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Fruit Tea
Banana, Cinnamon, Coconut, Hibiscus, Mango, Natural Flavours, Papaya, Stevia Leaf
Berry, Fruity, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Pineapple, Soap, Sweet, Tart, Tropical, Berries, Grapes, Plums, Stewed Fruits
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Celebrate Haiti
We are so excited to be working with KANPE, an organization that seeks to put an end to the cycle of poverty by encouraging financial independence in Haiti. Our first step together is this tea, made with ingredients that celebrate Haiti’s rich culture and unique cuisine. It’s got hibiscus, a common Haitian folk remedy; mango, Haiti’s most popular fruit; plus other distinctly Haitian flavours, including cinnamon, banana, papaya, and coconut. It’s tart, sweet, and delicately spiced. All profits go straight to KANPE.

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105 Tasting Notes

514 tasting notes

Wow, I was really surprised by how much I LOVED this tea!! Loved it!
I remember trying Sleigh Ride from the Advent Calendar and despising it, but this one is amazing. Iced! I should say Iced!

I went into the Halifax Shopping Mall Davids to see if they were accept applications and to see what else I could apply for, since it’s a close enough bus ride and I wouldn’t mind a mall job for a little while. The desk job was not so good for my health. Anyways -

I went away with this tea to go, Iced! mmmm it was so freaking good. The tartness came only at the end of the sip, in a really delightful, sweet lemonade way. I did have agave, which helped with the sweetness, but all the fruits and cinnamon and mm! Yum!

I’m the master of comma abuse.

Anyways – yum!
Oh, and they’re not hiring but I’ll bring in a resume anyways, just in case!

Kay Kanada

Good luck!


Thank you! :)


Would be fun to know an insider!


There’s also a DT on Spring Garden downtown, but if you’re in the Bayers Lake area that would be a bit much. Good luck!


I’m with Bonnie! :D


That we are! Yeah, my boyfriend’s sister lives on Spring Garden road. It’s nice down there, pretty pricey, and would be a bus ride I would dread haha. I’ll probably stick to looking for jobs in the Bayers Lake/Halifax Shopping center area, unless I get this desk job with Staples which would make a little more money, but would be farther to travel. Might be worth it! In the meantime I’m trying to sell some art. Art for tea anyone? haha

Kay Kanada

What kind of art do you do?? (other than portraits) What mediums?


Honestly, anything and everything really! I enjoy sculpting, designing ceramics, painting, drawing, crafting – whatever keeps my interest for an amount of time, haha! The only thing I don’t really like is oil painting, mostly because it never dries x_x


I was surprised to love this one to! it has… hibiscus in it!! and I like it! odd.

Kay Kanada

Oooooh sculpting! That is something that I can NEVER get my head around. How the heck do people make something awesome and artsty out of a hunk of something, I’ll never understand! Good on you!

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357 tasting notes

I disliked this tea with my first sip. I liked the fruitiness, but combined with the cinnamon it didn’t initially sit well on my tongue. Additionally, the tartness of the hibiscus followed with an unusual sweetener taste (probably the stevia) almost made me give up on this pot of tea, and set it aside for my brother to finish off for me. I put it on the counter and it cooled to slightly over room temperature, so I decided to give it another try…Hmmm…Better. It’s starting to taste almost like a wine now; the cinnamon seems more complimentary now, and less in the forefront. I still don’t love this tea, but it’s slowly growing on me. By time my brother gets home there may not even be any left for him to try.

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283 tasting notes

Delicately spiced my arse. This tastes like apple cider to me, probably because of all the cinnamon. And wow, is it ever taaaart!!

I really really wanted to like this one. You feel guilty not liking it, what with all the propaganda about helping Haiti and stuff. Who would write bad reviews on this tea? So I won’t. I’ll just say that I can see the coconut but I can’t taste it. As for banana… Where??

Good thing I seem to be in minority.

Dexter3657 darling, you were right. You and I will make the best tea swapping partners, our tastes our almost polar opposites. Hahaha. It’s unbelievable.

Oh and a by the way, my partner seems to like this tea also so I really am the lone wo/man out!


Shrug, I don’t know what to say…… I LOVE it. There is no apples in it…. We can agree on tart, it’s very tart, but I like that. We will have to agree to disagree on this one – LOL and others. That’s what makes this so interesting, is how different everyone perceives the same tea.

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254 tasting notes

Sipdown! This stuff is so very, very sweet* and juicy that I don’t think I’ll be reordering it, but it was interesting to try!

Edit: *Nope, tart. My mind is useless today and I can’t type.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

I found it quite tart. Hmmm…


Dude, you’re right. It’s only sweet when I go insane with the sugar, like today. It was as close as I could get to chocolate (which is pretty far) but my students (after five and a half days off because of weather) were like crazy little Dementors today and my mind is pretty much jelly right now!


haha we have all had days like that

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1220 tasting notes

I went to Target in hopes of getting flip flops, but they only had those flimsy thin fabric bottom ones, and they wanted $15!! for a pair, pfffffft. Thankfully the trip was not a total bust because I found a pretty cool 34 oz carafe, and since at the time it was 64 degrees out, I decided to make iced tea in it.

I have been meaning to try this forever. I didn’t really realize it was so hibiscus based, but it was actually kind of hard to tell. I don’t know which of the other ingredients made it taste so much like cherry.

I can’t really make out any other fruits in there, it just has that fruitiness to it but it’s predominately cherry to me, with just the right hint of cinnamon.

And I am still saving the rest of the carafe to go with my eventual pizza in an hour or so to go along with hockey. And then because just the sound of the wind outside is making me feel cold inside, it’s back to hot tea!


I go to Old Navy for flip-flops: every color under the sun and $5. Can’t beat that!


I love the phrase “eventual pizza”.


I ended up going to Old Navy later, but I was taken in by the ones that are 2 for $10 because they had sparkly straps. Oops.

Eventual pizza should be in my microeconomics class since pizza is always a good in our little fake economy. eventual pizza – a pizza you will have, but do not have yet.


64 degrees sounds nice (It’s snowing right now here)

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1680 tasting notes

This was tasty. I’m almost tempted to buy a tin. but not quite enough. I have so many juice teas already… I do not need another. but the cinnamon. Oh how I love cinnamon!! when it’s in a dessert. Not so much as a spicy candy. bleh.
It’s very rich, this one. And like I said, the cinnamon… mmmm. it just adds something special here. and maybe the banana as well. I like banana in my teas, apparently. Though I’ve never considered that option til today. It seems I like it enough to forgive the evil doings of hibby! ha!
You know what… maybe I’ll add a dash of cinnamon to some of my other fruity teas. Maybe then I won’t have to add yet another tea to my cupboard!! Not sure what to do about adding banana. Plantain chips probably would not do the trick!


heeey good idea! a dash of cinnamon.. mm! Let us know how it turns out – I would try it but… this is pretty much my only juice tea right now, which is probably why I’m so obsessed with it at the moment haha!


Oh I plan on trying it out soon! I can’t wait. It’d be amazing if it worked to hide the hibby! eeeeevil sour hibby

Daniel Scott

How big are the banana pieces? Is it possible to pick them out?


Hmm, they aren’t that big. I’m sure I could pick them out, but being so small it’s hard to differentiate what’s what. Dried banana is pretty dense so I could go by that


Daniel Scott – if you’re allergic, I probably wouldn’t go with this tea. The banana chunks aren’t like in Banana Oolong (i.e., blatantly obvious), if I recall correctly.

Daniel Scott

Okay, thanks Krystaleyn!

Really, it’s a shame; it’s a good cause. But I’ve gotten some people into tea-drinking recently, so perhaps it could be a gift for someone at some point.


yeah I think it’d make a great gift, esp if they aren’t big on caffeine!

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3234 tasting notes

Another sample from Dexter3657; I am trying to work through as many as possible before my order arrives tomorrow. Also I am just so excited that I want to try them all tonight!!

Anyways, this is my second tart tea of the day and I actually was not anticipating the tartness so it took my by surprise. Upon the first sip I find this similar to Queen of Tarts by DAVIDs as the hibiscus really shines through but what is interesting about this tea is how once you get past the tart hibiscus there is a complex flavor that is both spiced and sweet. I am definitely getting the cinnamon as well as the fruits (which I at first thought I was tasting apple but now realize it is a more complex flavor profile than that).

Ultimately, I am really enjoying this cup that has something for everyone – tart, spice, and sweet all blend together quite well. Thank you Dexter3657!

ETA: Unfortunately in my freezing apartment if one does not drink the tea within 20 minutes of it being brewed the tea becomes ice cold. On the plus side, this has now taught me that I really enjoy Kanpe cold.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

LOL I guess I just like the tart. Sometimes I like this one with a little straight green tossed in…..


that could be nice. It is funny because I had Queen of Tarts this morning so it was a shocker to be having a tart tea in the evening too. It is very good though, once I realized it was tart I definitely enjoyed it a lot more. The first sip really took me by surprise though.

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615 tasting notes

Tea #43 from HHTTB2

Pft. Delicately spiced. Liars.

The hibiscus is strong in this tea, but surprisingly not offputting. It doesn’t have the mustiness and copperiness that sometimes comes with it. The tea is tart, but with fruity sweetness.

I like this a good deal more than I was expecting. Probably because it tastes like mulled wine.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

I like it iced!

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704 tasting notes

1.1 tbsp for 248 ml

Hibiscus is strong. There is a dry mouth-feel in the aftertaste from the tartness present. There is something in the smell of the brewed tisane that of this blend that is off-putting for me. I appreciate the cinnamon note.

Rating: 42

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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525 tasting notes

I like to keep a pot or pitcher of tea in the fridge in hot weather season. It hasn’t really bee all that hot, which means the iced teas aren’t as refreshing as intended but they are still tasty.

I’ve learned to make my peace with hibiscus. It just needs to be iced. This particular tea intrigued me because of the cinnamon. Another reviewer mentioned that it tasted like Christmas and I completely agree! There’s actually a popular German Christmas tea that tastes a lot like this. I can drink this straight once diluted, but husband preferred it full strength with a dollop of honey. I love that it tastes like fruit punch and cinnamon. Quite a good fruit tea.


Oh delish! Congrats on making your peace with hibiscus – iced really does make a difference doesn’t it! Definitely fruit punch & cinnamon! mmm


A good reminder for me to pull out all those fruit blends that make me pucker because of the h-word and chill them while the weather’s hot!

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