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Well, it’s officially too late to drink an actual tea, so I spent some time leafing through my tisanes and decided to try another of the ones Jillian sent me. I wasn’t really in the mood for ginger, but the tasting notes for this all seem to agree that the ginger’s quite weak.

The bag looks… ehr. Weird. Bread-like pieces and leaf shreds, and it smells dusty but herbal. Brewed this in my little teapot, but decided to test out the beautiful handmade mug (and matching tiny dish which I now designate as my teabag/teaball holder) that I got from a nice lady vender from the setup on-campus today. She sold her own-made clayware (and some pieces from friends with permission) as well as her knitwear (and again, a few pieces made by friends with permission). When I walked over there, she was seated and knitting another scarf. All organic wools.

Brewed light. A pale gold colour. It looks like just plain water in my mug, because it’s such a deep maroon colour.

…Ehr… Smells… I think there’s some ginger in there. Smells hot and sour and musty to me, though. Like… one of those ‘wellness herbal potions’. I’m afraid. There’s smells I recognize, but I don’t know from what. Sour smells, though.

It… pretty much tastes like it smells. A bready mustyness, with slight ginger… And lemon. Lemon without the tart, actually, which I assume must be the lemongrass (I’ve never really tasted lemongrass by itself, so I don’t have the experience to pinpoint it exactly).

It’s not BAD, at least. It’s actually quite calming to sip. Although the taste and smell are pretty much identical, it’s better as a taste than as a smell. I don’t like the whiffs I get before I take a sip. I’m not getting the tart and pucker mentioned. It tastes like it’s ALMOST sour—or at least trying to BE sour—but doesn’t quite make it. Also, I taste the mint as an aftertaste. Well, really more of a coolness on my tongue. But I definitely BURPED mint there.

Otherwise, I don’t know. It’s not… bad, but in personal opinion, it’s not really for me. Hurray for my first experience with Might Leaf, though! I’ll finish this pot, but after that, it was only a single teabag, so it’s gone from my cupboard. I don’t think I’ll attempt a second steep. I’m not sure yet. Get back to me when I finish this one.

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Disclaimer: I work for Murchie’s Tea and Coffee as a taster and blender. I will avoid putting any ratings on teas from them from here on out.

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My notes are pretty disjointed because I’m absent-minded, and I also keep a teatra.de blog for reviewing and rambling about tea books/publications, and an instagram for photos. Expect nerding about tea production and history on both.

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