Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong Tea

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Oolong Tea
Anise, Aniseed, Apple Pieces, Fennel, Grapefruit Slices, Hibiscus Flowers, Juniper, Licorice Root, Natural Flavours, Oolong Tea, Orange Pieces, Peach, Pineapple, Rose Buds, Rose Hips, Rose Petals, Strawberry, Tangerine, Vanilla Pieces
Honey, Rose, Sweet, Champagne, Strawberry, Tart, Berry, Black Currant, Burnt, Earth, Lychee, Raisins, Smoke, Hibiscus, Licorice, Rhubarb, Flowers
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  • “I purchased this tea a few weeks back when Teavana had their 25% off friends and family coupon. To begin, this tea tastes like a tisane. I can’t really make out ANY...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’ve been avoiding cleaning the house all day today and I just really need to get it done. So I’m having a cup of this tea in hopes that it will motivate me. I really have been...” Read full tasting note
  • “Wow. Sebastian got started chirping to a Lady Gaga song on the radio so loudly I could barely hear my kettle beeping right next to me! The first time I had this, I had it with sugar so I’m...” Read full tasting note
  • “okay, it’s not verdant or butiki, but this tea surprised me! first, i never would have guessed it was an oolong. very sweet all on it’s own so my standard bit of sugar tipped it rather...” Read full tasting note

From Teavana

Tres Bien! This French-inspired flavored oolong tea features luscious strawberries, pink rose buds, crisp rhubarb, white grapes, soft vanilla, and a hint of bubbly champagne. Deliciously romantic, it’s a sumptuous combination that sparkles on the palate, conjuring up dreamy days ambling along Epernay’s rolling vineyards and valleys.

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77 Tasting Notes

230 tasting notes

I purchased this tea a few weeks back when Teavana had their 25% off friends and family coupon.

To begin, this tea tastes like a tisane. I can’t really make out ANY oolong flavors in the blend. I thought this might be the case from looking at the dry leaf – it is clear that this is mostly fruit chunks / non-tea bits and very LITTLE dry tea leaf.

The odd thing about this tea is that I like the way it tastes alright – its not my favorite but it is enjoyable ONLY if it is in a travel tumbler and I cannot smell it. The tumbler turned into iced tea as I got distracted at work this morning so I opened the lid. When I could SMELL the aroma I really was not interested. The aroma is VERY STRONG FRUITY and artificial smelling.

WITh the lid closed on the tumbler this was a drinkable fruity beverage. I don’t MIND this tea, but it certainly is not my favorite.

Does anyone want to trade for this?


Did this one taste really floral to you too? I had it as a blend the other day and the rose was sooo powerful!


I found the rose taste was very strong too.


I am not sure if its rose – i smelled again and it is such a strong rose + strawberry + artificial. I WANT to like it but….I can’t!


Adding rock sugar helps a bit but it is still very artificial tasting.


Awww, and I was gonna go try this one sometime soon, ‘cause it sounded promising. Oh well. I’ll pick a different one.


Teataku: if you want to try this one I will send you some! PM me your addy.

Josie Jade

Glad I didn’t pick up any of this one!

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358 tasting notes

I’ve been avoiding cleaning the house all day today and I just really need to get it done. So I’m having a cup of this tea in hopes that it will motivate me. I really have been wanting to try this one since forever, and the two times I went to the closest Teavana store they were out of it. I even tried to order it online at one point, but it was sold out then too. I think it just sounds so delicious – strawberries, champagne and rose?! Fortunately, it’s pretty tasty too. It’s hard to see any of the oolong in the dry blend, because it’s mostly large pieces of dried fruit and pretty pink rosebuds. There’s really not any oolong flavor in the cup, either. It tastes more like a white grape juice with some rose thrown in. I like it though! I added some milk and sweetener, and the milk made it a little more smooth and added a nice touch of creaminess. I don’t know if I would ever purchase any more at the rather steep price, but I will certainly enjoy the rest of this sample. Thank you, Skysamurai!

-Dry blend has a mixture of medium clumps of green tea leaves with large pieces of dried fruits, pink rose buds and petals and fennel.
-Dry leaves smell fruity and sugary sweet. Tea liquor aroma is of grapes and fruit with a hint of rose.
-Tea liquor is a clear pale pinkish orange color.
-Light and tart grape flavor with a fruity strawberry finish. Lingering rose aftertaste.
-Best with sweetener. Milk optional.
-Very good tea. No oolong flavor noticeable. Reminiscent of white grape juice with a hint of floral rose.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Interesting! Next time I’m teavana,i might have to try this!

Josie Jade

It’s worth a try, Fuzzy_Peachkin! :)


It’s going to be discontinued. That’s why I got some even though it was kinda pricey.

Josie Jade

Oh, that’s sad! It figures, it’s one of the few Teavana teas that I actually liked!


Have you tried re-steeping it? There’s a hint of the oolong flavor for me if I do so.

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1220 tasting notes

Wow. Sebastian got started chirping to a Lady Gaga song on the radio so loudly I could barely hear my kettle beeping right next to me!

The first time I had this, I had it with sugar so I’m trying it without just to see if it really needs it. Not that I remember that first cup, it’s been like seven months.

I really love this tea. It’s a shame it’s hardly oolong but because of that oolong it’s overpriced. I’d love to find a dupe of it… even just a strawberry rose tea.

Anyway, in my mind this doesn’t make sense hot so I’m having it iced. I taste strawberry, rose, and champagne! But not oolong. Obviously. It has the color of rosé (oh my god have I mentioned there’s a chance of going to France in 2014 for the 24 Hours of Le Mans? I’ll pack like one outfit so the rest of my suitcase can be devoted to tea and rosé), but of course rose flavoring is not really why rosé wine is named as such. The rose kind of gets soapy though, I think sugar helps with that.

It almost does taste bubbly too, I can’t believe it. It’s actually probably one of the closest to champagne tasting champagne flavored teas I’ve had. I wish this was just a tisane.

eta: I have decided I am going to find a strawberry tisane I like, get rose petals or buds, and add it to DavidsTea bubbly. VOILA.

Marcel Duchamp

I like this one cold a lot more than warm too.


Love rosé. I’ll have to give this one a try.


That’d be so amazing to go to France! I’ve only had two rosé wines, but I enjoy them much more than any others I’ve experienced. I agree about the price on this. I really wanted to try it warm after my sample cup and I can’t justify it because it didn’t really wow me.

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390 tasting notes

okay, it’s not verdant or butiki, but this tea surprised me! first, i never would have guessed it was an oolong. very sweet all on it’s own so my standard bit of sugar tipped it rather over the edge, lol.

the champagne part comes from champagne grapes, the rose is just the right strength and the strawberry is very light but still noticeable! although i didn’t i’m sure it would be fine with cream. it’s almost juice-like. very perfumed, but with a taste backing it.

very western in its style, but that not a bad thing. there’s even a bit of bubble that comes with it…. not bad!

UPDATE: and apparently it’s a good thing i have my receipt… i always figured it was the bubbles that made me feel like i was part blowfish… apparently not! apparently it’s the grapes. glad i didn’t eat too much at dinner or i wouldn’t fit my trousers!

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 15 sec

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon.


seriously! me and my damned sensitivities!!!! well, at least i know the cause now. i knew auto immune bred allergies, but this is just dumb. (grrr)

Terri HarpLady

I hate when that happens :(


it’s getting to the point where it’s easier to list what i’m not allergic/sensitive to than what i am. however, at least it’s not a lethal allergy…. just an ’i’m not going out because i don’t fit my clothes sensitivity.


Aren’t grapes and raisins lumped in with almonds for containing salicylates? My godson is somewhat sensitive and is supposed to limit his exposure to all of those. Hope you feel better!

Terri HarpLady

Most often dried fruits are treated with sulfites to help maintain their color. They are also often dipped in sugar, or sometimes soaked in sugar water for awhile before dehydrating, to help maintain a certain density/juiciness. Also, alot of flavored teas are flavored artificially (& who knows what with). With all my issues with various foods & chemicals, that’s all the more reason that I prefer straight out full leaf teas, although I will give something a try once in awhile. I loved the name of this one, & it looked real pretty, but when I took a whiff of the aroma, it was, “No.” :)


i THOUGHT teavana had to list anything artificial AND that artificial was never chemical, but rather something not occurring in nature. i will have to research this. if what you have said is true then i will not shop there anymore because i felt rotten all night. LOL although i do like some of the girls there and am heading back with my defunct teas….. but as i have mentioned previously, i am a bad, bad man. i am sharing some of my samples from verdant LMAO. let’s teach them about real tea!

Terri HarpLady

Don’t quote me, because I don’t know for sure about Teavana. Most of their flavored teas just don’t appeal to me, although for awhile I really LOVED their Peach Tranquility. Last time I visited, they didn’t have any.


my wife loves that tea. i grabbed their peachberry sutra and it’s going back too…. i don’t taste any tea! if i wanted juice i would get some fresh squeezed orange juice.


According to someone who works there, the ones with natural flavours are: Wild orange Wulong and Wild orange blossom.

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97 tasting notes

This was vile on so, so many levels.

First of all, WHY SO MUCH TISANE. And not even tisane that looks pretty! It looked absolutely disgusting, but smelled nice. Kind of like strawberry perfume mixed with flowers.

The taste was like drinking water from a vase. Absolutely disgusting. Vile vile vile.

I’m disappointed, Teavana. Now I know why I was putting this one off. Somehow I knew this wouldn’t be good.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Best of luck on your next tea, you need a better cuppa after that :-)


Lol I sure do! Thank you :)


Yikes! We’re learning the hard way, aren’t we? Hopefully your next cup is tastier!


It was infinitely tastier than this one, haha! Thank you! :)

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880 tasting notes

I completely forgot I had this tea. I love, love, love the aroma of this blend. But sometimes I get sad because there isn’t as much oolong as there should be in this(surprise, surprise..) so I added some of the Six Summits oolong. The flavor is very soft. The strawberry is very natural tasting and the champagne flavors are very interesting but it works :]

Marcel Duchamp

That’s a good idea to add more Oolong because there isn’t enough in this tea. I do like the smell and taste of this one too.


Yeah, I don’t like how Teavana does this.

Marcel Duchamp

I’ve been blending English Breakfast tea to add more tea to some of their blends. It makes a big difference.

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464 tasting notes

Nice relaxing tea, great for sitting and taking a break. Has sort of artificial aroma but not so evident in the taste. Can’t really taste the oolong but that’s okay. I like it a lot which is lucky since I got a pound when it was 75% off.

1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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283 tasting notes

They should have just named this Rose Strawberry because visually, as well as the nose and palate are all screaming rose. In wines, legally they must list the grape varietal in a blend based on the leading percentages (I.e. if it’s 70% Cabernet and 30% merlot, they will call it a cab merlot, not the other way around). I wish this was the case with tea because I’d bet a paycheque that this tea is more rose than berry. And champagne?!? No. (Since champagne is actually a region, not a flavour). But I digress…

I’ve tried it both hot and cold, used different temperature water for the hot version, steeped for more, then for less, without a lot of variance in the end result. Tastes weak and much like rose water. Liquor has nice colour though.

This tea was a miss for me. Will not replace.


YAY! grats on your very first tasting note :)


They really do need “like” buttons on here if for no other reason than to acknowledge another’s post. And smile at it, in this case.


haha looking forward to reading about your tea journey :)


Welcome to Steepster!!

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151 tasting notes

this is a nice blend… I dont really get an oolong taste from it though… it kind of tastes like bubble gum.. but is quite good.


I have this one and have yet to try it…kinda scared to! Bubblegum? Eep! That could go either way.

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871 tasting notes

This is a loose leaf flavoured oolong blend.

Smell of dry tea: smells like champagne with strawberries. The strawberry scent is slightly artificial but not offputting.
Appearance of dry tea: mix of oolong leaves, dried fruit peices, flower petals, all varies sizes.
Appearance of liqour: golden pink, slightly brown colour. Medium density.
Taste of liqour: you can taste that is it supposed to be champagne with strawberries but the taste is not quite right. The strawberry taste is quite artificial. I believe the rose is supposed to give a champagne type flavour, but it is more rose and less champagne taste. I needed to add rock sugar for some sweetness and to make the tea more palatable. Very dry tasting without sweetener.
I am warming up to this tea just a little bit.
I will most likely not purchase again.

Marcel Duchamp

This tea has been growing on me but this is such an accurate description… I like it best iced with sugar.


I will have to try this one iced, just have had hot so far.

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