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From Liber Teas

This chai tea is perfect to curl up to and get warm with on those cold winter-y afternoons! Just the right blend of spices and black tea, this chai tea is truly a Masterpiece!

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16 Tasting Notes

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I knew that I would be staying up this morning – although a nap would be nice – so I decided to start the day with a tea that would get me going. I usually like to make this one a latte – complete with steamed, frothed milk (yes Cofftea, I do have a frother, I just don’t like to get it out and use it all the time) – but milk just didn’t sound good to me this morning. So I drank it sans steamed milk, but with a nice dollop of honey!

Mmmm… I love how honey enhances the flavors of chai. It really gives a nice definition to the spices of chai. I know that sugar can do this to (and when I’ve run out of honey, I’ve used sugar) as can agave nectar, but, there is just something so perfect about honey and chai.

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

Haha! Mmm… chai… if you ever decide to open your business again you should make lots of killer chais, I’d be your friend for life:) I have a frother too, but I’ve never used it cuz I’m such an amazing klutz. I’m sure my chai mistos would be much better if I did though.


I don’t like honey, but I’ve always wanted to try ROT’s chai honey- have you tried that yet?


OoooooooO…100!? Excellent! I’m intrigued!


Cofftea: I haven’t tried the chai honey. When it comes to honey, it’s probably the ONE item in the entire supermarket that I wouldn’t go looking for something unusual. For me, I just look for raw honey, local if at all possible.

Chai is a great love of mine as well.


TeaEqualsBliss: Well, it is my own blend. LOL! So therefore I created it to my specifications. :) So, yeah, maybe I am a little biased. Now you know why the Guru won’t let me review my own teas on the tea review blog! haha!


I would review it!!! :P


Did I send you some of this when I sent you the Teapigs Licorice and Peppermint? I thought I did… if not, I certainly intended to.


Cofftea: I just visited the ROT website…and that chai honey does look yummy… I bet it’s absolutely awesome on toast. I think it might be a little overkill in chai, but, what a great breakfast – toast with chai honey! YUM!


I agree about the honey and chai! I never had it that way until Golden Moon recommended honey with their Kashmiri Chai, and now I’m HOOKED! Now I’m craving it for tonight :) :) :)


LiberTEAS, if you’re afraid of over kill the vanilla bean looks yummy too- both have actual tea in them. The blackberry sage jam looks yummy too!

JacquelineM, I don’t think I could put it in a chai that was green based… even in part like GM’s Kashmiri… but then again I don’t even really care for milk in my green chais. But you should totally give into that craving:)

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6770 tasting notes

Other Black Chais take notice!

This is the way you do it!
Everything has it’s place but no one is too pushy trying to get out in front for more attention! WOW! Very Nice!

I was reading LiberTeas “honey” option – eventho I don’t ever add anything to my teas – even chai – and I don’t think this Chai needs it – I might try it sometime just for fun with Agave Nectar…you know, expand my horizons…lol…

Regardless…this is a black chai I could drink again! Thanks LiberTEAs!!!

It was a good chai day – all ’round!


Oooh wow. If you loved this Chai plain, I bet I would love it in traditional stovetop form.


@ LENA – I never added anything to Black Tea growing up so I figured I would just stick with it as I experimented with other teas and really try and taste each blend/mix/pairing/variety as-is or NAKED…lol…people have called me weird for doing Chai’s naked but…oh well…lol…I don’t mind…


I’m like you on the naked part, except for chai. In a weak moment I tried it with milk/sweetener and have never been able to go back.


I always try every tea I come across “naked” at first. Then, if I think it will improve the taste, I’ll add sweetener or milk/soy. But I have to agree with Morgana – once I tried “traditional chai”, I could not go back to naked. LOL!


I’m what you’d call a diversified chai snob LOL I love chai both clean or w/ milk… but never sweetener… thie one sweetener I would like to try would be ROT’s chai honey.


I created this chai with simplicity in mind (big surprise, huh?) I absolutely despise traditional stovetop methods for steeping chai… I do not steep any chai in milk. About the closest I come is I will heat milk for a pirate’s chai (that is, matcha chai). I don’t like mess. I don’t like fuss. I want my tea brewing simple.

So, that is why I created this blend… and with that very thought in mind, that it would have to taste excellent when brewed in water, and would have to taste even better if you went latte with it (that is, brewed it in water, and then added warm milk to the brewed tea).

TeaEqualsBliss: I’m so happy you like this blend. :)


i refuse to try and like this blend (hides) i can’t bear to lose any more favorite teas and i know LiberTEAS your closing your one shop up


Haha good point AmazonV.


AmazonV, what if I just sent you a sample? Would you not try it?


i actually have one from you, when i bought the rose love chocolate tea, it’s glaring at me, i don’t want to love it!

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1015 tasting notes

I am finishing up my sample of this today and it is definitely going to be missed. I didn’t leave enough of my sample for a full pot today so I supplemented it with a small scoop of Emperor’s Red. Luckily the chai is still shining through and is really complementing the chocolaty, tanginess of Emperor’s Red.

Hmm…this combo is working so well I might just do an entire day of adding another pinch of different teas into my infuser….

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411 tasting notes


Made this up – stovetop method – for a frustrating Friday morning working at home. This made what could have been one of the more annoying days at work livable. And it was really truly yummy. Bumping my rating.

Boiling 8 min or more

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328 tasting notes

Thank you, thank you Liberteas for this generous sample! This is a near perfect chai, no one spice or flavor predominates, no fancy milk steeping/boiling required. Although flavorful, it is a perfect chai for any novices who may be hesitant to sample the exotic blend of spices. I have had this three times since the sample arrived two days ago!

For comparisons- this one blows Golden Moon’s Kashmiri Chai out of the water. Liberteas’ is similar to Golden Moon is that it is mild but Liberteas’ version has more well-rounded flavors typical of a chai. To compare w/Samovar’s chai, this one is not as strong but certainly not any less good. Especially for the summer, Samovar’s almost seems to “heavy” right now….


Thank you Lori, I am so pleased to read that you’ve enjoyed this tea. This one is one of which I am extremely proud, because I set out to do exactly what I wanted with it. I am glad to know you like it!

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902 tasting notes

I have chai-anxiety. I really do. And I shouldn’t, since so many of the chais I’ve tried lately have been good. So I’ve brewed up a mug of *LiberTEAS*’s chai that she sent me a sample of in a fantastic swap box…and I’m sitting here sniffing it, gathering the courage to sip. The scent is very good, definitely spicy.

sigh Taste is not as spicy as I feared from the scent. It’s smooth and calming. The flavors aren’t just blended together, it’s like they’re melded into one solid taste. Nothing is standing out and screaming “I’m here, taste me, taste me!!”, and nothing is really in the background whispering “I’m here, too, but I don’t want to play right now”.

LiberTEAS, you named this one right. I think I’m more in love with the Alberta Street Chai (it’s the Lapsang Souchong, I can’t help it), but I can see myself having an on-going fling with this chai. Yet another reason I’m sad that you’ve closed up shop.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I am glad that you like it. With my dislike for Lapsang Souchong, there is no way I’d ever put it in my chai tea, but I do have to admit that I do like the Alberta Street Chai.

I named this one “masterpiece” because, quite honestly, it took me over a year to come up with a recipe for it that pleased me. :) I’m glad you’re enjoying it too!


Wow, over a year to develop? That’s amazing to me. It was well-worth that year, to get this blend. It’s fantastic!

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65 tasting notes

NomNomNom this is Gooooood!

Everything I want from a Chai and more – I even accidentally over-steeped without it getting bitter or tanniny, and I’ve re-steeped it up to 3x, all leaving me with a seriously delicious cup of Spicy Chai ..

I’m so glad I was able to order this before Anne shut up shop, but now I have to make my tin last forever or find something else to compete *eek

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 15 sec

well, I do currently have more of this. :) It made my day to see that you liked it!

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18 tasting notes

Remarkable tea. Here is a great write-up from LiberTeas

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1887 tasting notes

I was reaching into my tea cupboard to get my usual morning tea when I accidentally knocked out a small sample packet. I was surprised to see that it was a chai blend from our very own LiberTeas. I honestly have no memory of getting this tea so it must have come my way as part of a swap or Traveling Teabox.

I’ve been looking for a good black tea chai but I can never seen to find one that’s just right. I know it’s largely a matter of personal tastes but I find that most chais have too much of one spice or flavouring and it ends up dominating the tea. This tea on the other hand is very well balanced with each of the various spices getting their say. It’s a surprisingly versatile tea – light enough to to be drunk plain but strong enough that it holds up well to the addition of some milk and honey.

This really is a masterpiece of a tea. I hope that Liberteas might consider remaking this tea or something like it in the near future – perhaps when she takes over 52Teas from Frank. I could see this being a winner.

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

NO WAY! I can’t believe you found some of this stashed away. It’s got to be ancient, I’m surprised and very happy to hear that it’s holding up!

I do plan on bringing back Masterpiece Chai in the fall as a tea of the week!




Awesome news!
(my tea cupboard is so big stuff will get lost in there for YEARS)


@Jillian – I know what that’s like – all too well! I’m now trying to get a handle on the teas that I have so that I can focus on 52Teas … it’s going to be challenging, to say the least!


i’m super excited for you to start blending liberTeas!

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