Dulce & Banana

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  • “Another SIPDOWN! I love this tea and was upset when they discontinued it, but oh well, maybe one day it shall return! I have finally finished up the bit of it charchar gave me ages ago. A cozy and...” Read full tasting note
  • “Currently cursing my body because I have a long day upcoming and try as I might, I cannot fall asleep. Figures; I’ve been sleeping 12-hour nights for the past week. Hopefully those will tide me...” Read full tasting note
  • “Backlog from last night! Feel Good ‘Tea’! When I’m practicing good sleep hygiene this is the tisane I have before bed. I don’t know if it actually helps me fall asleep or if it is simply a...” Read full tasting note
  • “my own special version, which is where i take the chamomile stems and flowers out of the tea. cuz i don’t like chamomile very much and this improves the flavor greatly in my opinion. RIDICULOUS i...” Read full tasting note


Sip yourself happy
This dulce de leche inspired tisane is about as good as it gets. It’s delicate and restrained, but has enough body and sweetness to compete with dessert. That’s because this serene herbal mix of chamomile, lemongrass, lavender and rooibos is tricked out with a delicious hint of caramelized banana. What better way to keep you smiling all autumn long?

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

48 Tasting Notes

1186 tasting notes

Another SIPDOWN! I love this tea and was upset when they discontinued it, but oh well, maybe one day it shall return! I have finally finished up the bit of it charchar gave me ages ago. A cozy and comforting tea that I wish I had more of, but am very happy I at least got to try it! See previous notes :)

I also had another cup of ceylon star before this one, almost finished that bag now hehe

Oh and I’m so smart, I had soup for lunch, I have been waterlogged alllll day lol.


I hate being ‘waterlogged’. I say I have tea belly when I’m like that :)


Haha yeah it’s not the most pleasant feeling lol but at least I know I’m getting my daily water intake :)


“Waterlogged” and “tea belly” are perfect descriptions for it!

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5940 tasting notes

Currently cursing my body because I have a long day upcoming and try as I might, I cannot fall asleep. Figures; I’ve been sleeping 12-hour nights for the past week. Hopefully those will tide me through today and I can get a good rest tonight, because I’m running a 5K on Monday morning! Bah.

So anyways, it’s 6:26am, and I’m sipping a big hot cup of this one before trying one more time to even get an hour of rest. I’m heading to church with the boyfriend (eep) followed by meeting his extended family for Thanksgiving lunch/supper (double eep), so it really would have been nice to have slept prior instead of being anxious for the past, oh, six hours…

Boiling 8 min or more

Good luck with your race!




Thanks Ninavampi! Didn’t hit my goal time (no surprise, given that I’ve been sick and not training), but was a mere 28 seconds off my personal best, so I can’t really complain :D

Bonnie – carbs for the race? Or for sleeping? Either way, the tea did put me to sleep, so I got about a half hour of shuteye before the long but lovely day :)

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1231 tasting notes

Backlog from last night! Feel Good ‘Tea’!

When I’m practicing good sleep hygiene this is the tisane I have before bed. I don’t know if it actually helps me fall asleep or if it is simply a necessary part of some sleeping ritual. I should drink this more often, although the fact that this is only available online makes me reluctant to use it up.

I don’t know if this is extremely “banana-y”; Its more chamomile, lavender, and coconut to me. I can’t distinguish the rooibos or lemongrass too well. Depending on what gets into the bag strainer it tastes more like some of those ingredients than others. I try not to use metal strainers with chamomile as it can make quite the mess. When I do get banana notes it is a hot caramelized dry kind of sweetness. It’s not perfect but has a comforting quality and contains some of my favourite ingredients.

Last night this tasted strongly of coconut and chamomile and I fell asleep quickly after finishing my cup. Magic! I wish this touch of the flu could be as easily solved. I just want to curl up, read Storm of Swords, and never leave the house. I could sleep all day, but I should go to my Ethnography class and watch those old videos on the Sami people until 9 o’clock. I should!

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec
Autumn Hearth

Thanks for the add, I love crows! And Doctor Who and Firefly and Verdant and Butiki and procrastinating (okay so maybe I don’t love that last one, but I’m very guilty of it)

Lady 0f Spaydes

I was skimming through reveiws and saw the name of this tea wrong. I thought it said Dolce&Gabanna and I was like “O.O designer tea?! Whaaaaat?! 8D” but alas, no designer tea. I do now wonder what tea Georgio Armani or would drink…


@Autumn Hearth,so many wonderful things listed in such a small space (and yes, procrastination is the contentious object on that list)! I look forward to reading your notes. :)

@Lady Of Spaydes, this tea is far from stylish, unfortunately. Now I’m curious too and would like to see a “designer tea”. It would probably be expensive :/

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810 tasting notes

my own special version, which is where i take the chamomile stems and flowers out of the tea.
cuz i don’t like chamomile very much and this improves the flavor greatly in my opinion.
but i do like it this way. and it’s yellow warm and yummy nana flavor goes nicely with today’s overcast sky.


who cares about this tea. i don’t wanna talk about this tea.

what i wanna talk about is that i have a davids tea order coming soon and i can’t wait!!!
it includes Movie Night, Vata Ayurvedic, The Chocolate Collection*, The Winter Collection**, the 24 Days Of Tea*** box, AND a new forlife Asian Style Tea Cup!! this means i can have a super rad tea sampling party with my sister over thanksgiving! (and obviously any duplicate teas procured will be included in the guest’s party bag) OMG YAY!

‘* Chocolate Orange, Mint Chocolate Rooibos, Red Velvet Cake
’** Cookie Dough, Banana Dream Pie, Chocolate Chili Chai, Alpine Punch, Cocomint Cream
’*** Buttered rum, Chocolate Rocket, Coco Chai Rooibos, Salted Caramel, Cream of Earl Grey, Glitter and Gold, Crème Brûlée, David’s Organic Breakfast, Hot Lips, Detox, Kiwi’s Big Adventure, Forever Nuts, Green & Fruity, Goji Pop, Japanese Sencha, North African Mint, Checkmate, Toasted Walnut, Read My Lips, Santa’s Secret, Sleigh Ride, Sweet Dreams, The Skinny, Vanilla Oolong

Hiccup – Buke and Gase (as covered by Anna B Savage)

Daisy Chubb

I care! Only because I don’t have any! lol what an awesome order on the way, ahhh exciting!


haha! if i could give you my Dulce & Banana i totally would (but i have very little left). i have to confess, i picked the chamomile buds out of it too. …and i like it more now.

when my order of tea arrives i’m totally gonna lay all the packages out on my bed and roll around in them.




Roll around in them…:) I paw through my boxes and mutter happily to myself like Gollum.


this writeup was posted 4 months ago. i’m consolidating some reviews and deleting useless ones. but also sometimes i find a typo and just can’t help myself from correcting it! and it always moves the review to the top again.
SO my question to you guys is HOW ANNOYING is this to you? should i wait and update all my tea posts at 5am while i do this consolidation so less people have to see them all and i don’t clog up anyone’s dashboard too much?


@gmathis – ehehehe, I do the same thing. My teas. My pretties. Lol.

@Schmiracles – It’s annoying, but do what you want with your reviews (I do!). It’s an irritatingly-designed system that never used to behave that way, but it’s not the user’s fault at all. I edit my entries all the time, and if people don’t like it, I’ll suggest they use the ‘Explore’ feature instead of the dashboard. Posts don’t pop to the front there. Or unfollow me :P It doesn’t greatly bother me, because I “like” most reviews I read, and so I can see if I have already read it. If by chance I haven’t, then I don’t care if it’s old and I’m reading it four months later. I like old reviews all the time.


hey Kittenna, ikwym!!! i actually “like” almost every single post that comes through my dashboard. mostly cuz i just love the conversations!! steepster is so free from the usual angst or competitiveness of other social boards that i just wanna hear what everyone has to say all the time!
also sometimes i just see a typo i made that i just MUST CORRECT hah! i don’t mind other people’s old post popping to the top at all. in fact it would probably be wicked cute to see some of the comment conversations i had over 6 months ago.


sometimes i will open my tea drawer, and i think i am trying to pick a tea to have next, but really i’m just staring at them and touching their canisters lovingly.


Yeah, I know – I love reading everyone’s stories, and seeing them progress! And reading the comment convos is great too (liking, of course, also gets them all emailed to me, so I can keep up with things!)

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807 tasting notes

Thank you Krystaleyn for this sample! Well okay so you can’t really mess this up. I totally TOTALLY over steeped it. My mother came (without warning) and so I spaced this off. It steeped probably 15 minutes and was still good! I didn’t care for it too much before adding sugar and milk but I’m not a huge fan of chamomile. I don’t hate it – I just can live without it. The banana did wake up – fully – when the sugar and milk were added.
I doubt I would ever reorder this but again – its not MY cup of tea – but for what it is – it is a very good tea! David’s got this one right!

Boiling 8 min or more

I do find it’s better with a shorter infusion, although longer doesn’t ruin it. But yes, if you aren’t a big chamomile fan it’s not going to woo you too much, I don’t think!! :)


However it was quite pleasing for not liking chamomile too much so it was good :) For those who do like Chamomile I bet they would LOVE this one!

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761 tasting notes

Having this with honey today. Very stuffy and headache-y…figured the chamomile, lavender and rooibos might help some. I guess I just don’t really like honey in teas with exception to strawberry tea from Tetley (with milk). This is just meh. I really don’t get much banana at all in this. I guess today, that’s ok, since I am mainly drinking this for therapeutic reasons. Might have to have a cuppa Coffee Pu’erh later, after a nap, for a good kick in the pants.


Ginger pu’erh is my go to “sickie” tea… makes me feel SO much better :)
—Mind you I cannot stand the stuff when I’m well!!


I went for this one because all of the stuff I listed is supposed to be helpful for headaches, but yeah, when I’m sick sick, I reach for ginger. I’ll have to try the ginger pu’erh some time.

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516 tasting notes

I’m upping the rating because this tea is delicious.

Sweet and carmel-y (I’m a sucker for anything with dulce in the name), creamy and decedant. I can’t spell, but I want more. That’s all I know.

Edit: I should add again that I HATE bananas. But I love carmelized bananas, or flambe.
This does not taste like bananas, it tastes like carmelized bananas – as the name suggests. Anyways, YUM.


You seem to have the same feelings about this tea that I do! Glad to see, as nobody else seems to be getting flavours other than chamomile, which I find odd.

Daisy Chubb

I find that odd too! Maybe they got a bad batch :( I went into the store but they had sent the rest back. Sadness! Now I have to make an online order to a place with 2 DavidsTeas I guess haha. feels strange!


Yeah, I think I have two teas I need to re-order, Super Chocolate and this one. Hoping to get enough together for $50 first though!

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137 tasting notes

Thanks to tattoed_tea for sending me some of this!

I decided to try it iced first, and I think that was a good decision! The dry smell is lovely, I get a hint of chamomile, some rich, dark caramel notes, and a light fresh herbal scent that I’m guessing can be attributed to the lavender. Speaking of which, the lavender was an unexpected surprise! I love it in teas and it really adds something wonderful to this one.

I added just a dash of agave while steeping, and then put it into the fridge to chill. I really love the complex flavours going on in this! The rooibos/chamomile blend is lovely, and there is a sort of caramel sweetness to the blend, but not as strong as I would have liked. The lavender is so subtle and really just adds a little something extra and unexpected. So nice! I don’t really taste any banana though, which is a bit of a disappointment. This is still such a lovely herbal though, and I can’t wait to try it hot in the evening.

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618 tasting notes

I opened up the pouch of this tea and was really very surprised to see lots of tiny, whole chamomile flowers. I thought that they would be more broken up, but they’re small and absolutely adorable! The scent of the leaf is, of course, chamomile. Sipping, I can’t taste much of anything beyond the chamomile.. no banana or anything creamy. I suppose I was expecting more flavor. Maybe I might get more flavor if I dig around in the bag and search for other things besides chamomile flowers. Despite the one-note element of the tea, I do very much enjoy this cup. I’m looking forward to having more of this before bedtime! Thank you so much laney for letting me try this tea!

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230 tasting notes

Ummm, I don’t think this tea was the one I had the day I left with an iced banana tea… When I steeped this one at home today it was nothing but chamomile, which will be great on those days I can’t sleep… but not a tasty tea I will go for – Bleck!


If it was recently, you probably had iced Banana Daiquiri from the summer collection. Those are the only banana ones I’ve seen in the stores around here for a while, I think.


I love this tea! if it wasn’t for the darn strike I’d suggest a swap…


Indigobloom, if I can’t find someone to swap with soon I will pop the bag into a tin to keep the freshness intact, I doubt this strike will be long.


ahhh, good idea! I hope not… it makes work mighty complicated for me lol


I found a co-worker who snapped the package up like a kid despret for candy… “Oh God, Erin this smells like Banana Bread! how can you not… IS THAT LAVENDAR?!” yup I think she will be happy and a tea will not be wasted – thankfully… LOL

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