Silver Moonlight White Tea

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White Tea
White Tea
Hay, Malt, Melon, Smooth, Sweet, Cinnamon, Honey, Wheat, Peas, Cream, Guava, Honeydew, Honeysuckle, Peach
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185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 45 sec 3 g 32 oz / 942 ml

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  • “Renamed Moondance, but I’m pretty sure its the same tea. Another lovely offering from White Antlers. All the notes on here pretty much describe it and I agree with the tasting notes. It tastes like...” Read full tasting note
  • “So. I really never thought I’d be saying this to be honest. Well, at least not this soon in my tea journey. But…guess my journey is full of surprising discoveries! I really like this white tea. I...” Read full tasting note
  • “Oh, man, this stuff is amazing! If you’ve had the Organic Dian Hong from Dragon Tea House, this tastes exactly like that but… white. The same deep almost savory thick malty sweetness that just...” Read full tasting note
  • “A little malty, very strong hay, somewhat fruity. Interesting. I’m not wasting my time on a thorough note here because with my luck, it won’t even post anyway.” Read full tasting note

From Whispering Pines Tea Company

About the Tea
Silver Moonlight White tea is a very unique autumn-picked white tea. It is minimally processed to preserve the purity of the leaf as well as a beautiful taste and aroma. First, the large leaves generally used to make pu’er are carefully picked and allowed to become lightly oxidized under the moonlight. The following day, they are brought into a shaded area and warm air is blown over the delicate leaves to dry them. Silver Moonlight has delicious sweet fruity notes generally found in white tea but also malty notes generally found in black tea. Notes of honeydew melon and raw eucalyptus honey take the stage as a velvety sweetness coats your mouth, similar to the fuzz on a peach. Light cinnamon spice and malt play background notes and the aftertaste is that of honey wheat bread with melted cinnamon butter! With a medium body and a strong, lingering aftertaste, this makes a great afternoon tea as well as a tea to sip while on hikes. This tea will develop a much deeper body over time, eventually tasting just like a black tea! Silver Moonlight is great iced, too!

March 2013
This tea was dry-aged in Yunnan, China for one year

Honeydew Melon
Raw Eucalyptus Honey

How to brew the perfect cup:
Steep 1 tablespoon of leaves in 8 ounces of boiling water for 3 minutes.
2nd infusion: 5 minutes
3rd infusion: 8 minutes

About Whispering Pines Tea Company View company

Whispering Pines Tea Company is dedicated to bringing you the most original, pure, beautiful tea blends. We use only the highest quality ingredients available to create additive-free teas teas inspired by the pristine wilderness of Northern Michigan. Our main focus is on customer satisfaction and quality.

14 Tasting Notes

1478 tasting notes

Renamed Moondance, but I’m pretty sure its the same tea. Another lovely offering from White Antlers.

All the notes on here pretty much describe it and I agree with the tasting notes. It tastes like a fruitier moonlight tea with the added bonus of buttery later steeps. Cinnamon butter is a weird description, but it really does taste like you’re drinking a light glaze of it. I’m personally impressed with how the honeydew melon and peach note are stronger than the malt note.

I am very glad to have tried it, but I’m not sure if I would get a full ounce of it. If it were cheaper, I might make it into a seasonal staple.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Moondance is a significantly higher grade version than the Silver Moonlight :-)

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737 tasting notes

So. I really never thought I’d be saying this to be honest. Well, at least not this soon in my tea journey. But…guess my journey is full of surprising discoveries!
I really like this white tea. I totally would buy this white tea.
I really don’t get why some people love white teas. Like they aren’t amazing. To me, most of them taste like hay. It sure beats how most green teas taste like grass, but still, hay??? I never really got the appeal of hay flavored teas.
I was kinda just expecting this to taste like hay like the other white teas did.
While this one did have hay notes, there also was a lot of malt in it, which doesn’t seem like a white tea at all! It kinda felt like a black/white tea combo. And to make it even more weird, there were sweet melon notes in the background of every sip!
Seriously such a weird tea-I don’t even understand! XD
But it was good. I tried this yesterday and I’m STILL surprised by how much I enjoyed it! :D I think I might have to buy this one :O
Shocking, right!?
So so weird. My likes/dislikes are just so out there sometimes haha!
Anyway, many many thanks to the lovely Cookies for sending me a sample of this! :D

Flavors: Hay, Malt, Melon, Smooth, Sweet


there are a few whites out there that are beyond amazing…. and then there are 90% for me that taste like hay..or water. or nothing :)


I was going to mention last night… maybe try steeping the “hay” ones a bit different to see if you can pull other flavours? I’ve started doing 15 minutes at 160F for my silver needle teas, and I really like that better.


Oh, good to know, OMGsrsly! I will try that, too!


Apparently it’s a Mariage Freres thing! I tried it as a lark, but it actually tastes pretty good.


Really? But does it make the flavor bitter if you steep it that long, OMGsrsly?


It hasn’t for me! 160F is pretty cool for a tea. If you’re worried, maybe taste it at 5 and 10?


I’ve grandpa steeped whites and they’ve never gotten bitter on me before. I use really hot water as well.

Red Fennekin

I can back this up too – grandpa steeping whites never leads to bitterness, just really intense flavours. If you cool the water a little, it’ll deffo be fine to steep for ages!


Interesting! Good to know! I’ll have to try it!

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193 tasting notes

Oh, man, this stuff is amazing! If you’ve had the Organic Dian Hong from Dragon Tea House, this tastes exactly like that but… white. The same deep almost savory thick malty sweetness that just coats your mouth with every sip. It’s amazing. Also bit of a cinnamon type spice and wheaty malt, and there’s some fruity brightness hiding out in there too. A bit cantaloupe-esque, but not quite.

These types of leaves are a bit difficult to measure, so I just dropped a bit into my little teapot until it was about 1/3 full. Steeped 15s and 20s so far with almost boiling water. Perfect! I imagine this is a difficult one to mess up.

The stock is looking a bit low on the website. Even though I’ve only had one cup I’m seriously considering ordering more right away. This is one of the best teas I’ve ever had.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Honey, Malt, Melon, Wheat

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 110 OZ / 3253 ML


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518 tasting notes

A little malty, very strong hay, somewhat fruity. Interesting.

I’m not wasting my time on a thorough note here because with my luck, it won’t even post anyway.

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268 tasting notes

I had this tea couple of nights ago during a middle-of-the-night gongfu session, which are kind of my favorite. I enjoyed it with a book and some classical music and it was, as TheTeaFairy put it, a “perfect tea for a quiet moment”.
The leaves are quite eclectic: light grey-green leaves with quite dark green interspersed, a mix of long and thin with short and flat. The brew is light yellow and smells of very sweet, hay with a hint of mallow. I steeped it 15/15/30/40/60, but as the taste did not change much from steep to steep, I won’t describe each separately.
This tea is just lovely. It’s sweet, like most white teas I enjoy, but a smidge less delicate. The main note is sweet hay with a sugar snap pea highlight. The background is a slight maltiness, which builds with successive steeps. There’s a hint of minerals, which I enjoy, and an airy honey finish with a suggestion of cinnamon. Don’t worry, it’s barely even there and the furthest from offensive that cinnamon can possibly be. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable, uplifting, and relaxing tea.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Hay, Honey, Malt, Peas, Sweet

190 °F / 87 °C 3 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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3708 tasting notes

MzPriss’ Unflavored Tea Box – Tea #12
Another tea with just a little left in the teabox so I steeped another not-full mug. I love these types of white teas. The flavor notes sound DIVINE. The highest quality white tea can become a favorite, even if you don’t think you will like a white tea at all. Just give the best ones a try! Obviously a white tea from Whispering Pines would be delicious. The leaves are different colors, different textures. None of the usual fuzzy nonsense here… somehow this one is super creamy, tiny hints of sweet citrus… it’s almost like a lemon cream cake. Definitely one of my favorite white teas, right next to Verdant’s Bai Mu Dan which also happens to be in this teabox. The second steep was a little disappointing, but I left the leaves for 24 hours a probably steeped it wrong. The flavor just wasn’t nice on that cup. I remember Verdant’s Bai Mu Dan’s second steep was even more flavorful than the first and just creamy lemon…so distinct I remember it months later, so I guess I liked that one more. This one is in a nice metallic pouch, so I don’t think it’s due to road weariness.
Steep #1 // 25 min after boiling // 2 min
Steep #2 // ??

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Probably because you left the leaves for 24 hours ;)


I figured, but I sometimes leave leaves (haha) out 24 hours and resteep and I don’t usually taste as much of a difference. Are these leaves just more delicate than others? Also, I was just headed to the Whispering Pines site for research when I saw you commented on my tasting note. :D

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Yeah, some leaves release a TON of flavor just between the time it takes to finish the first cup. I’ve actually gotten 5 infusions out of this one, too.


Wow, I had no idea! Is this a problem with specific types of tea more than others? White I would imagine shouldn’t be left out the most. Would black tea/pu-erh be okay waiting the next day for second steeps?


Oh, and I’m raising the rating on this one. The first cup was higher than an 82.

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155 tasting notes

In the gaiwan at 170. Quick rinse and a first steep at 1.5 minutes Nice and vegetal but quite mild. Second steep opens up and I’m getting a little of the juiciness with a little stonefruit. Third – the aroma is getting gorgeous and ok – I’m starting to get the white tea thing. There is a hint of grapey-ness that I love and lots of juice. The fourth steep is my favorite so far, more juicy fruit.

This is a revelation! Who knew I liked white tea this much? Clearly I need to spend more time with my gaiwan:[email protected]/14626557522/

But that’s all I have time for this morning. Delicious!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

You gotta bump that water to 190! :)


Yes sir! I will do that next time

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359 tasting notes

Oh, this is such a pretty tea!

From the look, I’m guessing this is a blend of beautiful Silver Needles and fuzzy Bai Mu Dan?
(I stand corrected by the Master himself : «This is not a blended tea at all, It’s a single-origin white dried under the moonlight») Good to know, it makes it even more special :-)

White juice at its best.

White teas often get a bad wrap for not being tasty enough.

Having them Gongfu style will make you change your mind. The tastes just explodes this way, as opposed to a mug brew.

This is so juicy.

Notes of melon and cucumber, some peach, sweet peas, and honey.

Right from the start, you get a buttery thickness and a fresh mouthfeel that intensifies afterwards. At fourth steep, I can’t believe how sweet this is.

The wet leaves smell like hay warmed by the son. I know exactly how that smells like, my Grandpa was a farmer.

It might be delicate, but it’s so tasty. Also, it makes a wonderful cold brew.

I love this tea, and I’m hoping it will still be available by the time I place a new order.

It’s a sunny and happy tea :-)


Yay!!! you found another happy tea tonight. “hoping it will still be available…” LOL you will probably order again really soon ;))


Lol, I was just thinking the same Dexter. Do you have straight whites sometimes?

Whispering Pines Tea Company

This is not a blended tea at all :) It’s a single-origin white dried under the moonlight :)


Bad me, should have done my homeworks :-) it really looks like needles and white peony mixed together. It’s just beautiful..


Straight white – not really. I only have one straight white tea in my house and I normally cold steep it with a little (just a little) fruit tisane. I did like the silver needle gong fu style that we did during my tea class (if that counts at all) – but I don’t really do that at home…

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I love it…One of my favorite non-traditional whites for sure! :D


I love whites gongfu, but my silver needles also tend to hold up to ‘grandpa style brewing’ and one of mine is now my favourite tea to cold brew!


I’m going to have to gong-fuy this. I keep missing the point of whites so apparently I’ve been doing it RONG – I shll make a weekend date with the gaiwan and this and several others


Yyz, I love silver needles, and they are also fabulous cold brewed!

MzPriss, there’s no RONG lol, everyone has its own ways, but if your experience hasn’t been the greatness with them, then it,s worth trying :-)


You make this tea sound absolutely amazing. I’m going to have to pick up some of this.


This sounds wonderful. I may have to add some to the WP order that I already have planned for August! :)

The Teacret Agents strike again!


TeaKesser, it is absolutely worth trying :-)

Lol, Sarsonantor, where did you possibly learned about the teacret???


Please read my Ailaoshan review when you get time :p

The teacret is out…


Haha! i have some catching up to do, will do FOR SURE!!!!

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1118 tasting notes

(From the Unflavored Traveling Tea Box)

I think this is the first white tea that’s made me do a double take at my mug. It’s so wonderfully summery, full of hay and honeysuckle notes with a hint of apricot right at the end. The tea has a sort of fuzzy feeling to it which I didn’t think I would like, but it works here. This is also a very refreshing tea. I’d love to try it iced. This, iced on a hot summer’s day, would be perfect. I don’t currently have a white tea in my cupboard, but I’ll likely pick up some of this with my next WPT order.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

I need some more good whites. This is on my list to try.


There’s a good bit in the tea box. Hopefully you can try it soon! :)


I’m still a ways down on the list, so it could be a while. That’s okay. I’m mostly patient. :)


I always have my white teas in the summer, this one is a keeper, makes an excellent cold brew, so soft and summery.


Good to know! I’m always nervous when I cold brew something for the first time because it can bring out bitter notes in some teas. I’ll definitely try cold brewing this one (once I order it).

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157 tasting notes

From the UTTB!

Sipping on this right now. Man, it’s good. First and second steep were very similar, though the second steep is a bit sweeter and creamier. I’m getting a light hay- or wheat-like flavor, followed by honeysuckle and an indescribable fruitiness. It’s a sweet fruit, it’s very light and delicate. Kind of green and juicy and melon-y. (I guess that’s where honeydew comes in.) It’s buttery and medium-bodied. Not too light, but not heavy enough for me to call it malty. (I brewed at a much lower temp and slightly lower time than recommended.) It’s very velvety and smooth. I can pick out notes of peach in the aftertaste, along with cream. I’m into it! Wow, white tea. Who knew this is where my life would take me. (:

Flavors: Cream, Guava, Hay, Honeydew, Honeysuckle, Peach, Wheat


Glad you enjoyed this tea. What’s your parameters? I’m struggling with whites most of the time.


It’s hard to say because I use a kettle that’s not clearly marked (and I don’t have a thermometer). It’s the Adagio utiliTEA and the dial has color markers. I usually turn the dial to the lowest end of the green bar. If I had to guess, it’s between 160 and 180 degrees. I brew for two minutes if I don’t have instructions. Sometimes more if the color is too light or the aroma is barely present. For this one specifically I think I brewed for 2.5 minutes.


Thank you, will try again.


I’m glad you liked it. I put some in the box partially to see how others did with it. I’m not much of a white tea person and I’m the fence with this.


A year ago I wouldn’t dream of drinking white tea, much less liking it! My tastes have definitely changed. Thanks for including it in the box!

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