How to use text formatting symbols. Formatting can be fun!

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Sil select said

bumping this for a certain pacific sister in case she didn’t find this earlier…

Sil select said

Bumping this again as a few new people have asked about formatting of posts :)

I’m having trouble with this can you strikethrough a sentence?

Surround the text with the ‘-’ symbol without any spaces on either side (or it won’t work) to get the desired effect. I put spaces in the example otherwise the symbols won’t show up.

strikethrough a sentence -> – strikethrough a sentence -

Sil select said

bumping again for newer folks

AnnaEA select said

bumping for reference

Thanks SimpliciTEA!

Ahhh, I never knew how to do all of these! Any chance this thread could be made sticky? A little resource, like this, is always handy to have for new(er) users (like me!) :-)

Nichole said

Thank you!

Seconding the sticky request!

EmilyGee said

Thirding(?) the sticky request! I just learned all the things, thank you!

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