Yellow Dragon

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Herbal Oolong Blend
Lemongrass, Oolong Tea, Peppermint
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Enter the dragon

Oolong means “black dragon” in Chinese. There are many stories behind the name, but we like to believe it’s because steeped oolong tea unfurls just like little dragons in your cup. When you blend oolong with the bright, fresh flavours of lemon and mint, it’s a different creature altogether. Yellow dragons symbolize nobility and generosity of spirit – it’s no wonder this delicious, uniquely refreshing tea makes us smile. (MK Kosher)

Ingredients: Oolong tea, lemongrass and peppermint.

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

32 Tasting Notes

658 tasting notes

I can’t think of much to say about this one. It’s pleasant, but I feel like it tastes like all of DT’s other mint teas and all their other lemony teas. Nothing remarkable, but it is clearing my head. The Oolong is small, tight balls of leaf and it seems to be about half-and-half ratio of tea to lemongrass/peppermint. It’s a good balance between green Oolong flavour and lemon with nice but not overpowering mintiness. Everything is boring me lately! What’s with that? None of the winter teas are really exciting me (though I still bought the whole collection) and I’m underwhelmed by most of the flavoured teas I’ve tried lately. I like this but I want to love something!


The winter collection looks kind of boring. I started thinking a few months ago that I had moved beyond DT in my tea loves and that seems to be true. : ( I hope you find something to love soon!


See, I think the Winter Collection looks intriguing! I can’t wait to try it.


Uniquity, I’ve felt the same while for a while too. I actually have no shortage of teas that I LOVE and have found several more recently, but the constant change at DT makes me feel like I must buy them all (and thus like I’m supposed to love them all), and I’m pretty sure that kind of hype is how they’ve become so successful. I think I was just feeling whiny! I was so enamoured with DT a year ago.

Heather, I ripped open all the pouches for a sniff and they smell more interesting than I thought they sounded. Didn’t mean to be a downer. :)


No worries! Do tell us what you think!


It’s like Pokemon – gotta catch em all! : )

Daisy Chubb

Oh my gad your comment made my day Uniquity. Thank you.


Haha! Extra-funny because it’s true.


I think it’s because DT is recycling some seasonal favourites. I just started drinking DT two months ago, so I am going through the excitement of trying out new teas. I do find that a lot of them are in my meh list. I have come across some treasures though.

Do you normally buy 50g? I usually buy 10g bags to take home to try for 1-3 cups before committing to a tea.


I always used to buy in 50 g or 100 g incremements because it never occured to me (nor was I told) that you could buy in different amounts. I do my DT shopping in store, but their price lists are for 50g or more so I thought it was a minimum. Accordingly, I still have some very boring tea on my shelves, but at least I’ve learned! : )


I am glad I found out early. I would be really broke if I bought in 50g!


Yeah, I rarely but 50g these days for something new. It depends, but on average I get 25g unless I am getting a lot of teas to try, in which case I will often get 10-15g…sometimes 20g if I’m not too broke. :P


Yeah, I find 20-25ish grams a pretty good starting point and not too big an investment. Though they often seem to mishear me. I intended to get 12ish grams of Oh Christmas Treat to try out today but he gave me 26. That should be okay as it smells quite good, and isn’t too much for me to use up especially as I tend to make flavoured teas by the pot and share with the boyfriend.


I’m starting to wonder if DT hasn’t picked up the Teavana technique – I’ve had a couple people give me double what I’ve asked for recently. They do offer to adjust it back to what I said, but I usually don’t bother. Maybe it’s intentional?


I’ve wondered that, too. Last night at least it seemed like he had actually misheard me, but then I’m pretty trusting! It’s definitely been on the rise lately.


It seems to be the new people at David’s that do that. I was there yesterday and the girl was really great about adjusting the amount in the bag or tin to what I asked for before I could even mention it. 2 weeks ago when I was there I had to ask her to do a smaller amount like I asked for. The girl yesterday has been there for awhile and the girl 2 weeks ago has only been around for a little while.


Yeah, I think newness does play a factor.

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1473 tasting notes

So before leaving for the border last night, I made a travel cup of this to help calm my nerves. I’d been curious about it and I hoped the new experience would distract me from my fears. (A quick rundown: On May 24th of 2011, I “landed” officially in Canada and became a permanent resident. Apparently on that date I needed to present the officer with a list of everything I had left to bring in with me. Because I was unaware of this, when I reached the border this morning with all of my things, they legally could have charged me taxes and duties on all of it. Spoiler: They didn’t.)

Anyway, the tastiness of this oolong did distract me into a conversation about it with the wife as we drove down towards New York, and I’m looking forward to trying this again with my new glass gaiwan. The lemon and mint worked well together, but didn’t overpower the delicious oolong…this is definitely one I’ll consider restocking.


I really enjoy this one. It is often the tea I turn to when the 2 year old is being a 2 year old. And that has happened so often I need to restock tomorrow.


I’ve been wary with this one because of the lemon – a lot of the time I find it really overpowering. Maybe I’ll give this one a try after all. :)


I find the flavours in this one totally overwhelm the Oolong-ness… a little more balanced and I’d love it though!


I’ve grown to really love this one. I would definitely give it a try, sarai!

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1759 tasting notes

INTENSE Is how I would describe this golden brew. and refreshing!! but certainly not oolongy. Not even on the third steep! At that point, I got bored of searching for the “tea” in my cup. Oh and when it cooled, the minty lemon somehow started tasting like ginger. Ick! which was worse since it was unexpected :/
I’m getting over that cold still, and despite that I still find this overpowering-again, on the third steep!
If this were billed as an herbal tea, I might go for it… but the darn stuff is caffeinated xSighsx
Maybe if they dial down the pep on this one, I could learn to love it…
Oh and besides all of that, they used a “green”-er oolong than I prefer, which is usually kinda meh in my books.

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652 tasting notes

Made for me at a DavidsTea location.

Reasonably well-balanced, but steep it too long (a very subjective measurement) and the mint will dominate. The ooloing undertones are lovely, but I’m not crazy about the lemongrass and mint together.

Rating: 70

Amanda Earl

hi Michelle!,
do you have a favourite mint tea? my husband loves mint tea; he enjoys this one quite a bit, but i think it could be mintier. i’m not a huge mint tea fan myself.

Michelle Butler Hallett

Hi, Amanda. I love a good straight peppermint or spearmint. I’m also a big fan of Stash’s Wintermint blend. I find I’ve got to be in the mood for mint — and when I am, it’s gotta be strong.

Amanda Earl

ah Stash. don’t see that much around here. i’ll keep it in mind though.

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94 tasting notes

I have had a great tea day. The 2 teas I have tried of the ones I bought today are really great.

I also bought a steeper today so it was exciting to watch the little balls of tea unfurl in it. The taste is great with a nice lemon undertone. I think this will be great in the winter when I am feeling under the weather. Can’t wait to tomorrow morning when I can try resteeping the leaves.

This is another keeper.

Daisy Chubb

Oh yay for the Steeper!!!
Mine is in constant use. But some people say you can take it apart to clean it… if you ever figure out how the heck to do that will you let me know? haha


My cousin has had one for a few months and I think she figured it out. If she shows me I will take step by step pictures and figure out a way to post them here for you. LOL. So glad I broke down and bought it.

Daisy Chubb

Thanks! Yeah, totally worth it :)

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46 tasting notes

A great tea for when you’re feeling a little bit down or sick. Peppermint helps with sinuses and chest, lemon oil and caffeine help to refresh.


aha so I AM following you! :)


your right it does make you feel better. that’s one of the things i love about it.

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72 tasting notes

New rule: I will stop tasting teas that are not permanent, as it only leads to heartache in the end.

First impressions – I would have never bought this tea if it were not for the wonderful Anastasia at my local DT. I don’t like mint (except recently in Santa’s Secret). I don’t like lemon. This tea was not even on my radar, and she convinced me to try it before it was too late (never again!). It leaf smell is pretty nasty to me (but only because I dislike mint). The liquor smells like a concentrated version of the leaf, so still not a fan, however it is a beautiful pale yellow.

Flavour – Surprising! VERY mild. Oolong with a supporting role of something and a dash of lemon. I hardly taste the mint, yet the tea is so much more than oolong. Wonderful balance, and smooth flavour.

Loveability- It has this wonderful effect of making me feel cleansed and energized and healthy. It’s a great study companion. It helped settle my stomach. AND it didn’t get disgusting as I let it steep in my teapot for a half hour. Plus, (I’m probably speaking as a mint/lemon novice here) it is unlike any of my other teas, filling a gap I didn’t even know I had.

Damn you, DT, and your horrible habit of making teas appear only to disappear!


Hi Kay Kanada! I also enjoyed the yellow dragon oolong tea. I just checked on the DavidsTea website and they still have it for sale. Maybe they have decided to make it permanent?

Kay Kanada

Oooh that would be nice!!

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513 tasting notes

This is a neat tea. Really not the type that I usually go for, but neat nonetheless. I really get the oolong and the mint. The lemongrass sort of softens the taste of the oolong, but it is not hugely apparent on its own. This tea has a really sharp mint taste followed by a strong oolong base. I am not an oolong fan on a good day, but I actually like this tea. Also, I can appreciate that it is a solid blend. If you like mint and you like oolong (and you are not offended by a hint of lemongrass) it might be worth giving this tea a chance!

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440 tasting notes

{backlogged review}

Another in store sample, and one that I think I’m going to have to give another shot based on the reviews here I just read. It tasted like lukewarm slightly lemongrassed water to me, which is so very not delicious. I was surprised when I heard it had been added to the permanent collection because it really was so . . . lacking.

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170 tasting notes

So, another lemongrass-mint tea… I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen too many teas featuring that combination to count. I wasn’t really excited when I read about it, but I decided to give it a go, just to see (read: because I’m obsessed with trying every single DT), and bought a small 25g. I’m pleasantly surprised! It’s not super special, but it’s probably one of the best lemongrass-mint teas I’ve had. The oolong taste is there, though I’d like more of it, and I’m guessing the lemon oil is what makes the whole flavour profile stand out more than usual. So in the end, for giving me more than I expected of it, it’s definitely a winner. But I highly doubt I’ll restock.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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