283 Tasting Notes

drank DigestTea by Raizana
283 tasting notes

Now this is something you don’t see everyday. . at least I hadn’t or hadn’t in a while. A tea with cilantro in it. I had to try it. I love cilantro. If I could, I would add it to every meal I eat. I know a lot of people can’t stand it. I think its one of those herbs that people either love or hate.

Here are the rest of my ramblings on this tasting tea. . . . Enjoy!


Flavors: Pastries, Sweet


Someone’s got to like it! It tastes like metal to me. Good old genetics.

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Tastes almost like Lemon Meringue pie that my Mom makes. I really like this one. I see others didn’t like it as much as I did when I check out the reviews.

Creamy Lemony Goodness in a cup without the artificial flavor.

Here are my thoughts on this treat:


Happy Friday Eve everyone!

Flavors: Creamy, Lemon

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I was excited about this one. Being a fan of green teas, the description sounded amazing. Pear-Plum Green Tea. Unfortunately, I don’t think this one is for me. It smells and tastes like cough syrup. I wish that wasn’t the case but maybe its just how I steeped it so I think I need to go back to the drawing board on this one. I’m thinking it was user error.


Especially a bummer since your anticipation was high! Even when it happens due to my own brewing mistakes, once I get that cough syrup experience from a tea, it is hard for it to make a comeback with me.


Yeah I don’t see this one being one I’d pick up again, but they have an amazing Blood Orange that is fantastic so I still have hope for their other blends.


Oh! I saw this Company’s Kickstarter. Too bad you didn’t like the tea. :/

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drank Jolteon Tea by Adagio Teas
283 tasting notes

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drank Jolteon Tea by Adagio Teas
283 tasting notes

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By itself, this tea really didn’t do it for me. The berry flavor I was looking for was lost in translation somewhere. But when I made it into a latte . .Wowzer! The flavors popped! Berries N Cream!

Here is the rest of the lowdown on this tasty treat!


Flavors: Astringent, Blackberry


You are my sparkle pony tea lover twin I think.


Haha! I think so. I loved your comment about this one.

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drank Cinnamon Pear by 52teas
283 tasting notes

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Oh where to begin. Its been a crazy couple years. My life has completely been turned upside down but I’m very happy where I landed. After going thru a divorce, moving a couple times, and going thru some hard times, I’m finally in a great place. Living with an amazing guy and his hilarious yet full of attitude twin teenage boys, and my two adorable kiddos in Central Illinois and there is no other place I’d want to be.

Now on to the tea: I love all kinds. I’m not a huge fan of red rooibos but I love green rooibos. Beyond that, I’ll try everything once or twice to make sure I didn’t bumble up the steepings. If you are interested in something from me, just holler at me. I’m always up for trying new tea blends or sharing with others!

Recently, I was added to the SororiTea Sisters. I’m very excited and grateful for this new adventure to begin. Check us out here: http://sororiteasisters.com/.





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