TeaGschwendner European Tea Bistro in Algonquin, Illinois
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It isn’t a bistro anymore and hasn’t been in a long time. They used to have the best food and desserts with real gourmet chef on staff. They have down grades and have no more food and only tea. They do have some nice teas but it is nothing like what it used to be. You can tell traffic has slowed there since the changes. I go for only 3 tea and I don’t bother staying and take it to go and those are…
1. Green Coconut
2. Caramel Vanilla Rooibos Tea
3. Indian Chai
Perhaps I was spoiled by what this place started as and therefore can’t enjoy what it is. I used to go all the time and when I noticed the first menu change and price increased and portion decreased I asked why are they making these changes. The answer was disturbing. I was told because they are trying to get new customers. I asked what about your current loyal customers and the dissatisfaction with the changes? I was told the company was not concerned and wanted to get new and more customers with the hope that the changes would result in more customers then they currently had understanding they would potentially sacrifice those they already had. I was without words and walked out.



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