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Where to begin? I had just gave into the naughty tea demons perched on my shoulder and purchased two of the 52 tea honeybush blends. It was daring, since I had yet to sample a honey bush tea, and red bush doesn’t get on with me for some reason.

Fast forward to the next week, the new teas hadn’t yet arrived & now there is a White Chocolate Grasshopper tea to be had. OMG!!! The tea demons were clamouring, the penny pinching angels were ’tsk’ing vigourously. How could I justify? How could I know? What do I do?

Well, guess what. I did it.
And when to came, it smelled of gentle spearmint bending on a white chocolate breeze. The tea (w/ milk) was amazing. Gentle, sweet. Minty. Chocolatey. Lovely. It lived up to the special magic that I feel with a cup of Tetley’s (the proper english tea) on a bad day…it was a ‘hug in a cup.’ But this wasn’t a bad day at all, this was cause for celebration. For this heralds the arrival of the “tea of happiness” :D

All is happy here in the world of tea. ….but I don’t even want to think what will happen when I run out. :O


I hate red bush. LOVE green bush though!

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It does what it says on the tin (and originally bought this in tins that are still hanging around the house)….its a minty punch to the face.

Very pleasant and strong. Its a robust tea that even stands up to double brewing with the same teabag. So if you are limited on tea space and fancy some mint, a little of this goes a long way.

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Uhm, what can you really say about the steadfast standard brew that greets you every morning before you don your armour for the battle that is the coming day.

The drink that we stop at the wee service station in the bitter cold because R. needs a ‘hug in a cup’.

That charming mug that lets you sit down, have a moment, a breath before regrouping.

I am from a land of sunshine and coffee. We worship at the altar of Starbucks and have more flavors of coffee in our grocery stores then Britians have even dreamt existed (and don’t get me started on the amazing creamer flavors — like we could replace all food and drink with creamers in their flavor).

Despite all that I moved abroad, met a Yorkshire man who taught me how to make a proper cup. I am a changed tea-fairy, and all but the coffee flavored candies have seen my back turned to them. I am sorry coffee, where you are a sweet bitchslap to the face every morning, tea is that ‘hug in a cup’ …and we all know which I’d choose. ;)

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drank Cherry Cola by 52teas
64 tasting notes

Ok, back on the honeybush horse.
I admit the way I cam about this one was pure and utter cheek. I was pining after I found the review of the Cherry Cola Back Tea. I mean, OMG really. Studies have already concluded that my intravascular fluid (previously referred to as blood) is composed of a special 50% tea/50% cherry coke combination. Its also be deteremined that maintaining this balance is crucial for continued life as I know it.

So, the NEED for this tea is obvious. I admit I failed to float the root beer experience, so I was a little bit scared. But here I am on holiday, kettle in one hand, tea-ball in the other. It is time.

OMGosh. How do you make tea smell so cherry, so coke-y and tingle my nose like it wants to bubble right there in the pack? Its magic, I tell you!!

But the magic didn’t end with the hot dash of water. Its hot cherry coke! (and maybe someone might have added milk like the ‘black and tan gelding’ fiend I am). Its like cherry melty float. heart

Magic. Love. Wow.
(tho I still wonder what the black tea would do for this ;)).

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CS, why do you tease?
Many moons ago, it was the ‘afterdinner teas’ that seduced me into the wide world of tea. They addicted me. Hook, line and sinker. But they I was an innocent American, arriving years after the big tea party of Boston, not knowing that the hot drink my soul yearned for was tea.

I loved this one, along with vanilla hazelnut (but of course chocolate raspberry was my love among them). But I moved off to university and these three were put in the endangered species list.

Then this past few years they were back. Teased and taunted and promised to never leave me again. So, I bought a bunch, rekindled my love and guess whats…..discontinued again. Really!?!?!?!

This one is very sweet (the way I like everything) and caramelly. Maybe not peanut brittle disolved into a cup, but on the toffee side I’d say its nearly so. Anyway, do say this is worth a go, and if you are picking up one for yourself….well grab one for me (you know I am good for it) ;)

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Someone said the smell-assault of this one made it like drinking potpouri.
That’s a bad thing?
I don’t really think it is. And I always know with CS teas, I can have this in my mega huge cup and not worry about a ‘failure to perform’ (yea, I am looking at you Stash Pumpkin Spice) or even better somedays (when the nurses don’t steal my cup as dead & dusted) when I can have 2 cups with the same bag.

In regards to this one, I admit its hardcore cinnamon stylin’ with an apple twist. Fab for a cold night, better with a fire in the fireplace. Think apple cider with a tea who isn’t afraid to let everyone know what you are having.


It can be for some people… for me it depends on the flavor. Cinnamon apple potpouri? Yum. Chocolate potpouri? Essential. Rose potpouri? No thank you.

.snowglobe angel.

Oh my, Chocolate potpouri? I think that would be one of those amazing things on the market that would get removed. Whoops, everyone’s kid ate the potpouri? LOL :)


Haha yes. But they have chocolate insense/candles so why not potpouri. I never ate that as a kid, but one year I did eat those Easter egg dying tablets cuz I thought they were candy. And (very recently actually) I popped a tic tac… but it was actually an asprin.

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I am not sure how I feel about this one quite yet.
But I realize that the tea-Gods have a challenge here since I am an American transplant who hunts out the rootbeer supply whenever I find myself in a new area. Its like looking for water in the sassparilla desert. I know, I have a problem.

In this infinite search, coupled with my tea-addiction, this was right up my alley. Tho I admit I am not quite sure how I feel about honeybush (if the word roobis is on it, it hates me). So far, honeybush has been ok with me and me with it.

But back to this tea. I didn’t take milk as an option, rather a requirement (surely you need creaminess for the float feel). And its creamy and yummy and delicious. I am so almost there yet can’t really get the rootbeer vibe. Rather I get the ‘black and tan gelding’ flavor (which according to the recipe book that came with the ‘Lets go to the Races’ someone got dad for xmas when I was 10 is a combo of coke + milk…that yes I do like and drink :P)

But let’s just pause it there. Its good. But I think I need another tasting. BBIAB

EDIT: Ok. About three cups of Rootbeer float cups later, and I have to admit its still a ‘fail’ for me on the taste of float-iness. Now don’t get me wrong, because its not a total fail. Like I mentioned before, as a hardcore milk/coke drinker, well this reminds me of a hot version of this. Its creamy, like a melted coke float. (which is what the cold combo reminds me of as well). There are moments where I ‘almost’ can smell a bit of sasparilla/rootbeer-esque-ness, but it doesn’t hold on second sniff and I have managed to tease it out on taste.

Still this tea is yum. I assure you its not bound for the top shelf of forgotten tea, but it means I still am on the ever continuing hunt for rootbeer happiness. :)

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Teatastic little me,
Lives by the sea
Cannot help but sip a cuppa or three.
Suppose its not so bad since at the end of the day
I’ll have a happy kidney.



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