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From SpecialTeas

The warm, toasty, cinnamon-almond flavor and aroma of our Almond Cookie will bring back memories of those windmill shaped cookies you used to find packed in your lunchbox! Sit back and let the comforting flavor of this amazing tea chase away the winter blues. Fast becoming a staff favorite!

Ingredients: Tea, almonds, cinnamon, flavouring, safflower blossoms.

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55 Tasting Notes

314 tasting notes

This is absolutely delicious !!!! It’s toasty, doughy, almond cookie deliciousness!!! I’m so happy this is in my life now. :P

No, seriously. I am. This is like almond croissants in a cup. Or almond biscotti. Or cinnamon toast with giant dollop of almond butter. All that delicious stuff is in my tea right now.

I can swear now—that any tea seller who sells anything remotely almond cookie-like is reselling this. I think this is the original. It’s sooo inexpensive—only $5.95 for 4 oz! This has to be the original!! And it’s so yummy, it can’t not be.

Almond-lovers, you must have SpecialTeas’ “Almond Cookie” in your tea repetoire. Your life is incomplete without it.

(wanders off in an almond cookie induced haze of happiness)

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

This is definitely one of my favorites from SpecialTeas as well. So good!


Adding to my shopping list now and with much anticipation. Enjoy your almond cookie hazy happiness!!!!!


This has been on my list for some time now. Once my paychecks start coming in, I’m getting it for sure!!


Yet another in my cabinet waiting for me to make space in my life to try it.

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6768 tasting notes

Backlogging from this morning! Special Thanks to Merceuryhime for this one, too, so excited to try it again! It was more pastry and almond maybe with a tad of crispiness to it…like golden brown cookie! Nice!


How many cups to you drink a day Bliss?


ScottTeaMan – I have a suspicion that her blood is 90% tea. I’m lucky to get three different teas in one day.
TeaEqualsBluss – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I found that the flavor is strong enough that you can blend it with an unflavored black if you want to stretch out this tea.


I used to ave 6-8 cups a day, but the last few yrs, I’ve cut back to 4 or 5.






We have a Special Teas here, but I don’t know if it is the same one this is from.


where? went OOB.


ScottTeaMan – my average is between 8 and 15 cups a day :)


wow!! :))

Plunkybug (no s, so I guess it is not the same…also heard it was now Teavana?)

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260 tasting notes

I got some mail today from Auggy and I did a dork-out dance by the mailbox. The first thing I did upon reaching my desk was find the almond cookie and get it started while I caught up on what I missed earlier today.

It’s raining again today, which has painted a gloomy background for the day’s activities. This is going to be a tea that begs me to be imbibed during any form of precipitation, because it is super comforting. But also, to be imbibed on most days.

I mean, let’s begin with the smell, shall we?


I think that pretty much sums it up, but in the interest of fairness to the tea, I’ll elaborate a bit more. It smells like almonds. And cookies. Almonds and cookies. Maybe even almond cookies? [I know, OF ALL THE COINCIDENCES!] But also, sometimes mint and chocolate. I’m not sure where I’m getting that from; maybe it’s the plastic bag. Or maybe it’s because I sat there smelling it for minutes while I waited for the water to heat and the tea to steep and for my internet to stop re-enacting Chariots of Fire’s slow motion sequence and function normally.

The tea. Again.


That’s like, three more noms.

The magic of this tea happens for me in the aftertaste. Letting it sit on the tongue brings out that dry spiciness that cinnamon gives you, and there’s not much else that I derive from it from the actual liquid taste itself. But after the first swallow, I was like, “Oooooh! There it is. COOKIES!”

The almond taste is there, and I get a little puff of the cinnamon. The base is reminiscent of a sugar cookie, but not quite as sweet. [Hah, clearly trying to avoid the now infamous “bake-y” here.] Sometimes I tasted almond croissant, too. All in all, there is no way that trying this isn’t going to result in an order.

Because, really, if a tea can trick me into thinking that I just ate a cookie, I’m all for it.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I love almond teas, but I’m kinda scared to try it because all I think when I see this tea is “soggy cookie”. I’m hoping I’ll get this as a gift or tea swap cuz I’m not brave enough to risk money on this one.


It sounds glorious! I’m all for teas that replace candy or cookies in my life.


I could see that if it tasted like cookie in the liquid itself, but because it’s in the aftertaste it didn’t really leave that kind of impression on me. Still, to each their own. Maybe it will find its way to you.


@Carolyn Seriously. We should coin the Tea Diet and write one of those self-help books.


@takgoti Titles

“Better Living Through Tea”
“Drink Yourself Silly (and Thin)”
“The Tea Wrecks Diet” (Hmmm. That title may need work)

Seriously, I think there is a diet predicated on replacing sweets with teas. Dr. Tea does it and he looks very cute in his little lab coat with embroidered name tag.


Haha, I’ve definitely skipped desert because my tea was enough to satisfy the urge. Too bad the holiday season is gonna ruin that, but oh well! The more cake and pies the better.


@Carolyn- I LOVE the Ultimate Tea Diet:)


@Carolyn Hee! “Tea Wrecks Your Diet”? That doesn’t work either…

@teafiend For serious. If I ever find a tea that can replace homemade apple pie and whipped cream, THAT will truly be a miracle tea.


Yay! Glad you liked! It’s seriously one of my favorites.
Now I’m in the mood for a dessert tea.


This post is hilarious. The Chariots of Fire reference was classic, takgoti! And the tea sounds delicious. Too bad I need to gain weight, or else this tea diet would be ridiculously awesome.

I raise you a NOM:


@teaplz: SO. CUTE. I might seriously be going into sugar shock from that.


@teaplz SQUEEEEeeeeEEEEEEE! That’s totally my new phone background. But still, I’m calling your bet.


@teaplz, I literally just squealed. Have you’ll seen the “nom song”?


AHHH! Cuteness overload! Ohemgee, guys. These are adorable. I have to throw down my all-time favorite, then:


@teafiend OH MY GOD.

@teaplz I’ve seen that on icanhascheezburger with the “I can has potayto chip?” caption! I LOVE THAT PICTURE.



That’s it. I’m done. This is getting ridiculous. And my head is already imploding.


I think this may be the first time I’ve seen a cuteness duel. How do we judge a winner? Is it the last one left standing before the diabetic coma induced by all that sweetness forces her to succumb?


The nom nom song pretty much put me on a sugar high.

And takgoti’s one-two punch has me dazed! So I’ll exit on a high!




My brain has been killed with cuteness. LOVE the little feet in teaplz’s ‘pew pew’ sound effect linky.


LOL takgoti I would be willing to send you a sample of the keemun mao fang treasure. Send me a PM. By the way it is amazing and I am crazing some right now!!!


LOL, this thread is epic!

(Plus I really NEED to buy some of that tea drools on Takgoti) XD


I bought this because your review made my mouth water, it’s supposed to arrive today and I can’t wait!!!!


Takogti really needs to make commission off of all the teas she makes us buy through her tasting notes. :)


what is a nom? and why is it being repeated so many times?


hongkongmilktea- it’s a word to simulate very happy chewing. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy is the same thing:)

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911 tasting notes

I so love this tea.
But now I am out of it.
I must order more.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Haha sounded like a sad haiku :(

Jane Quigley

I just reordered my favorite Almond Cookie, because of your post. Thank you!


Yay, I still have this!
But soon it will be finished.
Must make order soon!


@TeaCast – It was a sad haiku. I’m so talented! Okay, maybe not.

@Jane Quigley – Hah! Glad I could help!

@teaplz – I have so many places on my ‘next place to order from’ list. It is sad.


Auggy, I think my next three are going to be American Tea Room, Rishi, and The Simple Leaf. Samovar to follow after that. AHH




@teaplz – I can’t even guess where my next order will actually be from. I really need oolongs so some place that does them well.

@takgoti – Yay! Thank you! I wanted to include that but I was only 1 syllable off of a haiku before I thought to make it a haiku. So no room for the fridge. :(

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411 tasting notes

Did a work day out in the woodshed with my husband – where I’m getting over my power-tool phobia. I used a table saw, hand-held jigsaw and a evil little something else saw and didn’t a) freak out or b) hurt myself or others.

It’s a cold miserable day today, so I made us tea to help us through the work. A giant pot of this tea was PERFECT. Warm, sweet, and cookie-ish. Perfect.


Power tools are a joy to use as long as you show them respect – I’m proud that you’re making progress! :)


Very cool. I usually just provide my husband moral support.

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187 tasting notes

Okay, so can I say this was an absolutely DELICIOUS tea experience. Seriously. Auggy, you just brightened my day by twofold just by allowing me to taste the amazingness that is this cup of tea.

First off, the try tea is gorgeous. All sorts of browns and russets, mixed in with the eye-catching orange-red safflower blossoms. Nice slivers of almonds and a smell to die for. Seriously. I’ve actually been saving this tea since Auggy sent it to me, because I had a feeling that I would fall in love with it. And I’m one of those save-the-best-for-last kind of girls.

The leaves did a little dance (but not by much, really, since they’re kinda tiny), and I had a cup of absolutely amazing smelling tea in front of me. Seriously. This smells buttery and bake-y and almond-y and cookie-like. There’s the cinnamon mingling with a tea smell and the entire thing really does smell like an ALMOND COOKIE. Well, that would explain the name, then, right?

First sip gave me a little shiver of happiness. MMMMMM. You get the tang of the tea, followed by the sweetness of the cinnamon, which then mingles into the almonds. And somehow, on the swallow, this produces an amazing likeness to almond cookies. I don’t know if any of you shop at Italian bakeries, but if you do, try the pignoli nut cookies. They’re made with pine nuts (aka pignoli in Italian) and the cookie itself is made with almond paste. They’re soft and chewy and delicious. Sweeter than marzipan and sugary, with the absolutely amazing taste of pine nuts. I grew up eating them. They’re the epitome of an awesome almond cookie, and this tea really just brings all those feelings to the surface.

The flavor dynamics and balance here are absolute perfection. I really couldn’t ask for a better-tasting cup, especially after my very bizarre experience with lapsang souchong this morning. Yay for delicious dessert tea! And yay for Auggy and her wonderful samples!

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

Yay! I’m glad you liked this one!


i must try this!!! tis will be my first tea purchase after the holiday!


Argh, cinnamon would probably kill me, but it sounds so deliciousssss! I have an empty cup in front of me! Ahh, what tea should I drink next! Decisions, decisions.


The cinnamon really doesn’t have a prominent flavor, Ricky! It all just blends together really nicely into one flavor. I mean, if you concentrate, you can pick out cinnamon notes, but I haven’t liked cinnamon in a lot of the other teas I’ve tried. This is subtle and cookie-like! :D


Yay Almond Cookie! Welcome to the club!

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2031 tasting notes

This is more like it. This is the kind of “food” tea I can get behind.

Having now tasted all the archaic SpecialTeas samples and having sipped down all but two, I can say this is my favorite of the group. It’s really the only one I could see myself missing when it’s gone, but fortunately I won’t have to because American Tea Room’s Brioche does an even better job with a similar flavor. And I have a whole packet of Teavana Almond Biscotti, which as I mentioned in my first note on this, I’m pretty sure is the same tea.

It’s no. 2’s birthday today. Yay for being 8! He wants to go to I Hop for breakfast (oh deary me). Ordinarily I would tell them to make it a boys only excursion given the destination, but for his birthday, I will go to I Hop.

I’m so glad I’ve had a lovely, sweet, almondy biscotti-like flavor in my mouth regardless of what else I might taste today.


I want to try both this one and the Brioche, thanks for reminding me!


Alas, this one is no longer available, but Brioche is (and it’s better, so no harm no foul).


Oh, right – you already said that in a tasting note, I think, that’s why I removed it from my wishlist the first time around. Ugh. Removing it again…

Terri HarpLady

Happy birthday to No. 2!!


Thank you! He is such a lucky boy. He got a new bike today. He will also be getting some Legos and getting to go play laser tag. (And this isn’t even the “official” birthday party.) But you’re only 8 once. ;-)

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4843 tasting notes

I finished off the last that I had of this treat in a teacup! I love this tea. It is especially good “Latte” – I warm the milk and then froth it foamy, and top it with a grind of fresh nutmeg. YUM!

The cinnamon is sweet (not a spicy cinnamon) and the almond has a beautiful nutty character. The black tea is bold enough to taste, but not so bold that it overwhelms the cup. A very pleasant way to start the afternoon!

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

I like the nutmeg idea!!!


This sounds like one I must try! I’m really having a “Year of the Almond”.


I’m looking forward to trying this. I have a number of teas in my pantry now with the moniker “cookie.” Some even have the exact same name. I think I have two or three orange cookies. Obviously, I have cookies on the brain…

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355 tasting notes

I’m totally shocked at how much flavor this tea has with just a 3 minute steep. Awesome. I agree with pretty much every other assessment here – this is delicious. Tastes like almonds and cinnamon and baked goods.


I love this one! I thank Auggy in my mind every single time I drink it for giving it to me, since it’s so delicious! How can it taste so much like an almond cookie? I have absolutely no idea.

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161 tasting notes

A big “thank you” goes to Auggy for including this one in our tea swap. :)

The smell is so warm and inviting and the taste is equally as good. Very almond-y with a little cinnamon thrown in. I was worried that the cinnamon would overpower the tea (like quite a few others tend to do) but this was not the case. A very tasty cup for a rainy, funky day.
I want to dip homemade sugar cookies into this tea!!! Mmmm…


Yay for tea swaps!



This site makes me hungry.


This is already on my shopping list, it sounds delicious.


It’s a cookie in a cup. So good! One of my must-haves.


How did you arrange your tea swap? Talking here on Steepster or somewhere else? We’re looking into some features for one of our next releases that would make these a lot easier, so any help/advice from those who do regular tea swaps would be much appreciated! If you up to it you can shoot me an email so we can discuss [email protected]


I’d like to second that. The opportunity to trade teas with some of you guys would be awesome!

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