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  • “CHERRIES!!! yup, it smells just like them. Tart, fragrant cherries. I tried making the first bit with hot water and it was nice, but I don’t have a sifter so there were some clumps. sighs Yet...” Read full tasting note
  • “OOPS! I listed this under Cranberry! DUH! TGIF!!!! Azzrian Thanks!! Dry – this smells like the equivalent of CHERRY SMARTIES After adding the water it was a sweeter but less sugary type CHERRY...” Read full tasting note
  • “Cherry Matcha Get it here: A very good cherry matcha. Always the best in quality green tea powder base from Red Leaf Tea! Can’t go wrong with...” Read full tasting note
  • “Baaaahhh I’m so happy my computer is fixed :D So I felt like matcha was a good choice for this morning. And I was right :] The flavor is absolutely lovely. Sweet cherry and matcha. The flavor still...” Read full tasting note

From Matcha Outlet

Nutritional value at it’s best. Studies have found that a cherry-enriched diet lowers the total weight and body fat as well as inflammation and cholesterol which are all risk factors associated with heart disease.

There are many health benefits to cherries due to the fact that they contain Anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are used by the body to produce essential amino acids. As antioxidants, they protect the cells of the body from the damaging, aging and disease producing affects of oxygen, nitrogen and UV radiation. They are low in fat, calories, and hold a high water content.

Cherries also offer the following benefits to name a few :

Aid in the prevention of heart disease High levels of Potassium Help to fight cancer Vitamin A Vitamin C Relieve Pain of Arthritis, Gout and Headaches Provide a healthy and safe way to produce melatonin

Cherry Matcha Tea, using only the best 100% pure Matcha Tea. Our Cherry Matcha Tea flavors and health benefits are retained as our raw and organic fruits are freeze dried and ground into powder to offer the best quality.

Company formerly known as Red Leaf Tea.

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9 Tasting Notes

1759 tasting notes

CHERRIES!!! yup, it smells just like them. Tart, fragrant cherries.
I tried making the first bit with hot water and it was nice, but I don’t have a sifter so there were some clumps. sighs Yet another purchase I need to make!
The taste… well it’s a bit more medicinal than I had hoped, edging on that syrupy cough drop taste, but not too much so I don’t mind really. You need to whisk quite a bit, but I am getting used to the action now.
Sugar helps! I added only a touch, and it really made a difference. I felt that it brought out a tart side that was hiding before, and maybe even a little bitterness. Odd that sugar would bring that out.
Oh, and the warming sensation I felt was unexpected, but pleasant. Like brandy… not harsh. Soothing and lasting.
Then later on I took my packet down to the Second Cup on the main floor of our office building and had them make me up a Cherry Matcha Latte. It was nice, but something in there was burnt (and clumpy… not the matcha’s fault! the staff there aren’t familiar with it so I need to try this myself at home) Oh well, I still enjoyed my cuppa greatly.
Next time… I’m hoping it will work with Almond milk, because I would so love to have my matcha’s that way. Mmmmm. I don’t think I’ll try it again with all cow milk, it drowned out the matcha-ness a little too much for me. Perhaps with only a milk top-up it’d work better.
Overall, I don’t like this as much as I had hoped to, or as much as other people seem to like the Red Leaf teas. Bah, I just need to experiment! fun fun :)
Well… Happy Victoria Day everyone!! :D
(This is a backlog by the way, I added this on Friday but the system went buggy on me for a bit)
Edit: I love this one, and WILL rebuy after I’ve tried all the other flavours! ha.
You can find it here:
Going to buy caramel next. Can’t wait!


Cherry is such a difficult flavor to get right, I find it almost always tastes like cough syrup in tea.


I agree!! nonetheless I’ve been searching for one. I love cherries… everything cherry!


I’ve used almond milk in most of my matcha lattes and it’s wonderful :D


OooOoh? nice! thx, now I’m excited to try it out asap! :P


Any particular kind of almond milk: unsweet, sweet, vanilla, original?


TrueAlmond Original!


Sweet, thanks! ;)


IMO because it’s a bit sweet, it requires a fair bit less sweetener (unless you like crazy sweet drinks, which I sometimes do). I could actually probably drink it without sweetener with the TrueAlmond.

A tip though, when I make my matcha lattes, I dissolve/resuspend the matcha in hot regular milk first (I’m sure water would be fine too). I found that the almond milk was weird when heated. Then I just add a ton of cold almond milk to make my latte (and agave if it’s around, since sugar is annoying to dissolve).


Thanks for the tips! I’ve never made a matcha latte before. Do people often make matcha cold? I’ve actually only had matcha one time that I can remember, and it was in a Japanese tea ceremony. So, it was definitely hot then.


I tried this cold and hot… this one works better just below boiling.
I haven’t had time to try this one again, but I am so craving it! :P


I’m pretty sure most or all matcha is dissolved in hot water to begin with, and then you either add more hot water, or cold water (or milk), depending on your preference. I’m a big fan of cold, sweetened matcha lattes, so that’s what I do. I can’t say I’ve ever had it in hot, unaltered tea form.


yep yep, definitely something that needs experimenting! The sugar destroyer was great at 90 or so. I need this one again today!!

Daniel Scott

Verging on cough syrup, but not quite there? Sounds like it would work well blended with something to balance that note… Cheesecake? Amaretto? Coffee?


Exactly! I’m planning to mix it with cheesecake, should be amazing :D
I’d love to try amaretto to!!!


Bring this over to my place and we can add it to cheesecake haha

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6768 tasting notes

OOPS! I listed this under Cranberry! DUH! TGIF!!!!

Azzrian Thanks!!
Dry – this smells like the equivalent of CHERRY SMARTIES
After adding the water it was a sweeter but less sugary type CHERRY aroma – juicy and plump.

The taste of this is really wonderful! Out of this world! It exceeded my expectations! Delicious, juicy-sweet, but also smoother than I thought it would be and the flavoring is ‘just right’ – it’s not over done! Juicy! I keep coming back to this word but it’s true!

This is pretty awesome!

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807 tasting notes

Cherry Matcha

Get it here:

A very good cherry matcha. Always the best in quality green tea powder base from Red Leaf Tea! Can’t go wrong with any matcha from RLT.

As for the flavor I will say this is not my all time favorite flavor from RLT but with that said its darn good! I got this to mix with other flavors, specifically with brandy flavored matcha (review on that to come soon) so as a stand alone flavor its okay with me. You have to understand to me, cherry flavored things remind me so much of children’s Tylenol from my youth. Which by the way I don’t dislike, but the association is always there no matter how good a cherry flavor is. I do think I would do better with a black cherry and look forward to when that flavor comes out!

Now, with all THAT said, this cherry is darn good. It does still to me have that slight medicinal flavor.

Mixed with French Vanilla, or Chocolate Matcha OMGoodness!

Now if you are a true cherry lover, then you will absolutely dig this flavor! So don’t let my issues hold you back! You probably have your own issues so don’t go taking mine, I have worked a long time to develop my issues and I will keep them thank you! LOL

Okay seriously though, I enjoy trying all the flavors Red Leaf tea has to offer and I have yet to find one that I wish I had not ordered and I have ordered some of the more bizarre flavors in my opinion! If I ever come across one I would never order again I will let you know but so far with quite the arsenal of matcha in my stash I am so very pleased to be able to say RED LEAF TEAYOU ROCK!

Maybe one day, I will learn about proper traditional matcha, preparation, respect, protocol, and the history of the tea ceremony, etc. But until that time comes, I will remain blissful in my ignorance and enjoy flavored matcha every single day!

My Cherry Matcha was composed as such:

Size : Small, Matcha Quality: Starter (Basic Grade), Flavor: Robust, Storage : Add Small Metal Tin Container (Holds up to 45g), Accessories: None

As always in every review I mention Red Leaf’s containers for their matcha. I LOVE them! Screw top lids keep the tea safe and sound, and keep you (me) from making a mess trying to scoop out of a bag. Hard enough with leaf tea, even harder with powder. Be sure to grab one of these containers!

Also if you have not read one of my reviews on RLT before – they have the BEST customer service, the most interesting and rewarding FREE MATCHA program here:
and sales galore!

Try them you won’t be sorry!

Again here is where to get the Cherry flavored matcha:

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892 tasting notes

Baaaahhh I’m so happy my computer is fixed :D So I felt like matcha was a good choice for this morning. And I was right :] The flavor is absolutely lovely. Sweet cherry and matcha. The flavor still reminds me of a cherry tootsie pop. Absolutely delicious.

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1473 tasting notes

Now, full disclosure here: I’m not a cherry fan. I’m just not. Cherry is one of those throwaway flavors that they include in a pack of candy just to tease the kids who don’t get the good flavors like strawberry or grape. Now, bing cherries are delicious, but maraschino need to stay far, far away from me. But my wife loves them. Cherry anything, and she loves it. So this is a “tempt her to the dark side of matcha” purchase, as she doesn’t like matcha much. Today we’re trying all three I bought for her…and then feverishly cleaning the house while hopped up on matcha goodness. But I am interested in seeing if it tastes like a real cherry or a cherry flavoring. And if it’s a real cherry, which one? Bing? Black? Sour? Maraschino? The world may never know…because my cherry palate is about as refined as a brick. I should have bought the chocolate matcha and made her a cherry chocolate milkshake…she’d be sold in a minute! Maybe I’ll find some chocolate soy milk…yeah…

Regardless, I’m looking forward to trying this! A whole new world and all that. What’s life without a few new experiences? Holy cherry, batman! It is very, very cherry. I mixed a full scoop with 200 millilitres of chocolate soy milk for the wife, but had a sip or two of it straight before I mixed in the milk. Mmm. If I liked cherry, I would be all over this. The taste of the matcha isn’t lost at all, but cherry is definitely the frontrunner. It is a maraschino cherry flavor, but according to my wife, this is far from a bad thing. I can smell it from across the room and it smells amazing. Kind of like a cherry slushie without all of the horrible syrup and artificial flavoring. I think iced, this would be an incredibly refreshing treat…it makes me want to try making matcha popsicles. Maybe matcha fudgicles, or cherry chocolate pudding. Definitely going to experiment with this little beauty to make various different treats for that wife of mine. Maybe I’ll order the Cola matcha with the next round and mix it with that…mmm. Now that one I can get behind. Or cherry vanilla….yum. This matcha just inspires me to play around a bit and try new flavors. Maybe cherry is one that I’ll keep around, if only to experiment with (found here:


Yuck, maraschino cherry. I’ll be staying away from this one; glad I read your review! I adore real cherries, and sour cherries, but maraschino cherries make me gag.


Yeah, if you’re a cherry fan it’s great, my wife loved it, but for me it was just…well, too well done! XD. If you like cherry flavoring it’s good, but yeah, she said it’s definitely maraschino.

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639 tasting notes

This is a sample of the old formula cherry matcha from Indigobloom. Thanks!! The dry aroma is recognizably and undeniably cherry. This one froths up really nicely! Super frothy!! Seriously, it’s significantly frothier than any of the other matcha samples I’ve tried. Of course, I did use my milk frother for ease and speed, but still. It’s been at least 5 minutes and there’s still a substantial layer of froth sitting on top. Yum!

The taste is fantastic too! Just like the aroma, it tastes cleanly of matcha and cherries. Now this cherry taste is not like cherry cough syrup (thank goodness!). It’s kind of like cherry candies because it smells very sugary and sweet. Come to think of it, this is akin to cherry Skittles. But the matcha’s innate bitterness calms down the sugar so that this cup is neither sugary nor bitter. It’s a perfect mix of sweet and smooth and tasty!

I really like this one a lot! I’m surprised that they decided to re-make their cherry flavor. This formula seems fine to me! Better than fine really. It’s great! (Thus the overuse of exclamation points in this tasting note). ;) Oof, there was a big clump at the bottom. Dang. I’ll have to be more careful next time. I’m sure using a sifter would have prevented that.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the flavor. It’s not as overtly scrumptious as say the caramel matcha, but it’s still delicious nonetheless. I’d recommend this one to people who prefer savory over sugary. I’m definitely the latter. So while this was an excellent sample, I’m not sure if I’ll purchase it for myself. Thanks again to Indigobloom!!!

175 °F / 79 °C

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1 tasting notes

Yah…………….. Feeling Awesome after have a cup of tea.

Flavors: Cherry

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