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I love this tea. Love. Not even a strong word here. I’ve been slowly eating away at my stash for the past year, bidding my time, and it’ll finally be back in stores next week, so I’m indulging right now!

This is the tea that got me hooked to DavidsTea. A friend was obsessed with Pumpkin chaï late coffee, and found this tea at our then recently opened Davids. She stopped by work to have us snif the can in delight. The smell is heavenly, the taste is great with the actual pumpkin coming through the slightly sweet spices… The only down side I’ve found is that as it cools down, I found the taste changes drastically. But it’s meant to be drank hot, on a gloomy day like today that reminds me autumn is just around the corner and that I’ll need to dig out my thermos travel mug soon.

Daisy Chubb

I can’t wait to try this tea on Tuesday when it comes out again!
I’m reading people’s reviews like crazy to get pumped up haha!

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I love chocolate and black tea in the morning. I really do. Definitely an addict. And I loved this the first few times I had it. But somehow, I don’t love it anymore. I can’t taste the berry taste or the chocolate taste like I use to. I’m thinking it might taste better during winter time though.

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