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Herbal Tea
Floral, Spices, Sweet, Apple, Flowers, Grass, Straw, Creamy, Green Apple, Lemon, Pleasantly Sour, Dust, Honey, Mint, Perfume
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205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 15 sec 8 g 18 oz / 540 ml

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  • “I can’t believe this wasn’t in my cupboard. I bought a one pound bag because it did wonders for my dog’s feet. (Because it is so light, the one pound bag looks HUGE.) He has grass pollen allergies...” Read full tasting note
  • “Another free sample from Harney, in sachet form. It’s not bad, but nothing like the vibrant fresh apple-y wonderful loose chamomile I’ve purchased elsewhere. It tastes more like the meh chamomile I...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is so good! I noticed right away there is a strong, almost wild, smell of chamomile. It’s so much stronger than other chamomiles I’ve tried. I’m glad I got this as a sample in my order. It...” Read full tasting note
  • “The hunt for the perfect chamomile continues. These bags are from the stash my coworkers collected whilst we were at conference…the hotel rooms had tea as well as coffee, and they gathered me a...” Read full tasting note

From Harney & Sons

Calm the mind and body with Chamomile Herbal. The tea’s unique strong scent reminiscent of fresh green apples comes from the finest handpicked Egyptian Chamomile flower heads. The pale yellow chamomile brew is a delicious tea with a definite body and honey-sweet infusion. Served for centuries as a calmative, Chamomile is also the perfect nighttime tisane, quieting and calming.

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Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

46 Tasting Notes

2435 tasting notes

I can’t believe this wasn’t in my cupboard. I bought a one pound bag because it did wonders for my dog’s feet. (Because it is so light, the one pound bag looks HUGE.) He has grass pollen allergies and had licked his feet raw last year. I read that chamomile could soothe it and bought the giant bag. I made the tea, let it cool, and soaked each doggie foot in a tall glass for about 30-60 seconds before bedtime one night. By the next morning, all the redness and weeping was gone. I pour it over him after his bath just for skin health and itching, too.

Well, now I need to drink it, and I am enjoying it immensely. I am making it, resteeping, and pouring it into swing top bottles that I refrigerate. It is so good and so cold when stored in glass, quite refreshing. I don’t get apple like lots of people do, but rather hay and minty light citrus.

But I am drinking it for a special reason. I have been on proton pump inhibitors for sixteen years. Yes, the drug that is supposed to be used for two weeks maximum. I had tried and couldn’t get off of it, although I got myself down to 20mg a day which is half of what they started me on.

Lest anyone think I was being a wimp, I can tell you that even with Prilosec I had heartburn and chest pain from esophagus spasms, nighttime reflux, bending over reflux, and would lose my voice from the acid washing up. And this all started back when I was really skinny, not due to being overweight.

I read a study recently that suggested that since acid is natural and needful, perhaps there is often a different problem. The most common is thought to be possibly an inflamed esophagus which can be due to allergy instead of acid. I decided to try again and this time, treat my esophagus with lots of natural anti-inflammatories. Thus the chamomile tea! And I am pleased to say that while I have had some rebound reflux, I can live with it and it isn’t constant. Also, Pepcid Complete knocks it out, and in five days I have only had two of those.

I am also drinking lemongrass tea made from the lemongrass I grow, and I drink it cold, too. I am replenishing my good bacteria with homemade yogurt and homemade water kefir.

The great thing is that I really love the cold chamomile tea and I love that it is making me healthier and helping me to get off of a drug that can be very bad for you in the long run.


I must show this to the wife. Our dog has an allergy to chicken (just try finding dog food made without some form of chicken). We have found one dog food brand (Blue Buffalo) that makes a couple varieties he can eat. Occasionally he gets into something he shouldn’t and his little feet to red from licking the itch. So you may have helped Spike.

My wife suffers similarly with her reflux. She has been on those pills for a few years with only limited relief. I’ll never convince her to try yogurt in any form (I love it) but she does like chamomile.

Thanks for the heads up!

Evol Ving Ness

Turmeric (and curcumin capsules) is a natural anti-inflammatory that might work in your toolkit. Good luck with this. Medications can be harsh with our gentle selves.


So true, Evol! I will add those. I am also eating GinGin candies and using Tummy Rub essential oil blend and they really do help. I am hoping that within a couple of weeks the rebound reflux will resolve!


I wish my boyfriend would take a lesson from you. He eats almost no veggies, despises tea (even herbal), drinks a litre of milk every day despite being allergic… and has really bad acid reflux and so consumes a whole lotta tums! I managed to convince him that yogurt(homemade with multiple strains) was necessary after he had mega antibiotics due to an ear infection, but otherwise he is a hopeless case when it comes to healthy gut and such (even claiming that studies show not eating vegetables is nearly harmless for the body if you have proteins! sighs)
Anyhow, I’m glad the chamomile is helping you!! :)


Oh and he isn’t overweight so I can’t use that excuse to make him eat better haha

Evol Ving Ness

Fermented food such as kimchi and sauerkraut is also excellent. Indigobloom, see if you can organize regular visits to Korean town for meals.


It started for me during pregnancy and came back when a friend end through a horrific divorce that affected a lot of our friends and loved ones. I weighed less than 100 pounds at the time. I have little doubt that stress had a lot to do with getting reflux, plus I was tested for h. Pylori and did have it. The treatment was terrible! They took my gall bladder. Still little relief. PPI meds were the only thing that helped. It took me two tries to cut my dose in half. The first time I tried I was in agony. So I feel like this is going pretty well even though I have to accommodate it all day long, watching portions, foods, eating ginger, drinking chamomile, but going as naturally as possible to get past the rebound phase.

I make dairy kefir and yogurt and we eat pretty well. My hubby doesn’t like beef so we eat mostly veggies and a little chicken. I do stress eat, however, and I ah e always carried stress in my tummy and neck and back.

I am refusing to even consider going back on the meds at this point I want to see this through! Rebound reflux is supposed to stop after about two weeks. I am hoping for less!

Evol Ving Ness

You might consider seeing a functional or integrated doctor if you need more help with this using natural approaches to fixing the problem, and whatever may have been created through the use of meds.

Cathy Baratheon

I have a similar condition. Thank you for sharing your experience, I will try some chamomile


Day 7 and it is going well. I drink water with organic vinegar, eat GinGin candies, eat small portions. Pepcid Complete rarely but it knocks out any building heartburn and it didn’t used to help.


@Evol possibly. He is allergic to shellfish and salmon skin so it’d have to be guaranteed safe. Not sure if they can do that in Chinatown. But I might try takeout and see how that goes!

Evol Ving Ness

There are several restaurants in Korean town here that do not have either shellfish or salmon on the menu, so one would assume that they’d be as safe as is possible.


@Evol hmm if there is no fish at all, I might be able to swing it! the smell turns him off, I’m guessing due to his allergy

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1112 tasting notes

Another free sample from Harney, in sachet form. It’s not bad, but nothing like the vibrant fresh apple-y wonderful loose chamomile I’ve purchased elsewhere. It tastes more like the meh chamomile I was used to before my revelatory super fresh chamomile experience…

5 min, 0 sec

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122 tasting notes

This is so good! I noticed right away there is a strong, almost wild, smell of chamomile. It’s so much stronger than other chamomiles I’ve tried. I’m glad I got this as a sample in my order. It tastes strong, but good! It is possible to oversteep it, though. This got a little bitter on me.

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902 tasting notes

The hunt for the perfect chamomile continues.

These bags are from the stash my coworkers collected whilst we were at conference…the hotel rooms had tea as well as coffee, and they gathered me a baggie full. So who knows how old they are, but I’m brewing them up anyway.

I must say, for being just straight, plain, no-frills chamomile, this isn’t too bad. I’m sure that fresher bags would make a difference, but this is very light and delicate and smooth. It’s definitely chamomile, but it’s not flowery. I could see this ending up as a regular part of my stash.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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12 tasting notes

Best chamomile I’ve had. It has a nice sweetness to it and is beautiful to look at.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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10 tasting notes

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345 tasting notes

Hmm… Got this as a sample when I ordered Paris and a stump teapot. I never had Chamomile tea before. I don’t know what a good or bad one tastes like… It’s not bad at all but it’s very odd. Kind of like a spicy flower while sipping, then a strange & curious aftertaste. Really strange. I am reluctant to rate it since I have literally zero experience but for the purposes of possibly needing something to help me sleep in the future… It’s known to help with sleeping and supposed to be super calming, I’m going to rate it “70” so I’ll know that it wasn’t disgusting and I could buy it lol.

In other news, Civilization 6 came out with an expansion so I’m spending some time playing it, and I’m still working on getting my cupboard down some without buying too many new teas, hehe. I should be getting my YS package soon (after a 2.5+ month wait, it finally made it to USA. I was unlucky this time around, usually never takes that long.) so I’m looking forward to that. I log my tea in the cupboard when I order it (vs when I receive it). I also put in all my tea-swaps in there. How do you all do it? :)

Flavors: Floral, Spices, Sweet

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more 20 OZ / 591 ML

I put mine in the first time I drink them usually, and I don’t add the small amounts like swaps and samples.


Thanks for your response, Ashmanra :)

Evol Ving Ness

I label the tea package with the date that I receive it. I don’t do this with swaps.


Thanks, Evol Ving Ness for your response :).


I add the tea to my wishlist and then add it to my cupboard when it arrives. I label all the cakes with what they are, when purchased/received and amount paid for each. Seeing the pricing raise over time is about like watching a bond mature.


Thanks for your response mrmopar :).

btw, I’d put it in the discussions but I keep timing out when I try to post there hehe. It’s nice to see how others log their tea.


mrmopar – lol @watching a bond mature.


Some of it rises better than gold. Buy early and plan….

Mastress Alita

I don’t use the Steepster cupboard for inventory at all. If I log a tea with a review, I add it to the Steepster cupboard; it has no reflection at all on what I currently own or don’t own. I do all that externally on a spreadsheet, since I can filter that spreadsheet by various variables (date, size, company, ingredients, flavor notes, etc.). I have that spreadsheet linked for public viewing at all times from my Steepster Profile.


Thanks for your response, Mastress Alita. :) I have a detailed file in Evernote but that’s about it (other than steepster cupboard.) I will look at your spreadsheet. That’s awesome.

Evol Ving Ness

How sweet of you to thank each of us individually! <3


hehe I really appreciate all of your input and comments! :D <3


I was adding teas to my cupboard as I drank them but it wasn’t working well. I’ve been trying to add teas as I receive them. I also have a spreadsheet on google docs that I update.


Thanks hawkband1 :) I really like the spreadsheet on google docs idea that both you and Mastress Alita brought up. I have a detailed inventory in Evernote but I think google docs would be a much better place to share… Etc. Thanks :D


I’ve got a e-mail draft that I keep updated with my teas, organized by type of tea and then by alphabetical (it’s mostly handy for keeping track of multiple packages of tea, like if I have a sample amount separate from another.)


Thanks, tea-sipper :) Oh wow, never ever thought of using the email draft for uses like that. Pretty neat and convenient too.

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14 tasting notes

Basic chamomile. I prefer some of the organic brands that are more floral.

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735 tasting notes

A free sample from my last Harney & Sons order.

I honestly haven’t had many pure chamomile teas. My past experience with chamomile has always been some dusty, faint flavor that was not interesting in the slightest. I should have known that there were varying degrees of quality, like any other tea.

Compared to what I’ve had, this tastes so fresh. I taste notes of apple and flowers. There’s also something that reminds me of clean dried grass or fresh hay. It leaves me wondering what I’ve been missing all the years I’ve skipped chamomile because I’d had bad ones…

It’s annoying that chamomile isn’t listed under Flavors when filling this out… there have been a couple teas where I’ve wanted to list it recently.

Flavors: Apple, Floral, Flowers, Grass, Straw

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Cameron B.

I suggest flavors all the time – I’m not sure they ever get added. :(


Chamomile and apple are perfect together. I absolutely loved Celestial Seasonings Sweet Apple Chamomile, but clearly I was in the minority. I believe it’s long gone.


@Cameron B – I don’t think they’ve updated the Flavors list in years…

Lexie Aleah

Stash has a cinnamon Apple chamomile though I’ve never tried it.


@Lexie Aleah Ooh, I wonder if they have that at my grocery store…

Mastress Alita

Stash’s Cinnamon Apple Chamomile is not a tea for hibi-haters, which I’ve found is pretty much 99% of all Steepster users. Since I’m in that rare 1% that likes it, I actually like that tea — in fact, it’s one of the few bagged grocery store teas I find I still enjoy. I sipped down what I had left it shortly after our fall weather hit. It’s a very “spiced cider” sort of tea. I don’t really like the taste of chamomile, but you don’t taste it at all in that particular tea.

Mastress Alita

Same about the flavor suggestions, Cameron… I just gave up adding suggestions when I realized that no one was ever adding them. The merge suggestions I posts have sat since July without being touched, too. The Steepster Gods just truly seem to not care about actually updating/doing much of anything…

So Keta

Where I live we have wild chamomile growing everywhere, there’s nothing comparable to a good cup tea from freshly dried chamomile. Usually we also add fresh lavender and wild flower honey, makes for a delicious blend!

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2797 tasting notes

This tea is a nice cup of chamomile. Not overwhelming, but perfectly nice! A nice sample to get.

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