Jin Ping Gong Fu - AKA: ZhengHe GongFu*

A Black Tea from


82 / 100

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Tea type
Black Tea
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Dark Bittersweet, Dark Chocolate, Malt, Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Barley, Chocolate
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Bulk, Loose Leaf
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Typical Preparation
Use 8 oz / 236 ml of water
Set water temperature to Boiling
Use 4 g of tea
Steep for 2 min, 45 sec
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10 Tasting Notes View all

“Damn. This is good tea. Oddly enough, this tastes almost exactly the same as Jiri Horse Balhyocha by teabento that I’ve been enamoured with recently. Same dark chocolate notes. The...” Read full tasting note
“GCTTB Confused as i was pretty sure i’ve had this before but cna’t seem to find my tea log. I pulled this one out because i wanted to see if it was as i remembered it since it’s been a super long...” Read full tasting note
“Well. I am am going to give this review thingy a try. Steepster hasn’t been working in such a long time. I can’t even remember the last time I reviewed a tea on here. Becuase I am part of...” Read full tasting note
“I’m not sure I possess the adjectival vocabulary needed to pinpoint the differences between Jin Ping Gong Fu and Tao’s Tan Yang Gong Fu black teas: both are wonderful, scribbles! There’s a few...” Read full tasting note


Per yyz:
- “I’m pretty sure the tea is this one. Jin Ping is the village it is grown in, and this is a tea they have carried for some time. I have a sample from Dexter and I got a whole bunch in the sale so I should be able to compare them. http://www.taotealeaf.com/zhenghe-gongfu-black-tea-jin-ping-village/”

- “The Zhenghe Gongfu comes labeled as Jin Ping so I think it is fair to assume they are the same tea. I just had my parcel hand delivered by the owner to my door.”

Per Martin of Montreal, Canada:
A World of Tea:
The Ottawa 2nd Annual Tea Festival
December 3, 2012

“Jin Ping Gong Fu (an incredible black tea I had the opportunity to taste)”

“Jin Ping Gong Fu, an incredibly rich and layered black tea”

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