Sweet, candy like milk aroma, it tastes much like it smells, but with a surprisingly sturdy body and oolong base that reminds me of a stronger tieguanyin, but with some of the floral character of a high mountain oolong.

I I leafed this quite hard as I received a sample from a teafriend and was too lazy to measure it and so just dumped the whole bag in, probably about 6-8 grams. Was surprisingly solid even once the milk flavoring had faded, although the next day had a weird plastic taste to it that I assume was stale flavoring. Overall was quite pleasant though, looking forward to trying the others!

Flavors: Creamy, Floral, Fruity, Milk, Roasted

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Favorite Tea Type: Darker oolong and sheng puerh

Rating Scale:

90-100: Amazing. Will buy and keep on hand all the time if finances and circumstances allow.

80-89: Strong argument for keeping it around all the time, even more than the prospect of trying more new tea. It’s that good.

70-79: Pretty solid. Glad I tried it, several factors that were unique or that I highly enjoyed.

60-69: Nothing that stands out for the most part, but with a quality or two that speaks to me.

50-59: Fairly run of the mill, pleasant but not much more to be said.

40-49: Something here is off putting in an otherwise decent tea.

30-39: There are a few things wrong with this tea. I did not enjoy.

20-29: Disliked this, could maybe see something, some redeeming quality in it others might find worth drinking without spitting back out.

10-19: Begin to question whether any tea is actually, in fact, better than no tea.

0-9: This causes actual food poisoning.



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