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drank Wild White Tea by Shang Tea
62 tasting notes

Simply put, this is the most delicious tea I have ever had. I’ll update later with a more detailed post

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drank Mambo by Adagio Teas
62 tasting notes

Received this in a tea swap from Tabby!

This is a nice black tea that has light smoky notes that hit the tip of your tongue, but a very smooth fruity finish that lingers on the palette until the next sip. Reading other reviews on adagio’s website I got the impression that this would be a very smoky tea, but the flavor is much more subdued and mild than, for example, a lapsang souchong or a rock oolong. I also wouldn’t necessarily call this a breakfast tea as many reviewers do, but rather perhaps a mid morning/early afternoon tea that gives a jolt of energy and flavor to help you get through the middle part of the day.

Overall, very tasty!

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Glad you liked it! :D


And I’m glad you liked the honeysuckle :)

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Wow, this oolong is delicious! The first few steepings deliver a rich buttery taste and aroma that, like cheesecake, almost becomes difficult to continue drinking. After the first three steepings it mellows out into a nice sweet, relaxing drink. While this comes from Taiwan, it reminds me of a high quality green tieguanyin.

I highly recommend this tea, but I also recommend not to expect this to be a daily tea, but rather a special treat.

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Sounds delicious. In my experience with the finest baozhong I get a strong cinnamon or brown sugar sweetness on the aroma of the wet leaf. Similar experience with this one?


Absolutely! The smell of the leaves and the taste is delicious and has a rich sweet taste

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This tastes like a very light rock oolong with some slight floral overtones. The body has a very nutty taste, but as others have noted, the aftertaste is sweet and not at all bitter.

After tasting all three, I think that I’d currently rank all three varieties:

1. Pure
2. Dark
3. Aromatic

But this is subject to change, because I plan to give more thought to these reviews the second time around.

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Very delicious, but it seems to be lacking something. When I try it again, I’ll give a more detailed review

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Sweet, buttery, slightly floral taste that is delicious!

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First of all, I’m really excited to be heading to Las Vegas this evening for the World Tea Expo! I’ll be volunteering and helping out with a few of the sessions while I am there, should be fun!

This is the second shincha that I purchased recently from Yuuki-Cha. For this one I used 4 grams of fresh leaf in my 4 oz Kyusu, and I brewed 5 steepings increasing the temperature from about 140 fahrenheit to around 190 by the 5th steeping and I tended to steep between 20-60 seconds.

The first thing that I noticed was how wonderful the fresh leaves smelled, just pure sweetness and grassy freshness. The first two steepings of this shincha were delicious. They were a little more vegetal than the tenryu shincha that I reviewed a couple days ago and just a tad bit stronger, but this shincha still didn’t have that grassy/sweet punch that I tend to find in the yuuki-cha green teas. After the first two steepings though this tea quickly lost flavor and turned very astringent and bitter. Perhaps next time I will keep the temperature down on the later steepings!

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Dragonwell is probably my favorite tea to drink, and this one from Red Blossom Tea is delicious. The dry leaves have a wonderful and fresh aroma that you would expect to find in a 2010 pick.

The first 3 steepings had a wonderful buttery/chestnutty taste that was very rich, yet also very mild and delicate at the same time.

3 steepings however was about all that this tea could handle and the 4th and 5th steepings that are made tasted like lightly flavored water.

I enjoyed this tea and can’t wait to make it again!

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This is my very first experience with Shincha! I ordered two Shinchas from Yuuki-Cha, this one and also an Uji Gokujo Shincha (which I will be reviewing when I try it).

I brewed this Shincha in my 5 oz Kyusu following the instructions that I was given by Yuuki-Cha. They recommended 5 steepings, with increasing steep temperature and time.

The first steeping surprised me because it was very mild. There were some hints of umami and sweetness in the tea, but it wasn’t as strong as I thought it was going to be.

As I steeped this tea a few more times, I tasted a little more astringency, but it continued to be a mild tea with a kick of sweetness as it hit the tongue. Very good!

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I began my tea adventure when a counselor at Spanish camp introduced me to yerba mate. From there I soon started to embrace all different kinds of tea.

Currently my favorite tea is dragonwell, with silver needles being a close second. I really enjoy trying new teas and experimenting with different steep times and temperatures,


Kansas City, MO

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