pumpkin goodness.

I make my own pumpkin chai by steeping regular chai in milk and adding pumpkin spice & a can of pumpkin. This is totally on par, and way less work.

I actually can’t wait for fall so I can drink this all day every day. I can wait for winter, however.
Sigh what am I saying, I have to enjoy the hot weather while it lasts!!

(In Saskatchewan, where I live, the summers reach a high of +40 C and the winters a low of -50 C ) Convert that to F and then come talk to me. haha


I don’t like pumpkin and was so sad this tea came back again. I’m glad you like it though!!

Daisy Chubb

To be fair to both you and the tea, it is the only tea I haveever tried that actually DOES taste exactly like pumpkin!
The other teas in the fall collection smell AMAZING though, maybe one of them will make you even happier ^^

Erin Hurley

You added….. A CAN OF PUMPKIN?! Oh dammmm


Now for Halloween I want to roast a pumpkin in the oven and use it as a punch bowl. I see that ending in disaster, though.


You could use a pumpkin as a punch bowl if you didn’t roast it. It’d be less likely to fall apart on you. : )

Daisy Chubb

yes agreed! If you scrape it out deep it could be a good punchbowl. Just need a strong arm and a big spoon


But uncooked, wouldn’t it affect the taste weirdly?

Daisy Chubb

Probably! haha but when I think of a cooked pumpkin I think of when they sit on the counter and get all mushy. But I guess if you get all the meat out it would harden hey?


This calls for an experiment….


Uncooked would definitely be more firm and less likely to explode everywhere. If you let it dry a day or two, it seems like it might be less likely to affect the taste? I honestly don’t know!


I NEED A PUMPKIN. gets labcoat and crazy scientist goggles

Daisy Chubb

pictures or it didn’t happen >_> haha it’s not pumpkin season here yet but maybe I’ll give it a try for my Halloween party! As long as I don’t forget and carve a face in it first. I love carving punkins ^^


My wife does too, when I get one, I’ll have to hide it from her XD


I only buy one pumpkin a year and it is always for carving. Luckily, the beau likes to eat the seeds. He always wants me to make a pie, but I like to look at my carving too long and it tends to mold. Ugh!


I roasted my own pumpkin once, made a cheesecake with it, enjoyed it, and promptly went back to using canned pumpkin XD

Daisy Chubb

hahaha amen to that!
homemade pumpkin pie, delicious but way too much work.
I feel the same about thehomemade pecan pie I made. I spilled thick syrup all over my oven and floor and it tasted just like a bought pie. So eff that. I’m buying them from now on too.


Oh no, now, see, I’m from Tennessee. You don’t buy pecan pies. You just plain don’t. You make them from scratch or by god, you do without! XD

Daisy Chubb

haha I was hoping someone from the south would set me right!
Pecan pies aren’t something you find around here anyways, hey wait you’re in Canada now correct? Mind if I invite myself over a few provinces for pie? :)


XD Absolutely. Next time you’re in Toronto, let me know .

Daisy Chubb

I apologise for the store bought pies, I didn’t mean to shame the good pecan pie! I just shame the sticky floor and burnt sugar in my oven n_n


I live in Saskatchewan as well and I totally agree that this tea is awesome on a really cold day, especially as a latte!


Oh, a fellow Reginan – yay! (Although I like in soggy Vancouver now) I just had to add that this tea is awesome on a cold, sopping wet day as well :-)

Daisy Chubb

Yay hello fellow Reginan!
My bf and I were sooo close to moving to Vancouver too! Instead we’re moving to Halifax in 3 months. Yay no more -50 winters :D


Whoa. Moving to Halifax, you say? It’s not so bad here, though very rainy in the last few years. Welcome (almost!) to the Maritimes!!

Daisy Chubb

ee thanks! I’m definitely looking forward to a change of environment (although I will miss the land of living skies)

Autistic Goblin

Living in Winnipeg I can feel your winter/summer pain.

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1598 tasting notes

Backlog from when I was at the mall today:

Woo! Good. I still like it! I wasn’t sure because some of the ultra-crazy-sugary blends no longer appeal to me as much now that I’ve discovered the beauty of Butiki and Verdant teas, but THIS is one I still love.

It’s just… fall in a cup. I break all the rules for this one. I love it as a latte with brown sugar, but will settle for some with a dash of milk.

I started this season with 50g. I’ll probably buy more later, but I didn’t need a free tin, and would prefer smaller foil bags right now.


My goal is to empty a tin for Pumpkin Chai. :) I had this one iced today. Did they give it to you iced, as well? So different.


Ummm.. shoot. I can’t remember if my sample was iced or not! But I had a go cup with milk so that erased the sample from my memory. :P

Ummm.. shoot. I can’t remember if my sample was iced or not! But I had a go cup with milk so that erased the sample from my memory. :PIt is definitely tin-worthy.


Hmmm, I’ve never tried ordinary brown sugar in tea. Do you think that’s the kind of sugar they’re talking about? or the special rock variety? and, I’m still playing around with quantities and times and such for this tea myself. I think I’ll use double the leaf next time.


Keychange, I’ve used ordinary brown sugar, but brown sugar is different depending where you are in the world. The stuff I use is the kind with molasses added back into it, so it’s really soft and sticky and packs well.


oh wow omgsrsly, I didn’t know brown sugar wasn’t just the same everywhere. I’d never heard of it having molasses in it—that’s interesting. Maybe i’ll try a bit of the ordinary (non molasses) version in my tea. Their website doesn’t really suggest what kind of brown sugar they’re getting at. I feel as though I always need “permission” to experiment though, as I’ve never actually used brown sugar for anything other than baking LOL.


The only reason I know is from cooking shows on YouTube. :) What I see as turbinado here is what’s called brown sugar in other places. It’s a free flowing crystal, that’s brown instead of white. Food names are so weird.

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818 tasting notes

Mmm, so silky today. Gotta love those almond milk and brown sugar additions! I even got my mom hooked!

So far the weekend is looking pretty nice. Saw the new Dracula last night and we’re planning to get sushi in SF tonight, where they serve a whole big pot o’ genmaicha! We might even upgrade our phones today! Yay!

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1186 tasting notes

Ugh..I got a crazy migraine today..was not fun, pretty sure it was weather related, finally had a Tylenol after having some matcha for caffeine and it is mostly gone. Anyways, I am having this tea because I find that I feel better when I have at least one cup of tea with milk in it a day, whether it’s due to the calcium or something, it seems to help anxiety, head hurting, etc haha. So tonight, this has milk and brown sugar in it. And it is good, as always. Hoping my headache doesn’t come back anytime soon..although it seems like it probably will, right before bed. Ugh, gotta love weather changes! See previous notes on this tea :)

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
Josie Jade

I had a terrible headache yesterday and I think it was weather related also. Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow! :)


Mine definitely was! It was sunny and really nice out, then some crazy clouds rolled in and it got super windy..the pressure was also dropping immensely :( I’m hoping it stabilizes tomorrow, even if it isn’t sunny! Hope your headache does not return!


Good you know to have caffeine for migraine. I like puerh for migraines too because it doesn’t upset the stomach (I get nausea migraines). Try it sometime.


Ah yes I should have had that today! My stomach was a bit upset from it, that probably would have helped, i’ll keep it in mind for the next one (usually get one during every major weather change or if a storm comes)

Lariel of Lórien

I didn’t know it was good for headaches.


I had a neurologist who had the same kind of migraines as mine tell me about the importance of caffeine to help ward off migraines and the importance of doing things that make you happy every day.

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1184 tasting notes

Time for my weekend tea treat!

I made this one the stove today, not sure if I did it right because this is the first time I tried it, but it turned out really good. Milk, water, tea, and a teaspoon of brown sugar in the pan, simmering for 10minutes.

I put a dollop of light cool-whip on it as well. A real treat, and it was delicious!!!! This is such a comforting tea! Such a good mood now! Have a WONDERFUL Sunday everyone!


The way you describe it does make it sound delicious still have a lot of that one i will give it another chance since it does smell so good i just want to love it

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1220 tasting notes

I’ve been wanting to try this, and CupofTree had it in the fall collection and hadn’t tried it yet. We just had it as a regular cup of tea instead of making it with milk. It needed a little sugar to bring everything out, even the spices.

It’s definitely not chai-like at all, it’s more like drinking a pumpkin spice or pumpkin pie tea, because the only spices are the ones you typically put in a pumpkin pie. And that’s fine by me because I’m picky about chai, so this one is excellent.

The pumpkin flavor is nice too. I have a bit to try their pumpkin chai recipe so I’ll do that when I get home and then decide if this is something I want to have regularly. It’s definitely something I like better than the Sweet Harvest Pumpkin because that was just too sweet.


I’m gonna have to milk this one too lol I didn’t even think to use milk oops


I love mixing this with Culinary Tea’s pumpkin cream. IT IS AWESOME!

Ruby Woo Scarlett

Sounds lush and very autumn-y.

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2201 tasting notes

One of the types of tea I’ve never gotten into is chai. I mean, I love chai when I get it at a restaurant, all milky and sugary, but I never make it myself. Partly because most of the time I make my tea at work, and I don’t keep milk or sugar there, and partly because I feel like it’s often best made on a stovetop. I always fear chai will be too strong and too spicy when made as I usually make tea.

This one got really great reviews, and when Sare offered to send me a sample of it in our recent swap I said ok. I do love love love pumpkin anything. Today I decided to make up a cup. I had to use a tea sack that I got in a Talbott Teas gift pack because my teapot is somewhere in storage still, and I decided to just try it straight first just to see how it held up without milk or sugar.

I also hadn’t sought this one out because in the past I’ve never been super impressed with DavidsTeas’ offerings. I mean, they’ve been pretty good but not spectacular, and nothing I would come back for. I have to say, this tea changes that. This tea is really delicious. It is primarily pumpkiny with a nice bit of pumpkin-pie spice type flavoring, but not too spicy like I might expect from a chai. For me, that’s just fine. I think possibly it could be steeped really strong and it might be more like a traditional chai (with pumpkin!). I also can’t really distinctly taste the black tea, but it isn’t bitter or anything so it’s not so bad. I can imagine this with a fantastic chocolatey black base, though, and it would be amazing. Still, I might have to go by DavidsTea next time I am in the city and pick up some more of this tea. Thanks fro recommending it, Sare!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

So glad you like it!! Im not big on Chia ether but this I fell in LOVE WITH and I do Steep mine for a very long time at work lol Never had chia with milk will need to try!


Would love to find out how the pumpkin version would turn out when making pralines, since the normal chai is already delicious when accompanied with milk or dark chocolate. Something to suggest to my confectioner friend, hmmm…

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160 tasting notes

My family is having a Thanksgiving lunch today! I am so excited!!!! Even though I am vegetarian, I still love everything about Thanksgiving! The smell of the food, the Christmas music, the company!! To start of my day with a smile, as soon as I was done running I made myself a delicious Pumpkin Chai Latte!!

The dry leaves with pumpkin sprinkles make me smile every time! The smell is very sweet and pumpkin bread like. It doesn’t quite reach my spice requirement, but that can be easily fixed with a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon!

I frothed up my milk and made my tea in my double walled Bodum cup. It smelled like joy! My Mom walked by and asked if I decided to bake pumpkin bread, this of course made me smile and I made her try my tea. She loved it! I get points for making my coffee loving Mom admit to really liking a tea!!

I can honestly say that last year I did not love this tea. I am not sure what changed… I still acknowledge that it must be a latte to be really tasty, but it is really tasty! Today, it was the perfect tea to start the day off with a smile! I think I will need another cup of this with Thanksgiving dessert!!! :)

Upping the rating a bit!


Enjoy your lunch :D


It was great! :)

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1792 tasting notes

Say, did anyone ever sing a song in elementary school that went something like:

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie
Tasty as can be
That down home country cookin’
That’s the kind for me

Whenever I drink this tea, I think of this song, only I sing it as, “Pumpkin chai, pumpkin chai, tasty as can be…”

This year’s rendition smells drool-worthy. Super duper spicy and creamy, surely this must be a winner this season.

But I don’t know, once I steep this up and add a touch of light cream, it tastes off. The base has a weird stale undertone, the cinnamon is the most powerful note in here, much like cinnamon candy hearts, and I don’t taste any caramel in this as I had been hoping.

I’m glad I only got 12g, which I split with my mom into two big mugs, so it’s already done. Cinnamon cardboard candy? That kind of sums it up.


Awe that’s unfortunate :( my bag was mostly caramel and spices this year! Maybe just different tastes :P or batches


Who knows! FWIW, my mom enjoyed it, so I just may be the freak haha. As for the batch, I picked mine up at Southgate.


Hmm mine was from there too, interesting! Probably just individual tastes then :) sorry it didn’t taste as good for you though!


oh southgate…


Has it always had caramel in it? I can’t even remember! Also, I didn’t sing that song growing up, but I love teas that remind us of songs we sang as kids!


Sil, when was the last time you were there? The mall has changed a lot over the last five years!

I don’t remember it having caramel before either, keychange. Glad I’m not the only one!

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