Jason admin said

What do you want in Steepster Select?

We’ll soon be expanding the number of companies we feature in Steepster Select. Which companies, teas, tea-related products, specials, etc do you want to see in Select?

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Jack admin said

Holidays are coming up… how about more teaware? Giftable items :)

takgoti said

Teaware! Yes! [I’m pointing two fingers to the sky in a celebratory fashion.]

I also suspect I’ll be buying some of those gift/starter pack things for people, which I know you guys feature every now and then. So it’d be good to see some of those.

Jillian said

You already know what Angrboda and I would like to see, so I won’t bother repeating it. ;D

Angrboda said

We’re like… The International Liaison. :p Or something.

Jason would probably say, Complainer’s Club. :D

That said, if I ignore the shipping issue, I think the sampler sets that have been up a lot lately are great. I like that instead of one specific tea, you can get an introduction to the company instead. Also, I agree with the suggestions of more teaware. There is no such thing as too many pots, it just does not exist.

Jason admin said

Ok, sampler sets for the Complainer’s Club. Got it. :P

Angrboda said

I am reading that like you’re planning a gift for us. Where do we send you our addresses? :D


Jason admin said

The free gift is on it’s way! Just as soon as I receive your charitable, monetary contribution to Steepster :P

chana said

Add me to the Complainer’s Club (^_^)

Any NEW or Indy companies would be nice – but then again – I’m up for anything! :P

Cofftea said

Tea scales, the digital thermometer from CDN, and a GLASS version of Adagio’s ingenuiTEA.

LENA said

Teaware, yes! Teas from new, up and coming companies would be nice. Perhaps a clearance sale from the larger companies…you know the Steepster community would grab it all up!

gmathis said

Enough discretionary income to purchase all of the above (sigh). (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Angrboda said

Oh, if it’s possible, how about literature on tea? That could be an interesting and educational alternative, I think.

Suzi said

This is an excellent suggestion!

I agree on literature (or even links). For there seems to be a lot to tea then just steeping it. If you are like me you do research on things you like. (bookworm!!!) Yes, I will be in the library with tea, but they do not allow drinks there, LOL. Either way for those who would enjoy it.

Stephanie said

Fourthing this suggestion! I would love books on tea. Maybe even Kindle versions?

Perhaps a forum. Or a chat room.

Cofftea said

forums and chat rooms aren’t merchandise.

A chat room? Hmm . . . I can see it now take a break at work, a cup of tea and a pleasant chat with a friend . . . wonderful!!! Not to meant as a joke, but seriously we read the reviews that our friends post. Why not a chat room to bring the person more alive over the internet?

I second the tea books idea. Also, tea cozys and spoon rests.

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